Where Do Blackbirds Sleep?


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Rather than sleeping in a nest, blackbirds will sleep in a random nook (such as a hole in a tree), or stick together in a flock. This helps them to share body warmth, as well as watch each others’ backs for danger.

Many blackbirds will also take advantage of a nesting box, especially in the winter!

Where Do Blackbirds Sleep At Night?

Wondering where blackbirds sleep
Favorite blackbird’s places for sleeping

Many think that blackbirds (and other birds) sleep in their nests at night. Actually, oftentimes, nests are used solely during the nesting season.

They serve as the ideal place to incubate eggs and raise chicks. Blackbirds do not typically sleep in nests outside of the mating season, however.

Rather, they will find themselves a hole in a tree, or another warm and sheltered nook. There’s safety in numbers, so blackbirds will also frequently sleep closely together in a flock!

Blackbirds Are Nocturnal

Like most birds, blackbirds are nocturnal. So, while they may occasionally nap during the day, (such as when incubating eggs) they do the bulk of their sleeping at night.

As is the case with many birds, blackbirds will disappear around the time it gets dark.

You can rest assured that these clever and enterprising birds are finding themselves somewhere safe to sleep for the night.

Useful Tip: If you’re hoping to spot a blackbird, you’ll want to look between dawn and dusk.

Where Do Blackbirds Sleep In the Winter?

So, blackbirds sleep in nooks or in flocks; that’s all well and good, but where do they sleep in the winter?

In the winter, blackbirds will certainly put more of a focus on staying warm.

This means that they’ll look for extra well-insulated nooks, and it’s a lucky blackbird that manages to find a vacant bird box!

For the sake of shared body warmth, some blackbirds will also continue to sleep in a cozy flock.

Do Wild Birds Sleep In the Same Place Every Night?

Where do blackbirds prefer to sleep at night
Blackbirds love these places to sleep

Whether they sleep in the same place every night or not depends on the bird. Some birds travel farther and will hunker down wherever looks safe as it starts to get dark.

Others tend to stay in one area or make a point to make it back before dusk. So, for the sake of ease and familiarity, many birds will sleep in the same spot.

There are also those who will not. Plenty of blackbirds will also return to the same yard, year after year!

Will Blackbirds Sleep in a Nesting Box?

Not all birds will use a nesting box. Will blackbirds?

As a matter of fact, blackbirds are some of the birds that will appreciate a nesting box – especially in the winter!

Blackbirds tend to prefer nesting boxes with wide-open doors, so they can keep an eye on their environment.

Don’t forget: You’ll also want to ensure that no predators (such as hawks or cats) can see or reach the nesting box!

How to Create A Warm Winter Nesting Box

Blackbirds will often appreciate a warm, quality nesting box, especially during the winter.

Of course, the nesting box will need to be quite a bit more weather-proof and insulated than it was in the spring and summer.

This means that a couple of steps to create a warmer, winter-ready nesting box may be called for:

  • Firstly seal up any gaps in the bird box: When it comes to creating a warm winter nesting box, the most important thing is to insulate it. This involves sealing up any gaps, holes, or cracks in the box. Chilly drafts can really cause the temperature to drop, so when it comes to creating a cozy space, blocking them up can really do the trick!
  • Secondly relocate the bird box: If you experience snow and wind in the autumn and/or winter, you may wish to relocate your bird box. Ideally, you’ll want to find somewhere that it will be shielded from inclement weather.

What Do Blackbirds Do During the Day?

During the day, blackbirds do what all birds do: look for food! Blackbirds prefer seeds and grains, and will often hang around fields and meadows for this reason.

Along with this, blackbirds will mate, nest, and migrate during the day. They are active creatures, and they make the best of the daylight hours. Then, they’ll sleep as soon as it gets dark!

Final Words

So, if you were wondering, ‘where do blackbirds sleep?’ you have your answer. Blackbirds will find cozy nooks, or gather together in a flock.

Like many birds, blackbirds are also nocturnal, and you’ll rarely see them after dark.

Finally, if you’d like to encourage blackbirds to sleep in your yard, you can always provide a nice bird box!

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