3 Best Biodegradable Grass Seed Mats (Available Online)


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Got a balding or uneven lawn that isn’t responding to scattered grass seed?

You may be thinking about how you can remedy the situation long-term.

Until recently, relaying turf was the primary solution, but hauling wheelbarrows full of heavy muddy turf and getting it laid evenly is back-breaking work.

Biodegradable grass seed mat backyard
Biodegradable grass seed mats buyers guide

Biodegradable grass seed mats are a convenient alternative solution for getting your lawn laid that is cheaper and easier than turf and produces more consistent results than grass seed. 

Sounds good?

In This Article – We’ll share the three best biodegradable grass seed mats that are available online, and how you can get them laid for the beautiful, lush lawn you’ve always dreamed of. 

What is a biodegradable grass seed mat?

Biodegradable grass seed mats, also known as grass seed blankets, grass seed rolls, and lawn rolls are an ingenious solution for growing an even lawn quickly and easily.

These mats are made from a thin layer of biodegradable material, which is loaded with grass seed and fertilizers that you can lay on the ground like a mat to grow new grass. 

Once on the ground, the grass seed within the rolled-out mat germinates and grows through the rotting matting to create new grass growth.

The mats are usually 120% loaded with seed to ensure that it achieves a dense covering of grass.

Once there is established lawn growth, the matting is no longer visible, and you can mow and treat your new lawn as normal. 

Advantages of a biodegradable grass seed mat for your new lawn

The great benefits of using a biodegradable grass seed mat make it no surprise that they are becoming an increasingly popular option for growing a great lawn.

Here are the need-to-know advantages of using grass seed roll.

Grass seed mats are lightweight

The thin lightweight material of a grass seed mat makes it ultra-convenient and easy to cut to size and lay.

You also don’t have the shipping weight of turf or the mess when you handle it. 

Grass seed mats are cheaper than turf

Good quality turf for a lawn gets great results but is increasingly expensive.

As you can see below, a grass seed mat is much cheaper and will save you on labor costs as you can lay it yourself in a few hours. 

Grass seed mats provide a consistent distribution of seed

Scattering seeds can be a frustrating exercise.

Not only does it not land evenly, but wind, rain, and hungry birds can decimate your new growth.

Manufacturers impregnate the grass seed mat with high-quality grass seed variety and the biodegradable matting protects the new growth from birds and supports it in place as it grows.

3 best biodegradable grass seed mats (Available online)

If you want to tackle that worn area of your front lawn with a grass seed mat, you can order these mats quickly and easily online.

Let us help you with your search by sharing 3 popular grass seed mats.

1. Amturf Sun and Shade Mix Central States/Northern Lawn Seed Blanket


  • Grass seed variety: Northern and central local grass seed varieties
  • Base material: Biodegradable mulch
  • Number of pads in the package: 1
  • Coverage: 25 square feet (2.32 square meters)
  • Mat dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 30 inches (19.05 x 19.05 x 76 centimeters)
  • Package weight: 6.69 pounds (3.3 kilograms)


Amturf is one of the most popular grass seed brands in the US and has built up a fine reputation for its biodegradable grass seed products that can give you a beautifully green and safe lawn.

This biodegradable mulch blanket is easy to use and carefully embedded with grass seed to provide the uniform seed coverage you need for a luscious lawn. 

Amturf uses its proprietary Double Time™ technology that gets the grass seed growing quickly while suppressing the weeds that can spoil your lawn.

This will save you chemicals, fertilizer, and water. All materials are non-toxic to animals and pets. 


  • Good quality: This product contains 99% weed-free grass seed.
  • Quick to lay: Patching up your lawn isn’t an all-day affair. Simply cut and lay the amount of matting you need and water it in to get things going, 
  • Amturf selects grass seed for central and northern states: Amturf matches its grass seed mix to the local climate so that gardeners can get the best results. This grass seed mat favors the climate in the central and northern states. 


  • Mixed results: For many purchasers, the germination and subsequent growth of the seeded mat weren’t even. Some people reseeded the bald spots to have acceptable results. 
  • The mat turns white as it rots: After rain and watering the green background color of the mat changes to white.

Simply unroll the all-in-one grass seed blanket, cut it the size of that bare spot in your lawn and tack it into place.

The mulch not only holds water but also keeps the seedlings in place, supporting them as they grow. 

2. Grotrax Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat


  • Grass seed variety: Bermuda Rye
  • Base material: Layered bio fabric
  • Number of pads in the package: 1
  • Coverage: 50 square feet (4.64 square meters)
  • Mat dimensions: 12.09 x 5.16 x 5.08 inches (30.5 x 13.1 x 12.9 centimeters)
  • Package weight: 1.63 pounds (0.73 kilograms)


Grotrax is a market leader in lawn rolls that you can use to repair or lay a new lawn.

This biodegradable grass seed mat is an all-in-one solution containing a special grass seed fabric that also includes the fertilizer and mulch you need for a great lawn!

You don’t need to worry about the evenness of your growing results because they carefully place the seeds at a density that is over 100% of its recommended planting rate.

Grotrax sources its quality Bermuda Rye seed from reputable Oregon growers.

The Grotrax layered bio fabric feeds the developing grass and provides a protective environment that can withstand even‌ extreme conditions like scorching heat. Roll out and water your mat into place.


