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Christia Obcordata Growing Guide

Christia Obcordata Growing Guide (Butterfly Plant Guide)

Right now, Butterfly plants are relatively rare with most plant lovers growing their own from seeds. It is an exotic plant that requires very specific conditions to grow and thrive. 

Dying Conifer Tree

My Guide on How to Revive a Dying Conifer

Explore our helpful guide on how to revive a dying conifer.

Japanese Garden Philosophy Explained

Japanese Garden Philosophy Explained

Explore the rich philosophy behind Japanese gardens. Learn more about minimalism, symbols, Sakuteiki, Karesansui an more.

How to Use Organic Garden Lime

How to Use Organic Garden Lime

Lime contains essential minerals for plant growth in your garden or lawn. But, what is the best method of using it?

Do Roses Like Ground Coffee

Do Roses Like Ground Coffee? (Good Or Bad Feed?)

Feeding your roses will boost their growth and keep them happy and healthy. But what is the right feed; do roses like ground coffee?

9 Plants That Love Epsom Salts

9 Plants That Love Epsom Salts

These plants enjoy Epsom salts. Take a quick look at our guide and learn all about Epsom salts’ effects on various plants.

11 Amazing Outdoor Bathtub Ideas

11 Amazing Outdoor Bathtub Ideas

An outdoor bathtub can transform the experience in your garden from ordinary to beautiful. It will make you feel special. Here is what to do.

When to Repot Bonsai

When to Repot Bonsai (What You Should Know)

Do you want to know when you should repot your Bonsai? This helpful article tells you everything you need to know.

How To Thicken Bonsai Branches

How To Thicken Bonsai Branches (Beginners Guide)

To put it mildly: Thickening Bonsai branches is one of the trickiest jobs in the world. So here is expert advice you should hear before you start.

Picture of A Lawn Grub Eating

How to Get Rid of Lawn Grubs Naturally

How to get rid of lawn grubs naturally is a question you may ask? If you are someone who enjoys gardening, then you will have most likely encountered Lawn Grubs before. These little creatures may seem innocent enough, but as you may know, they can cause some real damage to…

How To Use Garden Safe Fungicide?

How To Use Garden Safe Fungicide?

Our experts are sharing their experiences and tips for using Garden safe fungicides on plants. If you are thinking about using this, you should read this short guide.

Will Organic Fertilizer Burn Grass/Plants?

Will Organic Fertilizer Burn Grass/Plants?

Even though organic fertilizers are a better option, these are not a worry-free solution. You can still burn your plants if you do it wrong. Here is what you need to know.

Benefits of Bamboo Plants in the Home Explained

5 Benefits of Bamboo Plants in the Home Explained

What can I do with bamboo? Find out 5 benefits of having bamboo plant in your home.

Green Spirulina Powder

How to Grow Organic Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue-green edible micro-algae that is about 0.025 cm that grows in a warm environment and is mainly produced for its nutrition value. The algae naturally grow in alkaline lakes rich in soda bicarbonate, salt, and a PH level of about ten; thus, when growing, you should consider…

Growing Potatoes in Soil

Do Organic Potatoes Sprout Faster?

Find out all there is about organic potatoes sprouting and can you speed up the process.