Backyard Fun

Burning wood in a garden can you do it

Can You Burn Wood In Your Garden at Any Time of the Day?

Depending on the size of your property and its location, you may be concerned that burning wood in your garden could affect neighbors or break the law. Here is all you need to know.

Valuable Rocks You Can Find in Your Backyard listed

12 Valuable Rocks You Can Find in Your Backyard

Although they aren’t as valuable as diamonds, these gemstones are a great addition to your collection. Some of them also fetch a reasonable price if you decide to sell.

Semi-inground pool problems explained

6 Common Semi-inground Pool Problems

As their name suggests, a semi-inground pool is a mixture of the two. This article is designed to iron out some of the problems of semi-inground pools before you consider getting one.

Teeter totter vs seesaw pros and cons

Teeter Totter vs Seesaw – What’s the Difference?

Both seesaws and teeter totters are excellent pieces of playground equipment that encourage collaboration and patience. In this post, you can learn the difference.

Fun things to do outside

25 Fun Things to Do Outside In Your Backyard

This article will uncover 25 fun things to do outside in your backyard this year. It’s time to reignite that spark we all had in lockdown and create memories that last a lifetime.

Cute garden rock ideas list

18 Cute Garden Rock Ideas

If you are browsing for inspiration for your upcoming garden project, we share 18 cute garden rock ideas ‌you can incorporate into your garden design. 

Horizontal fence ideas for your backyard

11 Stylish Horizontal Fence Ideas

More homeowners are installing horizontal fences around their homes, and rightly. Privacy is a top consideration for many now that a large number of people are working remotely and spending more time at home.

Create a tiki paradise in backyard guide

How to Create a Tiki Paradise in Your Backyard

Building a tiki paradise is an exciting project. You start with a basic framework and roof. However, the most exciting part is adding the right décor for the tiki experience.

Anchor down a trampoline guide

How to Anchor Down a Trampoline In Your Backyard

Our how-to guide will help you understand both what you need to anchor down a trampoline and how you can do it. Read on to find out.

Garden rocks sell

Where Can I Sell My Garden Rocks?

If you’ve decided to sell your garden rocks, this short article will explain where you can find buyers, along with expensive types of rocks which have high demand!

Buying large garden rocks tips

Where Can I Buy LARGE Garden Rocks?

In this guide, we explain where you can get the large garden rocks you’ll need for the job, along with the best types of large rocks to include in garden landscaping.

Renting your backyard for parties guide

Can You Rent Your Backyard for Parties?

If you want to make your home a hotcake for party enthusiasts, it must be in pristine condition and have functional amenities.

Vinyl vs wood pergola explained

Vinyl vs Wood Pergola Compared – Which Material Is Better?

In this article, we’ll discuss vinyl Vs wood pergolas to help potential buyers decide which material they should choose for their next garden structure.

Get free garden rocks tips

Where Can I Get Free Garden Rocks?

In this article, we share 7 places to get hold of some decent garden rocks and how to clean them up so they are ready for your backyard. 

Which Paint Is Best for Garden Rocks?

Which Paint Is Best for Garden Rocks?

Let us help you find the best paint for garden rocks in this concise guide that includes some excellent paints that are perfect for your rocks!