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gardening arm sleeves guide

Gardening Arm Sleeves (Protect From Sharp Blades and the Sun)

In this article, we share the essentials of gardening arm sleeves and show some good quality pairs that will do the job while you get on with your yard work.

Waterproof pergola roof ideas guide

Waterproof Pergola Roof Ideas (No 7 Is Our Favorite!)

There are some great ways to improve the function of your pergola for all types of weather. In this guide, we’ve put together some great waterproof pergola roof ideas.

Best gardening ear defenders buying guide

10 of the Best Gardening Ear Defenders

In this guide, we share 10 great value gardening ear defenders to keep you comfortable and safe while working in your yard.

expandable hose

Best Expandable Hose Consumer Report 2022

An expandable garden hose expands when filled with water pressure and contracts when empty. This is accomplished by pushing pressurized water through the hose.

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eat tomato leaves

Can You Eat Tomato Leaves? Cooked or Raw

The toxicity of tomato leaves depends on the consumer’s health conditions and habits. The leaves contain chlorophyll and water, which improve physical well-being. So, what makes eating tomato leaves unconventional? 

banana herb explained

I’m confused…Is a Banana a herb or fruit?

To properly define a banana, one must look at the components. We will start with the plant or tree to the final product that is the most eaten worldwide.

Dahlias tubers over winter

Can You Leave Dahlias In The Ground Over Winter?

If you live in zone 8-10, the winter temperatures are mild, so your dahlias can survive winter with little management. In zone 7, you may leave the tubers in the ground if the winter temperatures do not fall below 20 degrees F. Learn more here.

Peach Tree Blooms

Peach Tree Blooms (All You Need To Know)

People who grow peach trees often want to get them to flower much sooner and there are ways you can do this. In this guide, we’ll look at how to boost your peach tree blooms and tell you everything you need to know about these flowering trees. 

some onions have flowers reasons

Why Do Some Onions Have Flowers And Some Don’t?

Flowering in onions is expected in the ones that grow from sets. Transplants and onions that grow from seeds are unlikely to flower if grown under ideal climate conditions.

How to harvest garlic

How And When To Harvest Garlic

Garlic is an underground clove that can only be seen after harvest. Therefore, timing is everything. Read on to discover and learn how and when to harvest garlic.