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Gardening tips and information that will help take care of your garden or backyard. Let us help you grow bigger and more beautiful plants and flowers.

eating Marigolds in garden

What Is Eating My Marigolds in My Garden (How to Prevent)

If you are growing marigolds, you may run into issues with unwanted garden residents and visitors helping themselves to your beautiful flowers. Want to what is eating the marigolds in your garden? Read on as we lift the lid on what is eating marigolds in your garden!

Plants that absorb water guide

11 Plants That Absorb Water (Helps With Garden Drainage)

How do you counter the problem of not having well-draining soil? You could use plants that absorb water. If you aren’t sure which plants to choose, we’ve picked out 11 wonderful garden plants that will help with drainage and ensure a healthy garden. 

Winter fertilizer guide

Winter Fertilizer Numbers Explained

Winter fertilizers (winterizers) usually have high Nitrogen and Potassium quantities. In particular, N to K ratio should be 2:1. For instance, the NPK ratio on the label can be 24:2:12. Notice that the phosphorous level should be minimal since it is not needed during winter.

Heating greenhouse in winter guide

How To Heat Greenhouse In Winter (6 Proven Methods)

While there are many ways of heating a greenhouse, using insulation, compost, electrical heating, thermal mass energy, and solar are the commonly used methods. Read our guide to find out more.

Lavender in winter garden

Lavender In Winter Guide (What To Expect)

Lavender can survive in many regions. The plant can go dormant in winter and sprout back in spring. In most cases, it stays lush even when the temperatures are low.

Desert plants trees and flowers

19 Desert Plants With Images And Growing Details

These plants rely on the water they retain in their fleshy leaves for desert survival. They also have deep growing roots that seek water below the earth’s surface.

Yellow fruits

21 Yellow Fruits – Some May be New to You!

Yellow fruits increase your appetite because the color signifies happiness. Specifically, the brain secretes the feel-good hormone (serotonin) when you see yellow. For this reason, it’s wise to include a few yellow fruits in your fruit bowl.

greenhouse winter

What To Grow In Greenhouse In Winter

Some plants do not require a lot of sunlight and can survive the harsh winter conditions as long as they are grown in a temperature-controlled greenhouse. For instance, all green vegetables such as cabbage, kales, carrots, and broccoli can thrive in greenhouses.

eat tomato leaves

Can You Eat Tomato Leaves? Cooked or Raw

The toxicity of tomato leaves depends on the consumer’s health conditions and habits. The leaves contain chlorophyll and water, which improve physical well-being. So, what makes eating tomato leaves unconventional? 

banana herb explained

I’m confused…Is a Banana a herb or fruit?

To properly define a banana, one must look at the components. We will start with the plant or tree to the final product that is the most eaten worldwide.

Dahlias tubers over winter

Can You Leave Dahlias In The Ground Over Winter?

If you live in zone 8-10, the winter temperatures are mild, so your dahlias can survive winter with little management. In zone 7, you may leave the tubers in the ground if the winter temperatures do not fall below 20 degrees F. Learn more here.

Peach Tree Blooms

Peach Tree Blooms (All You Need To Know)

People who grow peach trees often want to get them to flower much sooner and there are ways you can do this. In this guide, we’ll look at how to boost your peach tree blooms and tell you everything you need to know about these flowering trees. 

some onions have flowers reasons

Why Do Some Onions Have Flowers And Some Don’t?

Flowering in onions is expected in the ones that grow from sets. Transplants and onions that grow from seeds are unlikely to flower if grown under ideal climate conditions.

How to harvest garlic

How And When To Harvest Garlic

Garlic is an underground clove that can only be seen after harvest. Therefore, timing is everything. Read on to discover and learn how and when to harvest garlic.

Clementines vs mandarin oranges guide

What’s The Difference Between Clementines Vs Mandarin Oranges?

Mandarin oranges and clementines are excellent sources of Vitamin C in your body. Besides repairing body cells and tissues, Vitamin C contains various health benefits to our overall well-being. Read on to discover the differences between mandarin oranges and clementines.