Ponds & Water Features

Finding a pond leak methods

How to Find a Pond Leak (Quick Method to Find the Leak)

Identifying leaks can be as simple as checking the surroundings or using dye tracers. Whatever method you prefer, here is how you can find leaks and repair them to keep your pond working efficiently.

Garden ponds can overflow

Do Garden Ponds Overflow When It Rains

It’s a question that has been asked by many people over the years. Garden pond owners want to know if their ponds will overflow when it rains, and if so, how much water will be spilled.

How to grow Utricularia Graminifolia

Growers Guide for Utricularia Graminifolia

If you would like to cultivate an underwater “field” of these intriguing plants, this grower’s guide for Utricularia graminifolia explains the main techniques for establishing this rootless bladderwort.

Fill a pond with Water guide

How To Fill A Pond With Water (Complete Guide)

This article will guide you on how to fill the pond with water using various methods. It will also provide additional information necessary to take care of a pond successfully.

Farm ponds guide for beginners

Complete Guide to Farm Ponds

This guide to farm ponds will help you learn more about farm ponds. You can start by understanding what a farm pond is and the various types you can choose for your ranch or farm.

Cute garden rock ideas list

18 Cute Garden Rock Ideas

If you are browsing for inspiration for your upcoming garden project, we share 18 cute garden rock ideas ‌you can incorporate into your garden design. 

Buying large garden rocks tips

Where Can I Buy LARGE Garden Rocks?

In this guide, we explain where you can get the large garden rocks you’ll need for the job, along with the best types of large rocks to include in garden landscaping.

How big backyard for a pool?

How Big Does a Backyard Need to Be for a Pool?

Here, we’ll share the dimensions your yard needs to accommodate a pool and some great options for having a pool of your own in any yard. 

Do Backyard Ponds Attract Rats?

Do Backyard Ponds Attract Rats?

Rats pose a few risks to you and your pond. Keep reading to learn about these risks and how you can stop rodents from visiting your ponds.

Do Pond Plants Die in Winter?

Do Pond Plants Die in Winter? (Overwintering Pond Plant Guide)

Preparing plants for the winter will depend entirely on the type of plants in your garden. This article will look at how you can winterize all types of pond plants.

What To Do With An Unused Pond

What To Do With An Unused Pond (7 Amazing Ideas)

You can transform your pond from a useless waste of space to a beautiful landscape feature with a few ideas. Here are 7 amazing ideas of how to do it.

aquatic soil

Your Complete Guide to Aquatic Compost

If you have an aquarium or pond and you’re considering growing live plants you might want to consider aquatic soil. Let’s find out more about it.

Koi Fish eating tips

Can You Eat Koi from Your Fish Pond?

Do you have koi stocked in your fish pond? Click here to see if they could be your next dinner.

Do Seagulls Take Fish From Garden Ponds?

Do Seagulls Take Fish From Garden Ponds? Protect Your Fish From Seagulls

Yes, they are taking fish from our garden ponds. But, if we take some action, we can stop them. Here is how to protect pond fish from seagulls.

Can You Build A Pond On A Slope?

Can You Build A Pond On A Slope?

Building a pond on a slope is possible. However, you should know that it is not an easy task. Here is why you should know before you start.