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Gardenia Organic: helping you garden with ease and expertise

Our mission started with the simple idea that anyone could become a gardener (or a better one) with just a little help. 

We are that help!

Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned gardener, we are here to guide you on your green-thumbed journey. 

We offer comprehensive, informative, trustworthy, and enjoyable content that gardeners like you can use to learn, grow, and accomplish your gardening goals.

We’re passionate about our work because you and your garden are worth it. We want you to be proud of your results without breaking your back to get there.

The Gardenia Organic team is a diverse group who share a deep-rooted love of gardening. We come with a wealth of knowledge, qualifications, and experience. Our mission is to share our passion and expertise to help gardeners garden better! 

Our Team

Gardenia Organic: where passion meets expertise

Meet our amazing Gardenia Organic team.

Kyla Atkinson

Organic & Sustainable Gardening Lead

Kyla is an ecologist, writer, and photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. She holds an Honors Bachelor degree in Environmental Management, specializing in Wildlife Conservation. For over ten years, she has been exploring nature, horticulture, pollinators, and the entire ethos of environmental sustainability. 

In her free time, she enjoys beach-combing, fossil hunting, and bird-watching.

Kathy Goddard

Horticultural Lead 

Kathy is an independent garden designer and consultant. She obtained her BSc in Botany/Environmental Sciences from Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. She worked in the gardening retail industry for several years before running a small garden design and installation business on the west coast for eleven years. She then moved to the east coast, where she now works at a nursery and continues to consult with clients on all their garden and house plant needs.

Juliet Yates

Managing Editor

Juliet is the Managing Editor of Gardenia Organic, a writer, and a gardening enthusiast. Originally from the UK, she is now based in the mountains of Western Canada. She grows vegetables for self-sufficiency, flowers for hummingbirds, and owns a ranch. She loves learning new things and appreciates all the team teaches her!

She is passionate about sustainable living, food preserving, eating homegrown veggies, and her dogs and horses. 


Karen Bradshaw

Garden lover & writer

Karen is a lawn mower geek and gardening enthusiast. She enjoys writing about both and spending much of her free time tending to her garden.

Karen also enjoys walking in nature, reading, and spending time with her three children. She’s also a huge foodie, checking out as many cuisines as possible when exploring new cities.

Carl broadbent, owner of gardeniaOrganic

Carl broadbent

founder & WRITER

Carl created the website to give you the ideas and inspirations to create your own getaway from everyday life. Carl enjoys fishkeeping and one of his passions is the use of water in the garden. From the smallest bird bath to a deep water Koi pond, he believes the use of water in any garden space can transform not only the look and feel of your garden but also the sound.

His wife is also a keen gardener and they enjoy their outdoor oasis with their children.


garden lover & WRITER

Stephanie has been taking care of plants and animals since she was 12 years old and rehabilitating wild birds. She has turned that passion into a profession by sharing her experiences and lessons learned with readers online. She’s been doing this for ten years, and they’re her favorite topics to write about. Her dream is to be able to rehabilitate a variety of animals (in a big rural home). 

Stephanie spends her time reading, hiking, gardening, writing, and hanging out with her husband and cat. She also loves to visit and make dinner for her family.

Lauren Mackay

Master Gardener & Writer

Lauren is a lifelong gardener and writer, therapeutic horticulturist, former archeologist, hobby photographer, and new weaver and spinner.
Throughout her career, Lauren has observed and explored various connections between humanity and the natural world. She is currently focused on building resilience in the community through gardening and stewardship practices. She holds degrees from Carleton University and Grant MacEwan University, is a Master Gardener, and member of both Canadian and American Horticultural Therapy Associations.

Liz Stewart


Liz is a writer and gardener from southwest Manitoba. She grew up working on her family’s market vegetable garden and now oversees a community garden project. She has ten years of gardening experience. In the last three years, she’s especially become obsessed with soil health and low-cost gardening. 

Liz is also a fiction writer, published in journals such as carte blanche and Plenitude Magazine. She loves traversing Canada with her girlfriend and cooking with the food that she’s grown. 

Mackenzie Urquijo-Flores

Garden Advisor & Writer

Mackenzie is a gardening enthusiast, health coach, and writer. She obtained her Master’s degree from Universidad de Salamanca. She has been working as a gardening advisor for the past six years.

In her private time, she enjoys playing music, exercising, studying, and spending time with friends. She enjoys deep conversations and forest walks.

Louise Woffindin

Garden Lover & Writer

Louise is a writer, translator, and educator. She obtained a BA in French and Spanish from the University of Leeds in the UK. She worked as a high school language teacher for 15 years before following her true passion for writing about many subjects, including gardening. 

In her free time, Louise enjoys running, hiking, and gardening. She has three sons and a dog called Chaos.

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