The variety of insects, animals, and birds in our very own gardens and backyards still amazes me every single day. Here at Gardeniaorganics we want to share some wonderful images and information to help you enjoy the wildlife in your garden even more.

dog at a backyard fence

11 Effective Dog Fence Ideas For Your Backyard

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility. Not only are there all the day to day care needs of your pet but you must also find a way to keep your dog secure while he or she enjoys time in the backyard.

Can My Neighbours' Chickens Attract Rats?

Can My Neighbours’ Chickens Attract Rats?

If your neighbor has chicken, you’re at an increased risk of suffering a rat infestation. Read all you need to know here.

Can Canaries Live Outside?

Can Canaries Live Outside?

Canaries are popular domestic birds and many people choose to keep them in an indoor cage. However, if you want to keep them outdoors, there are some things you’ll want to consider. 

How Much Does A Queen Bee Cost?

How Much Does A Queen Bee Cost?

A queen bee is the fully fertile developed female of a hive or colony bee. It is responsible for all of the genetic traits within its colony. But how much do they cost?

How To Get Rid Of Cricket Noise At Night (Sleep Better)

How To Get Rid Of Cricket Noise At Night (Sleep Better)

In this article, we will highlight ways to get rid of cricket noise so that you can sleep soundly and peacefully.

Dead Bird in Backyard meaning

Dead Bird in Backyard (Meaning, Cause And What To Do)

Proper removal of the bird will reduce the risks of infections, bacteria, and other adverse effects on humans. Here is what you can do.


Complete Guide To Grasshoppers In Your Backyard

Grasshoppers are herbivorous insects renowned for their ability to jump long distances. The most common type of grasshoppers is locusts. Let’s find out more about them.

Can Muscovy Ducks Fly?

Can Muscovy Ducks Fly?

As we all know, ducks are known to fly. But what about Muscovy Ducks? Can they fly as well? Let’s find out.

can hedgehogs swim

Can Hedgehogs Swim?

Often we get asked about hedgehogs and water and if they can swim.


Do Geese Eat Bugs?

Geese consume large amounts of bugs, including harmful agricultural pests. This makes them an important part of Integrated Pest Management programs.

ducks and duckweed

Do Ducks Eat Duckweed?

Duckweed is a tiny, fast-growing aquatic plant that can be found in bodies of water all over the world but is most abundant in North America. But do ducks eat it?

frog in backyard

How to Get Rid of Frogs From Your Backyard

Learn all the ways you can get rid of frogs from your backyard and why they’re invading it.

dead squirrel in backyard

What Should You Do If You Find A Dead Squirrel In Your Backyard

A dead squirrel can be carrying harmful pathogens that can make you sick. Let’s find out how to handle one and what to do with the body.

backyard squirrel

Do Squirrels Bury Their Dead?

We all know that squirrels are smart and social little creatures. But what do they do when another squirrels dies?

dead squirrel

5 Common Causes of Squirrel Death

Squirrels are adorable and lovable creatures that we humans adore and love to watch, but finding one still on the ground isn’t much fun.