Do Baby Squirrels Drink Water?


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I have seen so many squirrels and even young baby squirrels in my backyard. But I have never seen any of them drink from the various water sources in my garden like my pond or birdbaths

So, it got me thinking if baby squirrels drink their mother’s milk or water? I really wasn’t sure.

So, I did some research to find the answer.

In general, no, wild baby squirrels do not need to drink water. They are hydrated by their mother’s milk. If you are rehabilitating a baby squirrel make sure you’ve got the correct know-how, they are known to appreciate Pedialyte and Ebiliac, squirrel milk replacer (ideal), or puppy milk, however.

Along with this, you can provide wild squirrels that live nearby with a birdbath or special water distributor!

Do Baby Squirrels Drink Water?

Do Baby Squirrels Drink Water?
Feeding baby squirrel

Until 7-9 weeks old, baby squirrels have access to highly nutritious, fatty, and hydrating squirrel milk.

Baby squirrels are fed this several times a day, being kept well-fed by a devoted mother.

During this time, they have little to no need for supplemental hydration.

Prepare For This 🙁 Once they are between 8-12 weeks of age, they will go out on their own to look for both food and water!

How Do You Get a Baby Squirrel to Drink Water?

First off, baby squirrels should usually stick with their mother. This being said, if you find one on the ground that appears lost, you’ll want to keep an eye on it.

Make sure that it’s warm, and that no predators appear. Also, make sure the baby squirrel isn’t injured. If it is, it might be the best move to take it in. First, however, we recommend seeking advice from a wildlife rehabilitator!

Once you have ascertained that it’s the best choice of action, you can gently bring the squirrel inside. Check it for injuries and keep it somewhere quiet and dim or dark.

At first, the baby squirrel may refuse to eat or drink. This is because they will be too frightened; once they’ve calmed a bit, with calm, quiet, and whispered verbal reassurance, they will be much more willing to drink.

This being said, it’s not recommended to go for straight water.

Instead, a special Pedialyte mixture will contain electrolytes and nutrients, along with the hydrating properties of the water!

Can Squirrels Drink Water?

Can Squirrels Drink Water?
What baby squirrels can drink

Squirrels are very active critters. For this reason, they do indeed drink – and need quite a bit of – water!

Without enough of it, they will rapidly become dehydrated and sick.

Fortunately, squirrels are clever little survivors, and they’re not too picky when it comes to their source of water.

This means that they will drink from puddles and ponds (if they’re not too muddy or stagnant), sprinklers, and even hoses (rarely).

They will also wet their whistle with a birdbath and will appreciate a specially placed squirrel water bowl!

What Do 8-Week-Old Squirrels Drink?

When with their mothers, 8-week-old squirrels are still fed solely breastmilk.

If you are rehabilitating an orphaned or injured baby squirrel (and make sure to contact a rehabilitator so this is done just right), they should be given a combination of nourishing and hydrating Pedialyte and squirrel milk replacer or puppy milk!

This can be done by placing the liquid in a baby animal bottle, or a special, needle-free syringe (that’s typically usually used to give medication to pets).

Just make sure to administer the liquid very gently and slowly (so it doesn’t go down their throat or come out their nose) if you are using the latter.

Works Best: When used correctly, either of these methods for hydrating a baby squirrel will do the trick!

How Much Do Mother Squirrels (Sows) Drink?

Both pregnant and lactating mother squirrels require a considerable amount of water.

This is because they are drinking for not just two, but a whole (often 2-4 baby) litter!

They’ve got to make sure that they are super-hydrated when pregnant, and when lactating, they must ensure that they have plenty of hydrating and nutritious milk to offer.

If you see baby squirrels in your yard, you may want to leave out some extra water – especially in hot weather!

What Do Baby Squirrels Drink? 

What do baby squirrels drink? For the most part, baby squirrels are dependent on their mother for hydrating milk.

Once they’re a bit older and more mobile (say, 8 weeks), they may sample puddles or a kindly left-out water bowl.

They will continue nursing for 9-12 weeks, however!

Should You Put Water Out for Squirrels?

If you have squirrels in your air, they’re sure to appreciate some fresh water!

You can help them out with this in a few ways.

Get One: There are squirrel feeders that also have safely accessible water.

Squirrel water

Or there are products that are made to give them water. Just make sure that, whatever you choose, it’s placed well out of the reach of any hunting pet or wild predator.

The water should also be refreshed frequently, to keep the growth of any harmful bacteria in check!

Final Thoughts

So, if you were wondering, ‘do baby squirrels drink water?’ now you know.

They rarely do until they are quite a bit older, relying almost solely on their mother’s milk.

Rehabilitated baby squirrels may appreciate a combination of Pedialyte and water, as well as squirrel milk replacer, Ebilac, or puppy milk!

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