Wildlife Cameras for Backyard: Best Outdoor Trail Cams


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Wildlife Cameras For Backyard: The Best Outdoor Trail/Game/Hunting Cams For Your Patio, Garden, and Backyard

Often called a trail camera or game cam, a wildlife camera is a remote camera you can mount outdoors on your patio or in your garden to take pictures or videos of uncommon animal scenes in your backyard.  

In this article, you’ll learn what to look for to find great wildlife cameras for backyards (or birdcam) because we’ve done that research for you. 

These cams were selected for their superior craftsmanship and durability, trigger speed, image quality, lapse effect, and glow filters. Feel free to take a look!

1. Vikeri 1080P 16MP Trail Camera

1080P 16MP Trail Camera, Hunting Camera with 120°Wide-Angle Motion Latest Sensor View 0.2s Trigger Time Trail Game Camera with 940nm No Glow and IP66 Waterproof 2.4” LCD 48pcs for Wildlife Monitoring

Key Features:

  • 1080P 
  • Made of heavy-Duty IP66
  • Waterproof and Drop-Proof
  • 0.2-Second Trigger-Speed
  • Mounting Strap Included

The Vikero 1080P 16MP Trail Camera lives up to its name, with a high-definition 2.4” LCD color screen. This works both night and day, providing vibrant video and clear audio – and getting you closer to wildlife than ever! 

Of course, outdoors, whether backyard or trail, such a camera requires protection. Fortunately, the Vikero 1080P protects itself. Crafted from high-grade IP66 materials, it has its own seal and is waterproof.

Additionally, it’s ultra-durable, so it’s drop-proof and dust-proof. It’s designed to handle any terrain, whether rainforest or desert.

During the day, the Vikero 1080P 16MP Trail Camera has a trigger distance of 80 feet. At night, the distance remains an impressive 65-feet.

A mounting strap makes set-up easy, and the Vikero 1080P and 16MP Trail camera can be used while hunting or for home, farm, and yard applications.

Finally, the trigger is lightning-fast, at 0.2 seconds, enabling the camera to catch images and audio of wildlife before they disappear!


  • Heavy-duty
  • Waterproof
  • Ultra-high def
  • Lightning-fast trigger
  • User-friendly


  • Can use a lot of battery
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2. Xtellar 24MP Trail Camera 

Xtellar Trail Camera 24MP 1080P IP66 Waterproof with Clear Night Vision and 3 Passive Infrared Motion Sensors for Hunting Scouting Range Control and Wildlife Researching (Camo Green)

Key Features:

  • Camouflage Design
  • 24-megapixel and 1080P
  • Made of Heavy-duty IP66
  • Time-Lapse Mode
  • User-Friendly

The Xteller 24MP Trail Camera provides top-quality, 24-megapixel crystal imagery, as well as videos of 1080P. This provides a beautiful way for you to view wildlife and see how they behave naturally. This is thanks to a CMOS sensor F1.6 aperture lens, which is top-quality. 

The Xteller 24MP Trail Camera also has a 120-degree range, to spot wildlife all around the area – this means great coverage. Very little will get by these cameras, making them some of the most dependable wildlife cameras out there. 

Next, the Xteller 24MP Trail Camera has a time-lapse mode, which is ideal for capturing cold-blooded creatures, like snakes and lizards, or the process of flowers blooming (over a set interval).

Like many of the best wildlife cameras, this one is crafted from heavy-duty IP66 – a material that’s waterproof and even resistant to rain and snow! 


  • Ultra-high-def
  • Time-lapse mode included
  • Impressive range
  • Cool look
  • User-friendly


  • Some wish the night mode was clearer
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3. GardePro A3 Trail Camera

GardePro A3 Trail Camera 20MP 1080P, H.264 HD Video, Clear 100ft No Glow Infrared Night Vision, 0.1s Trigger Speed, 82ft Motion Detection, Waterproof Cam for Wildlife Deer Game Trail

Key Features: 

  • Sony Starvis Image Sensor
  • 0.1-second reaction time
  • 3 modes
  • User-friendly

The GardePro A3 Trail Camera starts off strong, providing super-clear night vision. This is accomplished with a Sony Starvis image sensor, so you can get a look at elusive nocturnal animals.

There is an impressive 100-foot night vision flash range, to catch footage of nocturnal animals as soon as they appear.

With an 82-foot detection distance, this GardeoPro A3 Trail Camera won’t let glimpses of wildlife slip by. Especially with a super-fast 0.1-second reaction time and 0.5-second recovery.

There are 3 modes: video, photo, and photo-video. The user interface is much like a TV remote, making it nice and user-friendly. The case is also heavy-duty and waterproof!


  • User friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Great definition
  • Exceptional trigger speed


  • Some wish night mode could record for longer
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4. WOSODA Trail Camera

WOSODA Trail Camera, Waterproof 16MP 1080P Hunting Game Camera, Wildlife Camera with IR LEDs Night Vision, for Home Security Wildlife Monitoring Hunting

Key Features:

  • 16MP Imagery
  • 8-Month Battery Standby
  • Super-Fast 0.3.-1-Second Trigger Speed
  • Crafted from Heavy-Duty IP54

First things first, the WOSODA is capable of taking high-def 16MP colorful images during the day, and nice, clear black and white images at night.

It’s recommended for both hunting and home surveillance (of both backyard critters and potential intruders).

This is accomplished with a 0.3-1 second trigger speed, capturing top-notch photos and videos of animals before they can wander off again.

