The variety of insects, animals, and birds in our very own gardens and backyards still amazes me every single day. Here at Gardeniaorganics we want to share some wonderful images and information to help you enjoy the wildlife in your garden even more.

Where do blackbirds sleep

Where Do Blackbirds Sleep?

Blackbirds rarely sleep in a nest. Instead, these birds prefer random places like trees and holes. Here are the main reasons behind that.

How close can birdboxes be

How Close Can Birdboxes Be?

In general, it is advisable that bird boxes are roughly 60-80 feet apart. Many birds are territorial (especially around mating time). As a result, by having them too close together, you may be left with an unoccupied bird box!


Are Hedgehogs Messy?

When all is said and done, hedgehogs need a bit of help to stay clean, and they will surely appreciate it. This involves cage cleaning and foot baths.


Is Your Bird Bath Too Deep – Will Birds Drown?

If you fill a birdbath too deep, some birds can indeed drown in the water. This goes primarily for birds that are very young, injured, or sick.

Will Birds Starve if I Stop Feeding Them?

Will Birds Starve If I Stop Feeding Them?

If you’re worried, ‘will birds starve if I stop feeding them?’ never fear. Even throughout harsh winter months, birds are adept and find food.

Green Finches

How to Attract Green Finches to Your Garden

Greenfinches are friendly with other birds and will happily make themselves at home in your garden if they have the right environment.

What chaffinches eat

What Do Chaffinches Eat?

Chaffinches eat a varied diet of bugs, seeds, and fruit. This being said, what makes up the bulk of their diet will depend on the time of year.

baby robin

When Can Baby Robins Feed Themselves?

Learn all about baby robins and their eating habits when young. Robins are dedicated parents, as their newborns must be fed frequently.

baby squirrel drinking milk

Do Baby Squirrels Drink Water?

If you are rehabilitating a baby squirrel make sure you’ve got the correct know-how