Best Apple Picking Tool For Your Fruit Trees


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When it comes to gathering fruit from your trees, you need a tool that is reliable and easy to use.

If you can’t reach high places and don’t want to damage the fruit then choosing one of the best apple picking tools is a must. 

Best apple picking tools buying guide
Best apple picking tools

If you’re new to this type of equipment and want to get a better idea of how to choose the right product, you’re in the right place.

This is our ultimate guide to buying the best apple picking tool for your fruit trees. 

Why Do I Need An Apple Picking Tool?

There are so many reasons that owning an apple picking tool will make your life easier.

For starters, you aren’t going to need to worry about taking a ladder out with you.

Not only does this mean that you have less equipment and less hard work to do but it also makes collecting fruit much safer.

Picking apples with tools
Picking apples

Your apple picking tool is long and stretches to reach all areas of the tree.

Not having to climb up and down a ladder is going to make the job less tiring.

But couple this with the often lightweight materials used to make apple picking tools and the job just became super easy.

Importantly – An apple picking tool won’t cause any damage to your harvest. It’s all too easy to get a little rough when collecting fruit by hand even when you don’t mean to.

Using these tools mean less damage and therefore, less waste.

Choosing apple picking tools on the market
Choosing apple picking tool

No matter how tall or wide your tree, apple picking tools come with an extendable pole that allows you to work with all types of tree sizes.

This makes the experience of harvesting much easier and a lot more comfortable.

Apple Picking Tools – Our Top Picks

There certainly are a lot of options when it comes to apple picking tools but don’t let that put you off.

To save you spending hours scouring the internet, we’ve selected some of the best and most efficient tools on the market.

All you need to do is choose your favorite. 

HOSKO 8ft Fruit Picker Tool

While the tool we are looking at comes with an eight foot pole, this same product can be purchased in a range of other sizes so you will be able to choose what’s right for you.

Furthermore, the poles are all adjustable so each one can be used in various situations. 

What we love about this fruit picker is how versatile it is.

It’s great for collecting apples but it’s also ideal for other fruits like mangoes, guavas, cherries and much more.

Inside the collection basket, you’ll notice that there is a foam lining which prevents the fruit from bruising as it falls in.

We think that’s a really nice touch.

That said, the basket isn’t huge so you will need to keep emptying throughout the collection. 

The tool is incredibly easy to use and is made from durable stainless steel so you know you’ve got something that’s going to stand the test of time.

While this material isn’t as lightweight as some others, it’s lightweight enough for everyday use. 

MOCOHANA Fruit Picker

If you need something that’s going to allow you to collect more fruits at once then this harvest style apple picking tool will be perfect.

It’s got a large capacity harvest bag so you’ll spend less time emptying and more time picking. 

What’s also great about the MOCOHANA tool is how well made it is.

Being made from steel, it won’t warp or bend even when your harvest bag is full.

It’s designed for more heavy duty use and with a v-shaped blade, it does an excellent job at easily removing even demanding fruit from the branch. 

One thing we have to point out, however, is that this is the tool only. It doesn’t not come with an extension pole so you will need to buy this separately. 

OAK LEAF Fruit Picker

For those of you who need something that’ll reach right up into the heights of a tall tree, the OAK LEAF fruit picker is a must have accessory.

The extendable pole reaches a whopping 13 feet so you won’t ever have to worry about using a ladder again. 

The rod is made from stainless steel while the basket is made from iron which is resistant to corrosion and super strong.

You might think that this would make the fruit picker heavy but at just 2.7lbs, it’s super lightweight and comfortable to use. 

Beautifully easy to use, you can tighten the basket without any tools so there’s no messing around when it comes to picking fruit.

Moreover, the soft lining of the basket means your harvest won’t be damaged as it falls in.

While this is an extremely well made piece of equipment, the hand tightening does mean that the basket can come loose from time to time. 

TIHOOD Fruit Picker Head Basket With Glove

We think that this apple picking tool is a real bargain. Not only is it super effective at gathering fruit but it also comes with a garden glove to protect your hands.

OK, it doesn’t come with a pole but for the price you’re paying, it’s not the end of the world. 

The harvest bag is a good size and sits underneath a toothed ring that allows you to easily and quickly remove fruit from the tree. It’s extremely versatile and can be used for apples and other small trees. 

The materials used to make this apple picking tool are great and it’s very lightweight.

However, the downside is that there have been some reports of the bag coming away from the metal part meaning this isn’t the most long lasting product. 

Ohuhu Fruit Picking Tool

Made from aluminum, this is one of the most lightweight apple picking tools we have found.

It’s so easy and comfortable to use but the material is also very durable so you’ve got something that will see you through many harvests. 

The basket is relatively large in the scheme of things and while it won’t hold as much as a harvest bag, it’s big enough to hold a few apples at a time.

What’s more, it comes with that all important foam lining that ensures your fruit isn’t bruised or damaged. 

