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Hardy fern varieties listed

21 Hardy Fern Varieties

There are so many fern varieties to choose from so if you’re looking to create a beautiful and hardy fern garden, you’re in the right place. 

Great Advice for Reviving Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plants

Great Advice for Reviving Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plants

Even though they can heal you when you accidentally burn yourself, they can’t heal from being sunburnt without your help. Luckily there are ways that you can revive a sunburnt aloe vera plant.

Wheatgrass seeds sprouting tips

Wheatgrass Seeds for Sprouting – Grower’s Guide

All you need is seeds and a proper sprouting kit, and your crop will be ready for harvesting within a week after planting. But what wheatgrass seeds for sprouting are the best? 

living moss walls

How To Make A Living Moss Wall For Your Home

If you want this fresh and well-loved look in your home, we have shared pointers and a step-by-step DIY guide to help you make a living moss wall for your home. 

Buying a flying duck Orchid tips

Can You Buy A Flying Duck Orchid?

The flying duck orchid is a rare and spectacular flower species found in the south and east Australian forests or rural woodlands. Unfortunately, you cannot buy the flying duck in plant form.

Orchids grow back?

Do Orchids Grow Back? (How to Get Them to Flower Again)

Orchids bloom at least once yearly, after which the flowers fall off. If you’re a first-time grower, you might be left asking if the flowers will reappear.

How much water plant need per day indoor outdoor

How Much Water Does A Plant Need Per Day?

Plants will grow faster and better when they receive sufficient water. Read on to get more details on taking care of your plants with suitable water requirements.

Low maintenance plants for Arizona area

Low Maintenance Plants for Arizona 

In this post, we’ll share different low-maintenance plants for all your gardening spaces. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, be sure to check out these plants!

Rhapis excelsa growing guide

Lady Palm- Beginners Growing Guide

The Lady Palm plant is part of the Arecaceae family of palm trees native to parts of China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Let’s learn more about this beautiful plant.

Do Plants Die of Old Age

Do Plants Die of Old Age? Everything You Need to Know

To understand if and why plants die of old age, let’s first look at their life cycle and the circumstances that affect how long they live.

best wood for raised garden beds

Best Wood For Raised Garden Beds

Most raised beds are wooden. However, it can be challenging to identify the best wood for your backyard garden.

Can You Grow Your Own Wedding Bouquets?

Can You Grow Your Own Wedding Bouquets?

Growing your wedding bouquet is an excellent way to get hands-on experience to make an event successful. If it is even better than you imagined, you can turn it into a family business.

Best Roof Moss Killer (Free And Paid Methods)

Best Roof Moss Killer (Free And Paid Methods)

In this article, we will look at the best roof moss killers that you can use to keep moss at bay.

Bird Of Paradise Growth Rate

Bird Of Paradise Growth Rate

In this guide, we’ll be finding out how big a bird of paradise plant can get and how quickly. Take a quick look!

Nice Dwarf Evergreen Trees for Pots

Nice Dwarf Evergreen Trees for Pots

Looking for the right plant to complete your garden? Click here to see why a potted dwarf evergreen may be just the thing!