Soil Care

Soil is at the base of any beautiful garden. Take care of the soil and the soil will take care of your plants, flowers, and vegetables.

How to Harvest Compost In 7 Easy Steps

How to Harvest Compost In 7 Easy Steps

How do you get compost from your compost bin to your garden quickly and easily? We have the answer!

How to Lay Gravel on Soil Correctly

How to Lay Gravel on Soil Correctly

Learning how to lay gravel on soil correctly is an important part of the process because if you don’t get this right, the rest of the process won’t go smoothly.

chilling plants being potted

Best Soil For Chili Plants (Complete Guide)

Looking for the best soil for your chili plants? Well, there’s more to growing chili peppers than just your traditional potting soil. Read on to find out the best soil.

Bokashi vs Vermicomposting: Which is better

Bokashi vs Vermicomposting: Which Is Better?

Wondering whether bokashi or vermicomposting is the best option for you? Find out here.

Cadar mulch guide

All You Need to Know About Cedar Mulch

Your garden needs cedar mulch. That’s for sure! Here is how to create or find different types that will work for your garden perfectly.

The 4 Types of Aerobic Composting Explained

The 4 Types of Aerobic Composting Explained

Do you want to see what is the best kind of aerobic composting that will suit your needs? Check out our guide here.

Compositing Pasta: Do’s and Dont’s

Composting Pasta: Do’s and Don’ts

It takes a lot of time to make great compost. And there are lots of things that can ruin our compost. But is it okay to compost pasta?

Can you compost dryer sheets

Can You Compost Dryer Sheets? (13 Things You Can or Can’t Compost)

Wondering whether you can compost dryer sheets? Want to know what else you can and can’t recycle? Find out here.

How to Easily Reverse Garden Over Fertilization

How to Easily Reverse Garden Over Fertilization

Here are fundamental fertilizer rules to avoid over-fertilization. But, even if you did that, here is how you can save your garden.

Greens and browns ration compost

The Ideal Compost Greens to Browns Ratio

Do you know the best green to brown ratios for your compost pile? Read this article for the answer and everything else you need to know about these two essential components.

Use Compost for Overseeding

Can I Use Compost for Overseeding?

Should you use compost when overseeding? We’ll provide secrets and tips to encourage a thick and luscious lawn that’ll make your neighbors green with envy! 

Vermicompost vs Fertilizer option

Vermicompost vs Fertilizer: Which is better?

Read this article to learn the key differences between vermicompost and fertilizers and which one is best for you. 

Topsoil Vs. Compost which is better

Topsoil Vs Compost: Which One Is Better?

Starting a new garden and unsure where to begin? Which is better, topsoil or compost, and what are the qualities of both?

Tips on testing compost quality

How to Test Compost Quality (6 Easy Ways)

Need to test the quality of your compost? Try these 6 easy hacks to find out!

How to Improve Soil Aeration

How to Improve Soil Aeration

These 4 methods for improving soil aeration work like a charm. Apply one or two if you want to see the results fast.