  • Lightweight material: You’ll notice how incredibly light this grass seed roll is. Don’t take that as a sign of poor quality. The roll provides over 50 square feet of grass-seeded material and is easy to cut to size and move into place.
  • Sticks to the ground: The bio fabric holds to the ground, meaning you won’t have pieces of fabric rolls flying away on a windy day. It also makes this roll a great choice for seeding sloped areas.  
  • All-weather seed varieties: This mat features high-quality fine-bladed grass seed that has medium to high drought resistance. 
  • It doesn’t matter which side of the mat you lay down on the soil: Growtrax sandwiches the seed in the middle.


  • Some purchasers found the mat too lightweight: Though this mat was easy to lay, some people found that it flew away in heavy wind and rain. 

No need for stakes or pins as Growtrax designed the grass roll to stick to the earth.

The seeds are held in place between the two bio fabric layers and surrounded by fertilizer for quick germination and growth. Its simplicity and practicality make it a smart and cheaper alternative to sod or turf.

3. Jonathan Green Black Beauty SeedRoll Grass Seed Mat 


  • Grass seed varieties: Tall fescue, Perennial rye, and Kentucky bluegrass
  • Base material: Biodegradable mulch
  • Number of pads in the package: 1
  • Coverage: 50 square feet (4.64 square meters)
  • Mat dimensions: 12 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches‌ (30 x 13.9 x 13.9 centimeters)
  • Package weight: 2.06 pounds (1.17 kilograms)


Jonathan Green Lawncare has a long tradition of providing the products and expertise you need for a fine lawn.

This family firm has produced its own biodegradable grass seed mats that are ideal for any bare spots, slopes or other awkward areas in your yard.

This pack provides an ample 50 square feet of material that you can lay any way you want.

This seed roll is an all-in-one solution that includes Black Beauty Ultra grass seed, starter lawn fertilizer and a weed-suppressing mulch.

Just unroll it and cut it to the size with scissors and shape where you need to cover your bare patches. Place it, and water it into place.

The Black Beauty Ultra grass seed is a cool season blend that includes Tall fescue, perennial rye, and Kentucky bluegrass.

The lush deep-green blades are drought-tolerant and disease resistant. Jonathan Green Lawncare has formulated this lawn blend to provide consistent growth in sunny and shady areas, germinating within 20 days.


  • High-quality seed: Jonathan Green Lawncare is an expert in lawn maintenance, so they designed the selection of seed to deliver vigorous, quality, weed-free growth.
  • Quick growth: Purchasers reported that the seed germinated quickly, within 10 to 20 days.


  • Flimsy material: The material used for biodegradable grass seed mats ‘degrades’ easily. It is a common problem with these mats and purchasers find it frustrating when strong winds and rain wash away their hard work.

The mat material is designed to protect your seed from being washed out by the rain or feasted on by your local birds.

Light and water can penetrate to promote faster growth and the establishment of healthy lawn growth. 

Frequently asked questions about biodegradable grass seed mats

When should I lay my grass seed mat?

Don’t plant your biodegradable grass seed mat until the last frost has passed. Avoid laying your mat during periods of strong wind and heavy rain.

For the best results, aim to lay your grass seed when your local temperatures are above 50°F (10°C) and unlikely to fall below 40°F (4°C). Plant your grass seed mat early on in the growing season for the maximum growing time and better establishment of your lawn. 

How do I prepare the ground for my grass seed mat?

Prepare the area you want to lay your grass seed mat on by clearing it of weeds, stones, and debris and making the ground level.

Rake the top two inches of soil for good contact between the soil and the mat. Water the soil well and leave the ground overnight before laying the mat. 

The next day, you can lay the grass seed roll over the exposed ground. 

How do I lay a biodegradable grass seed mat?

Roll out the grass seed mat over the soil and lightly water it into place. Once moist, the grass seed roll will stick to the exposed soil. Cut away any excess mat. If strips are laid, slightly overlap the edges between the strips.

You can also pin or stake the mat to keep it in place. Ensure that all parts of the mat have contact with the soil as this is essential for growth. Once a section of the ground is covered, water the mat with plenty of water before continuing to your next section. 

How do I look after my biodegradable grass seed mat?

Ideally, your grass seed mat will germinate and grow to create a thick and velvety lawn.

But the reality is that unlike laying turf, grass seed mats take a long time to become established and some parts may not consistently grow.

Here are some tips for getting the best results from your grass seed roll:

  • After laying your grass seed mat where you want it, water it in and continue to water your mat two to three times daily with a hose or sprinkler. The mulch requires sustained moisture levels for the embedded seeds to germinate.
  • Avoid using a forceful jet of water that may wash out the seed. 
  • Once you have laid your grass seed mat, do not walk on it. If it needs to be secured, use garden stakes to pin it down. 
  • Continue the sustained watering until the grass reaches 3 inches in height.
  • Once the grass height exceeds 3 inches, it is ready to mow.

Rounding up

Grass seed mats are a great go-to for conveniently tackling a balding lawn as you can get the ground covered quickly and expect fast growth.

However, users ‌report ‌the results can be very, very mixed, and the matting requires regular watering, and a maximized growing season to achieve a good result.

The great price of these grass seed lawn rolls and their quick results makes them worth a try, and you can always supplement the growth with some additional grass seed. 

Happy growing!

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