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Every gardener knows the importance of having a good hose.

With all of the different tasks that need to be done in the garden, from watering plants to cleaning up debris, it’s important to have a hose that can handle the job.

Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle
Flexi hose with 8 function nozzle buyers guide

The Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle is perfect for any gardener who wants a durable and versatile hose.

This hose can be used for a variety of tasks, and it’s made with heavy-duty materials that make it resistant to wear and tear.

If you’re looking for an excellent hose that will help make your gardening tasks easier, then the Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle is definitely worth considering.

Pros and Cons

Every product on the market is going to have its pros and cons, sometimes the good outweighs the bad, and in some unfortunate cases, the bad outweighs the good.

In the case of the Flexi hose, the good most certainly outweighs the bad!


Starting with the pros, this hose has a lifetime guarantee.

That in and of itself is pretty incredible, but add to that the fact that it’s also lightweight and easy to use and you’ve got a hose that’s hard to beat!

It also never kinks, which is a huge plus, and the different nozzle functions are great for a variety of uses.


There is one con that has been noticed by some users, and it has a lot to do with user error.

These hoses are not meant to be left in the sun, as the heat breaks down the latex and causes leaks in the hose.

It says in the manual not to leave the garden hose outside when you aren’t using it for this reason.

Good to Know – Flexi Hose has great customer service, though, and they will send you a replacement hose if you have any issues.

Lifetime Guarantee

The first notable feature of the Flexi Hose is the lifetime guarantee.

This is huge because it means that the company is confident about the product’s durability.

Not that you’ll need to use the warranty; the hoses are made of highly durable material, including the thickest latex available on the market.

These hoses are designed to withstand plenty of pressure and wear and tear.


A lightweight hose might not make a huge difference for some, but it means the world to others.

Traditional hoses are heavy and bringing them out, watering the lawn, and putting the hose back make gardening a huge task.

Grandma and grandpa still want to tend to their gardens, and little kids will want to help (or just play in the water), but heavy hoses will be left untouched.

This Flexi hose, however, comes in just under 5 lbs.

By Comparison – The lightest traditional style hose weighs over 15 lbs, over 3 times heavier than the Flexi hose for the exact same length. And these are the weights of the hoses without water in them!

Easy to Use

This hose is designed for easy use.

Setting it up is as easy as screwing the end brass fitting onto your water tap, attaching the nozzle to the hose, turning the water on and you’re ready to go.

It expands quickly to 3 times its original size when turned on, and contracts just as quickly when you’re finished.

No more struggling to coil a wet hose. This design means that you can also easily store the Flexi Hose without taking up a lot of space.

Never Kinks

The Flexi Hose is also kink-free.

This is thanks to the internal triple-layer latex that’s reinforced with strong webbing.

You’ll never have to worry about finding where the kink in the hose is that’s stopping the water supply.

Takes Up Less Space

One of the best parts about an expanding garden hose, is when you’re finished with it and the water has been drained, the hose shrinks back to a shorter, manageable size.

Since they are already much shorter than a standard garden hose, they are going to take up much less space.

You can hang them on a previously installed hose hanger, you can leave them on a shelf, or you can put them in a bin.

Keep In Mind – If you already have a limited amount of space in your shed or garage, switching your standard garden hose for a Flexi Hose will give you some extra room to move around.

5 Sizes

Pick the specific size you know you need or go with the longest size available and it will still be smaller and lighter than a traditional hose.

The Flexi hose comes in five lengths:

  1. 25 feet
  2. 50 feet
  3. 75 feet
  4. 100 feet
  5. 150 feet

8 Different Nozzle Functions

This nozzle has eight different functions, but how do you know if that’s good?

Is that excessive, the right amount, or not enough functions?

A nozzle with eight functions is actually the perfect amount.

There’s a setting for all of your needs from watering delicate plants, to giving your plants a good soak, filling spray bottles, and even rinsing dirt and dust off the side of your house.


This function forms a ring of water but misses everything in the middle of the circle.

This setting is good for extremely delicate flowering plants that need heavy watering. Keep the plant in the middle of the circle and soak the soil.


This is a fairly uncommon nozzle setting. The water in a flat setting comes out in one horizontal, but a powerful sheet.

This is good for rinsing dirt off smooth, flat surfaces like trays, or for washing away pests on big leaves.


This setting is useful for quickly filling up containers with small holes or for power cleaning surfaces.

Since the water comes out in one small jet stream of water, you can use this to fill up water bottles, spray bottles, or blast dirt away from in between your patio stones.


The mist setting is great for seeds, or seedlings you have just recently planted.

When you plant a seed in the dirt, the soil should already be slightly moist. If you went in with the shower setting, you’d add far too much water and you could disturb the seed.

By using the mist setting, you are only adding small amounts of water without force to not disturb the seeds.

The mist setting is also great to use on yourself while you are outside gardening on a hot day.


This is the most common setting to use.

This setting turns the high pressure from inside the hose into a much gentler shower stream.

This is a good setting to imitate rain or to stream directly onto the roots of plants.


This is a more powerful setting than the shower, but not as powerful as the full.

This setting is good for cleaning the outside of your house or rinsing off your car.

It’s also great for spraying away any pests you see on your plants. This is also good for plants that need a really good soak.


The vertical setting is the opposite of the flat setting. Instead of a horizontal sheet of water, it comes out as, well you’ve probably guessed, a vertical sheet of water.

The vertical setting works well for cleaning off large spaces, such as shed walls or garage floors where it is better to work side to side instead of up and down.


Center is another very situational setting on the nozzle. Thin and powerful jets stream out in a cone shape from the center of the nozzle.

This is good for rehydrating soil or loosening the top layer of compacted soil.

Since the streams are so powerful, the water can permeate through the hydrophobic layer of soil so it can be rehydrated, and it will also loosen that top layer at the same time.

This isn’t a good setting to use on plants as the streams can damage the leaves.

Final Thoughts

This Flexi hose with 8 function nozzle is perfect for anyone who wants a lightweight, easy-to-use, never-kinking garden hose.

It’s also great for those who want a bit more control over their watering with the different settings on the nozzle.

The Flexi hose comes in five lengths and has a lifetime guarantee, so you can be confident in your purchase.

Whatever your gardening needs, this is the garden hose you should be adding to your cart.

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