Do Geese Eat Bugs?


Geese are often considered to be pests, but many people don’t know that they actually help to control the population of insects.

Geese consume large amounts of bugs, including harmful agricultural pests. This makes them an important part of Integrated Pest Management programs.

In this blog post, we will explore whether or not geese eat bugs and what kind of diet they typically have.

We will also look at some of the benefits that come with having geese as pets. So, if you are curious about whether or not these birds consume insects, read on.


Do Geese Eat Bugs?

Yes, geese are omnivores and will eat a variety of things, including insects. Insects make up a minor percentage of their diet, but they consume plenty of them.

The most common types of bugs that geese eat are aquatic insects and terrestrial invertebrates. They’ll also eat plants like clover, alfalfa, and duckweed.

These insects provide a lot of protein but account for just a minor percentage of a goose’s diet.

While they may not eat every kind of bug, there are certainly some types that makeup part of their diet. Geese typically consume large numbers of aquatic insects, such as dragonflies and damselflies, as well as various terrestrial invertebrates like beetles, caterpillars, and crickets.

The most common food for geese is roots, shoots, stems, seeds, and leaves of grass and grain, bulbs, and berries, which account for about 90% of their diet.

They also consume plants like clover and alfalfa as well as aquatic vegetation such as duckweed or algae from ponds or lakes near where they live.

Geese are opportunistic feeders and will eat whatever is available to them. If they can’t find any grass, they’ll look for other plants, bugs, or even small animals to eat. They are not fussy when it comes to food.

What Kind of Bugs Do Geese Eat?

When you see a goose in the wild, it may look like they’re just eating grass or small plants. But geese actually eat many types of bugs.

This can be surprising to people who don’t know much about what geese eat and how they behave. Let’s examine some of the different kinds of bugs that geese will eat.


Believe it or not, geese will eat mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are tiny insects that live near bodies of water and feed off the blood of birds, mammals, and other animals. They can also carry diseases that could make a goose sick.

By eating mosquitoes, geese help keep mosquito populations down in areas where they live.

Grasshoppers and Crickets

Most people are familiar with geese eating grass or small plants, but some of these plants have bugs living on them that can get eaten when a goose eats the plant.

Grasshoppers and crickets are two types of insects that often eat various types of vegetation. By eating grasshoppers and crickets, geese help keep the population of these insects down.


Geese will also eat caterpillars. These are small worm-like creatures that live on plants and eventually turn into butterflies or moths. Caterpillars can be major pests in some areas where they eat all of the vegetation from certain plants or trees.


Geese will also eat aphids. Aphids are a type of insect that live on plants and feed off the sap of these plants. They can be a major pest in some areas.


Geese will also eat worms that are found on or near the ground. Earthworms, for example, can be found in soil and eat decaying plant matter.

Benefits of having Geese As Pets

Geese are beautiful, intelligent birds that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are utilized and raised for a wide range of reasons. Geese are great egg producers and meat producers.

pet goose

Geese are very inquisitive birds that love being around people. They make excellent watchdogs, they’re typically loud when strangers approach, and they will announce to you when someone is coming or if something is going on.

How Much Do Geese Eat?

A goose will typically eat around 200g of food per day. This can vary depending on the size and age of the bird, as well as the time of year and what is available to them.

The greylag goose, for example, can consume approximately 2.2 pounds (1 kg) of grass every day.

In the summertime, when they are eating mostly insects, they may consume up to 300g of food per day.

In the winter, when their diet consists mostly of grains and other plant material, they may eat as little as 450 grams per day.


Do Geese Eat Bugs? Yes, geese are mostly herbivores and eat a variety of different types of plants. They also eat small amounts of insects such as flies, ants, beetles, crickets, caterpillars, and spiders during the winter months when vegetation is scarce.

However, they are not opposed to eating meat if it is available. Geese have even been known to eat small snakes on occasion.

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