Nice Dwarf Evergreen Trees for Pots


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There are plenty evergreen trees available to grow in containers, but dwarf varieties are best suited for potted environments due to their size. Some of the best dwarf evergreen trees for pots include dwarf blue spruce, dwarf arborvitae, dwarf mugo pine, dwarf English laurel, dwarf boxwood, and dwarf blue star juniper trees.

Most of these dwarf evergreen trees grow to a size more suitable for outdoor decoration such as lining garden paths or flanking doorways, while others are small enough to keep as household plants if desired.

Small Dwarf evergreens perfect for pots
Dwarf evergreens perfect for pots

Either way these dwarf evergreens can thrive in containers and some respects are better suited to living in pots than being planted in the ground.  

In This Article – You will learn about a variety of dwarf evergreen trees that are great for planting in containers, why they are suited for container growth, and what the best containers are to use for dwarf evergreen trees.

Why Are Dwarf Blue Spruce Suited for Pots?

Dwarf blue spruce trees are perfect for container planting. Their height tops out at three to five feet and can be trimmed to have conical or mound shapes depending on what you prefer. These beautiful plants will be the highlight of your ornamental garden with their silver blue needles.

Take care to check your growing zone, however, because blue spruce is native to Canada, so they do not fare well in warmer climates.

Make sure to have a fairly large container for potting your blue spruce tree as they can grow rather wide and have a decently spread out root system.

Growing Dwarf Blue Spruce
Dwarf Blue Spruce

Typically, blue spruce is potted in whiskey barrels or containers of equivalent size.

However, dwarf blue spruce which are obtained small and potted in small containers will not grow larger than their pot.

So there is an option to keep it smaller than the maximum size.

What Are the Best Potting Containers for Dwarf Arborvitae?

Dwarf arborvitae usually thrives best in a 20 gallon pot which is big enough to accommodate the large root ball that dwarf arborvitae has. These plants typically grow to a maximum height of four feet, but even the tallest dwarf arborvitae can grow successfully in a container.

Dwarf arborvitae is very hardy plants and can survive in a wide range of climates.

Dwarf Arborvitae in a pots
Dwarf Arborvitae

Still, it is best to prepare your potted dwarf arborvitae for the winter by moving it to a sheltered area out of the wind and off the cold ground that may freeze the soil and roots.

The advantage of keeping your dwarf arborvitae in a pot is that it can easily be transported to a warmer place for the winter.

During the Summer: The pot should be set out on a porch or walkway that gets full sunlight.

Why Should I Plant My Dwarf Mugo Pine in a Pot?

Dwarf mugo pine trees are perfect for pots because they will stay small enough to be managed in a container. At a maximum height of three feet, dwarf mugo pines will not overgrow their pots. Additionally, they are slow growing trees so it will take years to reach their full potential.

Dwarf mugo trees are commonly used as bonsai trees for ornamental decoration on porches or walkways.

They do require a lot of careful attention and pruning to keep their small size in a neat shape.

Potted Dwarf Mugo Pine
Dwarf Mugo Pine

Since they don’t grow very fast or large, containers that are two to three gallons are plenty big enough for dwarf mugo pine trees.

Dwarf mugo pine trees which are designated as bonsai trees also make good houseplants. Thus, potting them in containers is essential for indoor maintenance.

They require well drained soil which is also easier to maintain in a pot rather than in a tree that is planted in the ground.

What Kind of Pot Should I Plant My Dwarf English Laurel In?

Dwarf English laurel isn’t your typical evergreen because it displays broad leaves instead of needles, but it’s a wonderful dwarf evergreen tree to grow in a pot. The pot you choose for your dwarf English laurel can be made of any material and the size should reflect how large you want your tree to grow.

Despite being a dwarf evergreen, the dwarf English laurel can grow up to eight feet tall so it’s important to prune it if you want to keep it small.

Dwarf English Laurel growing
Dwarf English Laurel plant

For a two foot bush, a seven gallon container is a sufficient size.

For something slightly larger, you will want to go up a size or two in your pot’s volume.

Dwarf English laurel is a great ornamental plant for lining walkways and looks beautiful in decorative pots.

What Are the Advantages to Planting a Dwarf Boxwood Tree in a Pot?

Dwarf boxwood trees look pretty enough planted in the yard, but they are far more aesthetically pleasing in a decorative pot. Dwarf boxwood trees are easier to maintain in a pot because they require adequate drainage which is better provided in a pot than planted in the ground.

Dwarf boxwood trees come in many different variants, but they only max out at two to four feet tall.

Cute Dwarf Boxwood tree growing
Cute Dwarf Boxwood tree

They can be sculptured into a variety of shapes, and they are much easier to move and arrange in potted containers.

While dwarf boxwood trees are extremely hardy especially in the winter, in the case of very severe weather, potted boxwood trees can be moved under shelter whereas planted ones may sustain damage from wind or ice.

What Kind of Pot Should You Plant a Dwarf Blue Star Juniper In?

Dwarf blue star juniper trees are evergreens that make great companion plants with perennials. It is best to plant them in a large container or raised pots to allow surrounding them with other complementary plants.

Another reason to put dwarf blue star juniper trees in raised pots is their preference for well drained soil.

If a dwarf blue star juniper sits in soggy soil, the roots could become damaged by mold or root rot. They stay fairly small and compact which makes them great candidates for potting.

Dwarf Blue Star Juniper shrub
Dwarf Blue Star Juniper

Dwarf blue star juniper trees are more shrublike in appearance but favor the coloring of dwarf blue spruce trees which make them essential for any ornamental garden.

Even Better: Planting your dwarf blue star juniper tree in a container also allows you to bring it indoors to liven up the inside of your home.

Final Thoughts

Dwarf evergreen trees are the perfect size and temperament for being potted plants.

Although some can achieve heights of up to four feet, planting them in pots still makes it easy to maneuver the plants within a garden space or bring them into a sheltered area during the winter or bad weather.

Dwarf evergreen trees usually require container sizes that can accommodate the root ball, but no more than a 20 gallon pot for any one dwarf evergreen tree.

There are a wide variety of dwarf evergreen trees available for potted planting.

Some of the species include dwarf boxwood, dwarf blue star juniper, dwarf arborvitae, dwarf blue spruce, dwarf English laurel, and dwarf mugo pine.

All of these miniature types of their larger counterparts make delightful additions to any garden, whether lining a walkway or decorating a seated area.

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