The variety of insects, animals, and birds in our very own gardens and backyards still amazes me every single day. Here at Gardeniaorganics we want to share some wonderful images and information to help you enjoy the wildlife in your garden even more.

squirrels tail

Do Squirrel’s Tails Grow Back? (What Happens If They Come Off)

Squirrels are known for their big bushy tails. But are they there for a reason and what would happen if they lose it? Let’s find out.

squirrelsand dog

Do Squirrels Tease Dogs? (Why Would They Do That)

Have you ever noticed your dog chasing a squirrel up a tree, only for the squirrel to chirp or throw sticks at your dog? Let’s find out why they do that.

garden moles

Complete Guide to Garden Moles

soon learn everything there is to know about garden moles – including how to know if you have moles, benefits to keeping them, and how to get rid of them!


Do Squirrels Come Back to the Same Place Each Year?

Let’s see if squirrels come back to the same place each year. Adults and baby squirrels. Do you know?

Types of Garden Worms

Types of Garden Worms

Here are three types of garden worms explained. Also, learn why you need these creatures in your garden and how you can make them improve the quality of your soil.

Top 5 Gopher Traps

Top 5 Gopher Traps for 2022

Get rid of these tiny creatures with one of the best gopher traps you can buy today. We’ve made an in-depth guide and chosen the best products.

Injured Pigeon in Your Backyard

What to Do with an Injured Pigeon in Your Backyard?

If you find an injured pigeon in your backyard, be sure to follow these simple steps to help heal and even save the bird’s life.

What Insecticide Kills Spotted Lanternfly?

What Insecticide Kills Spotted Lanternfly?

With one of these techniques and insecticides you will solve the problem. Get rid of Spotted Lanternflies today. Here is how we do it.

Does Sevin Kill Spotted Lanternfly?

Does Sevin Kill Spotted Lanternfly?

You can use Sevin if you want to get rid of the most insects in your garden. Spotted Lanternflies will be killed, and here is how to do it safely.

Do Seagulls Take Fish From Garden Ponds?

Do Seagulls Take Fish From Garden Ponds? Protect Your Fish From Seagulls

Yes, they are taking fish from our garden ponds. But, if we take some action, we can stop them. Here is how to protect pond fish from seagulls.

What Eats Spotted Lanternfly

What Eats Spotted Lanternfly?

Find out what eats Spotted Lanternfly. The list is enormous, and you can use some of these predators to help you get rid of this invasive species.

Why Are Spotted Lanternfly Bad?

Why Are Spotted Lanternfly Bad?

Spotted Lanternflies are bad for your plants, trees, and garden in general. Here are the reasons and ways to get rid of them.

Ways to Protect Fruit Trees from Birds

Ways to Protect Fruit Trees from Birds

Great feeling! Picking the fruits after months and years of hard work. But sometimes birds can damage our fruits and ruin our joy. Here is how to prevent this.

garden pond

Are Sticklebacks Good for Garden Ponds or Wildlife Pond?

Sticklebacks are an excellent choice if you have just installed a small garden pond. However, they can impact the amphibian and insect population.Learn more here.

Where To Hang A Hummingbird House

Where To Hang A Hummingbird House (Safest Locations)

If you want to attract these beautiful birds in your garden, set hummingbird house where it is safe, and they will come and stay.