I Have a Hedgehog in My Garden, What Do I Do?


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If you have a hedgehog in your garden, there are a few things to consider when it comes to its care and feeding.

Maybe it has been abandoned and needs care and attention, but maybe it’s just looking for a few bites to eat and somewhere safe to sleep.

You may wish to leave the little fellow something to eat and to drink. It’s also advisable to place bridges over ponds, avoid using pesticides, and more, to make your yard more hedgehog-friendly and safer. Finally, you can use little fences or tomato cages to help keep any accidental garden damage (due to those spikes) in check!

Is It Lucky to Have a Hedgehog in Your Garden? 

Whether it’s lucky or not to have a hedgehog in your garden depends on who you are.

Do you like hedgehogs?

Many folks find these peaceful creatures quite lovable. If you’re a hedgehog lover and visited by one, you’re certainly in luck!

I Have a Hedgehog in My Garden, What Do I Do?

Infographics about things to do if you have a hedgehog in your garden
Hedgehog in your garden

Provide Them with Food and Water

If you’re wondering, ‘I have a hedgehog in my garden, what do I do?’ then, first off, you can provide them with some food and water!

Hedgehogs eat mainly insects and will appreciate wet cat or dog food. Keep in mind that the smell might attract other night critters, however.

Many find that it’s best to feed their hedgehog visitors in some sort of shelter. One that only a hedgehog can fit into should do the trick!

Make Sure Hedgehog Visitors Can Get Out of Your Yard

You may be tempted to seal off your yard, to encourage your hedgehog visitor to stay.

As hedgehogs are wild animals, this is sure to stress them out.

In Fact: Hedgehogs are accustomed to traveling as far as a kilometer a night. This is an active and free-spirited critter!

Garden Carefully

Hedgehogs like to burrow into leaves, dirt, and other loose material.

This means that, if you’ve got a hedgehog in your yard, you’ll need to garden carefully.

Otherwise, you might accidentally bump or nick the little fellow with a garden tool!

Don’t Use Pesticides as These Can Be Harmful

If you’ve noticed a hedgehog in your garden, we strongly recommend that you stop using pesticides.

If they consume something with pesticide on it or even absorb it through their skin, hedgehogs (and all manner of animals) can get very sick!

Our Recommendation: Try for an all-natural, hedgehog-safe alternative, such as Neem Oil. 

Remove Any Nets in Your Garden

If you use nets in your garden, and a hedgehog shows up, you may want to put the nets away.

Hedgehogs are a bit bumbling and clumsy, and with all those spines, they can easily get tangled up or stuck.

Instead, you may want to opt to protect your garden from pets and critters with tomato cages, fences, or another kind of cover!

Provide a Bridge or Beach for Your Pond

If you have a pond, you may want to provide a bridge or beach for your hedgehog visitor.

Hedgehogs are good swimmers, but it’s possible that if they climb or fall in, they might not be able to get out.

This can even present an unlikely but potential drowning risk.

Instead, make sure they’ve got dry land that can be reached easily, and a bridge to help them if they feel the need to cross the water!

Do Hedgehogs Ruin Gardens?

What to do if you have a hedgehog in your garden
Hedgehogs won’t ruin your garden

Sometimes, hedgehogs may unintentionally harm garden plants.

This is because they’re so spiny, they’re bound to poke a few leaves as they pass by. Often, they are simply looking for a cozy place to nap or a likely snack.

If you’d like to protect your garden from accidental harm by hedgehogs, you can always fence the most delicate, leafy plants off.

This also goes for any plants that you don’t want them to eat, such as daisies, buttercups, or yarrow!

Hedgehogs are Nocturnal

Did you know that hedgehogs are nocturnal?

This is why they are so seldom seen, no doubt. A glimpse of this adorable, unique-looking creature can be a real treat.

If you see a hedgehog snuffling around at night, they’re probably just exploring or looking for a snack.

There may be cause for concern if you see a hedgehog out during the day, however! Sometimes, this means that they are injured or sick.

Have You Noticed? Keep an eye out for any signs that the hedgehog may be unwell, such as lethargy, flies buzzing around them, and a disheveled look. These guys may need to be rescued and taken to a rehabilitator!

Final Words

So, if you’ve been wondering, ‘I have a hedgehog in my garden, what do I do?’ there’s your answer.

You can either ignore them or provide the little fellow with some food and water.

It may also be advisable to protect your more delicate plants from damage, as this can be a small risk!

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