• The 22 Best Fall Flowers For Your Garden

    The 22 Best Fall Flowers For Your Garden

    For the longest time, I believed I could only have a blooming garden in spring and summer, but I was wrong. Many flowers bloom in the fall. So, what are the best fall flowers for your garden?

  • 10 Plants With Black Flowers

    10 Plants With Black Flowers

    Explore the beauty of nature with our guide to plants with black flowers. From the mysterious Black Bat Flower to the elegant Black Hollyhock, discover unique and stunning options for your garden.

  • How To Fertilize Mandevilla

    How To Fertilize Mandevilla

    Mandevilla is an exotic and beautiful flowering vine that adds a tropical flare to any garden. The key to keeping its beauty flourishing is providing the right fertilization care. Mandevilla plants should be fertilized every two to four weeks during the growing season in late spring and again in summer. For best results, use fertilizers…

  • Why I Love Mandevilla in My Garden

    Why I Love Mandevilla in My Garden

    Mandevilla, also called rock trumpet, is a genus of flowering plants from Central and Northern South America. Since it’s native to tropical climates, it cannot withstand temperatures below 50oF. 

  • Can Petunias Survive Frost

    Can Petunias Survive Frost

    Petunias are not as hardy as pansies and barely survive the winter unless you provide them with proper care and management. These delicate tropical plants are usually grown by most gardeners as annuals but are classified by the USDA as perennials in zone 9 and 10.

  • Can Pansies Survive Frost

    Can Pansies Survive Frost

    Pansies have remarkable characteristics that help them survive freezing temperatures. In particular, the plants may go dormant during winter, but they will quickly revive during spring. Therefore, these plants are well equipped to survive winter frost with proper preparation and care.