The variety of insects, animals, and birds in our very own gardens and backyards still amazes me every single day. Here at Gardeniaorganics we want to share some wonderful images and information to help you enjoy the wildlife in your garden even more.

Types of Woodpeckers in Missouri

7 Types of Woodpeckers in Missouri

Take a quick look at seven types of Woodpeckers that you can see in Missouri every day. See what they like, how they look like, and how you can attract them.

Why Do Birds Throw Seeds Out of Feeders?

Why Do Birds Throw Seeds Out of Feeders?

Find out why do birds throw seeds out of feeders. And most importantly, how you can prevent this from happening in the future.

squirrel digging up garden

Why Are Squirrels Digging Up My Garden?

You’ll probably see a squirrel in your yard at some point or another; these animals are everywhere. In fact, they live on every continent apart from Antarctica and Australia. There is an animal that is known as a ‘squirrel’ down under but it’s actually a petauridae. In any case, those…

Do Squirrels Eat Gladiolus Bulbs from your garden

Do Squirrels Eat Gladiolus Bulbs?

Are you wondering will squirrel eat your flower bulbs? Read this post to find out if your bulbs are safe in your garden.

Do Butterflies Drink Blood?

Do Butterflies Drink Blood?

This might shock you, and it might sound disgusting, but that’s precisely why you should read this post. Learn a few less-known facts about butterfly feeding habits.

Hedgehog white

The Complete Hedgehog House and Bedding Guide

Go through this guide and make wonderful house and bedding for your little hedgehog. Use our tips and save money and time.

Do Snails Have Eyes

Do Snails Have Eyes or Are They Blind?

Learn more about snails and find out how much they see. They do have eyes, but here is the interesting part.

How to Make a Bird Table Pigeon-Proof

How to Make a Bird Table Pigeon-Proof

Here is how we keep pigeons away from our bird feeders. Apply one of these tricks, and you will get rid of pigeons for good.

Do Caterpillars Have Legs?

Do Caterpillars Have Legs?

Find out what is so special about these mysterious creatures. And finally, read our post and find out do caterpillars have legs or not.

Do Ladybugs Eat Ants?

Do Ladybugs Eat Ants?

The thing is that ladybugs and ants are sometimes fighting in your garden. Read our post to find out why these two insects are fighting and who wins most of the time. You’ll be surprised.

What Do Snails Eat?

What Do Snails Eat?

You’ll be surprised after you find out what and how much snails actually eat. Most people are not aware that snails are pretty much eating machines.

Why Do Centipedes Have so Many Legs

Do Centipedes Have 100 Legs? Why Do They Have so Many Legs?

In this article we will get to the bottom of why these creatures have so many legs and the role they play in a healthy garden. 

Do slugs have backbones?

Do Slugs Have Backbones?

Find out do slugs have backbones and a few even more interesting facts about these mysterious little creatures.

What to Feed Wild Peacocks in Your Backyard

What to Feed Wild Peacocks in Your Backyard: Feeding Guide

Need to know what to feed a wild peacock in your backyard? Avoid giving bad food and read this guide to find out more!

Are There Wild Peacocks in the US?

Are There Wild Peacocks in the US?

Even though these birds aren’t native to the US, you can find them in several states. So, if you’re lucky, here is where you can see wild peacocks.