This one is a great option for taller or deeper trees as the extendable pole has a maximum reach of 13 feet. 

How To Choose An Apple Picking Tool

OK, choosing an apple picking tool has got to be a pretty simple task, right?

Well yes, it’s not the most complex choice you’ll ever have to make but there are a few things you will want to weigh up before parting with any of your hard earned cash.

Pole Type

When it comes to choosing an apple picking tool, you will need to decide whether you want a fixed length of extendable pole.

If you are working with taller trees then an extendable pole is the better choice as it allows for a much better reach. 

Fixed length apple picking tools don’t typically come much larger than eight feet.

That’s OK if you’re picking from a smaller tree but you are limited as to what you can do with it. 


We have already mentioned that apple picking tools are usually made from lightweight materials like aluminum.

There are also some that are made from things like stainless steel. While this material is a lot more durable, it’s also a little heavier.

While it’s not going to weigh you down like an iron block, it will be a little more tiring to use than a lightweight tool.

How Quickly Does The Tool Pick?

Are you looking to get the job done as quickly as possible?

If so then it’s best to go for a harvest apple picking tool. These are able to hold much larger amounts of fruit and come with a bag so you can keep picking.


However, there are also basket apple picking tools that do not have a large harvest bag.

Normally: You wouldn’t get more than a couple of pieces of fruit in the picker at once so you’ll have to keep emptying it as you go.


We have touched on the type of materials used for apple picking tools in regards to how much they weigh.

But you should also consider the flexibility and durability of these materials before making a purchase. 

Things like carbon fiber, chromium, and aluminum are ideal materials for apple picking tools.

They’re very durable and have a good degree of flexibility which makes the whole process of collecting fruit a lot easier. 

Apple Picking Tool Lifespan

There’s very little point in spending money on a tool that’s going to last just a couple of harvests.

You want to choose something that’s well made and will stand the test of time.

Of course, how often you use the tool will impact its lifespan but by choosing something of a higher quality, you can feel confident that it will last.

One of the key things to consider when choosing between apple picking tools is the material of the handle.

Metal will last much longer and perform better than wood which could deteriorate due to exposure to the elements.

That said, it does look nicer. 

What Fruit Will You Be Picking?

If you are going to be collecting apples then a harvest style picker is going to be your best bet.

This is because they are generally more robust and the prongs are thicker.

Mango Tree Fertilizers (Free And Shop Fertilizers)
Mango Tree

This allows them to remove apples from the tree with great ease.

This style also works well for other heavy duty applications like harvesting avocados or mangoes. 

On the other hand, a basket apple picking tool is great for things like citrus fruits as they’re much more adept at twisting the fruit from the tree. 

Does It Have A Harvest Bag?

Let’s face it, you’re not going to head out to the orchard to collect one or two pieces of fruit.

Chances are that you are going to want to come home with a handsome yield.

That’s why choosing an apple picking tool with a harvest bag is a good idea.

This allows you to store more fruit and collect it more quickly.

Top Tips For Harvesting Apples

All of this talk of apple picking tools can sound a little confusing if you’ve never used this type of equipment before.

But that’s nothing to be concerned about because using an apple picking tool isn’t difficult.

Once you’ve got to grips with this, it’s all about knowing how and when to harvest your crop.

Protecting organic apples from worms
Healthy apples

Pretty much all apple picking tools feature the same design. There’s a long pole which allows you to reach higher and deeper into the tree.

You’ll also notice that your apple picking tool has an attachment that helps to remove the fruit from the branch.

Depending on the type of apple picker you go for, the attachment might look a little different.

Some have a v-shaped blade while others have a curved hook.

There are also some apple picking tools that have a looped attachment.

Again, what happens once you have dislodged the fruit from the tree will depend on the type of tool you have.

Healthy organic apples in a basket
Healthy organic apples

Some have a collection bag which prevents the fruit from falling to the ground.

It goes without saying that this is the more preferable option. After all, if the apples hit the ground, they could become damaged.

Moreover, you’ll have to exert yourself by getting down and collecting them:

  1. When harvesting apples, make sure that you head out on a dry day. If you attempt to store fruit that is in any way moist, this can affect the quality and may even result in fungal diseases and premature deterioration. 
  1. Don’t pick unripe apples. Before you collect them, check that they are ready. You can do this by taking one apple in the palm of your hand and attempting to twist it from the branch. If it comes away easily, it’s ripe and you can use your apple picking tool to harvest as many as you’d like.
  1. When placing your apples into a container, resist the temptation to throw them in as this could cause them to bruise. Be gentle with the fruit at all times.


Using an apple picking tool can make gathering your harvest so much easier and less tiring.

With so many choices on the market, it’s a good idea to compare features and choose something that matches your needs.

Our selection of the best apple picking tools showcases some amazing products that will change the way you gather fruit forever.

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