The WOSODA Trail Camera has high-quality IP54 craftsmanship, making it waterproof, sand-proof, and corrosion-proof. In a word, this camera is heavy-duty – one of the main things most wildlife-watchers are looking for!


  • Super-fast shutter speed
  • Weather-proof
  • Heavy-duty


  • Some wish for a more user-friendly support manual
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5. BlazeVideo 2-Pack Outdoor Wildlife Cameras

2-Pack Outdoor Camo No Glow Game & Deer Trail Cameras Night Vision 24MP 1296P MP4 Video for Hunting Wildlife & Home Surveillance Motion Activated Waterproof Field & Backyard Camera Photo & Video Model
  • Key Features:
  • 2.4-inch LCD screen
  • Time-Lapse Mode
  • 8-Month Battery Standby

The BlazeVideo 2-Pack Outdoor Wildlife Cameras are capable of up to 24MP images and 1296P videos.

The batteries have a long, 8-month standby life, so your camera will be ready to go when you are.

Speaking of speed, the BlazeVideo 2 Pack Outdoor Wildlife cameras have a super-fast shutter speed of just 0.3-seconds, so you won’t miss a thing.

Some unique aspects of these cameras include the ability to set a password. What’s more, it allows you to mark the location of pictures, so you can easily keep track.

The BlazeVideo 2-Pack Outdoor Wildlife Cameras have an impressive trigger distance of up to 75-feet. This will help ensure nothing slips your notice – which is a great power!


  • Super-fast shutter speed
  • Great image quality
  • Impressive trigger distance 
  • Unique password capability


  • Some wish the night photos were a bit clearer
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6. Vmotal Trail Camera

Trail Camera Game Cam with Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof Wildlife Hunting Monitoring 20MP Photo 4K Video 120° Detecting Range 0.2s 2.4" LCD 40pcs IR LEDs Infrared Outdoor Cam Deer Scouting

Key Features:

  • Wildlife Sounds Included
  • 2.7K 
  • Waterproof
  • Super-Fast 0.2-Second Trigger Speed

The Vmotal Trail Camera is one of the fastest, most long-distance wildlife cameras available.

It has a 100-foot range and a trigger speed of just 0.2 seconds. This is at a 100-degree angle, so you can see more.

It’s also unique in that it has several wildlife sounds presets loaded. You can also download your own, both of which will help you attract the animals you’re looking for.

What you film can be viewed in 20MP and 2.7K videos, giving you a clear look!


  • Exceptionally fast trigger speed
  • Heavy-duty
  • Great definition
  • Waterproof
  • Includes animal sounds (quite unique and noteworthy)


  • Some say it could be more user-friendly 
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7. Ctronics Trail Camera

WiFi Trail Camera 4K 20MP with 32GB SD Card, Ctronics Trail Game Camera Wildlife Camera Night Vision CMOS Motion Sensor Activated Waterproof for Wildlife Deer Monitoring Hunting

Key Features:

  • 4K Full HD
  • 0.2-Second Trigger Speed
  • Infrared LED Technology

The Ctronics Trail Camera is perfect for viewing wildlife, both in your backyard and on the trail. It starts off strong with 42K full HD, which brings you super-clear daytime footage and clear night footage. This is thanks to low-glow infrared LED technology.

What’s more, with a 120-degree range, you’ve got a great chance of capturing footage of any animals nearby. This is not only due to the degree range but also to a remarkable 2-second trigger time.

The Ctronics Trail Camera will capture photos and video rapidly and reliably.

If you’re looking for an excellent wildlife camera, the Ctronics Trail Camera is a definite winner!


  • Exceptional trigger speed
  • Image is super-clear


  • Some wish it were a little more user friendly
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8. Sesern Trail Camera

Sesern Trail Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof , 20MP 2.7K Hunting & Game Cameras with 2.4" LCD 120°Detecting Range 0.2s Trigger Time

Key Features:

  • Available In Green or Yellow Camouflage
  • 20MP Image and 2.7K Resolution
  • Upgraded Infrared LEDs

The Sesern Trail Camera is another wildlife camera that’s worth mentioning. It’s in the top fastest wildlife cameras, thanks to a trigger speed of just 0.2-seconds.

Many animals move quickly, and this camera won’t let you miss anything. It’s built for use on the trail and in the backyard.

The Sesern Trail Camera works through the use of upgraded infrared LEDs, which work to capture footage of animals effectively during the night and during the day.

In fact, the Sesern Trail Camera can reach 20MP images and 2.7K resolution. This provides a color-rich, vibrant picture during the day, and clear black and white during the night.

It also has a 120-degree range, to capture footage all the better!

Worried about such a nice camera being out in the elements? Not to worry; this camera is ultra-waterproof, cold-proof, and generally weather-proof.

This is a durable, admirable wildlife camera, and well worth a look!

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What to Look For

Image Clarity

First things first, when looking for a wildlife camera, whether for hunting or your backyard, you’ll want to know its image clarity.

Oftentimes, there’s no need to stint on this; as you can see above, there are several wildlife cameras that have high image quality.

Sesern Trail Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof , 20MP 2.7K Hunting & Game Cameras with 2.4

This can be up to 1080P, offering crystal clear daytime footage and still-clear nighttime footage. Lower-rated wildlife cameras tend to lack footage quality.

The better the quality, the better and more detailed the footage will look! 


Wildlife cameras are built for outdoor use. So, any wildlife camera worth its salt should be weather-proof.

The camera should be resistant to cold and hot temperatures, as well as rain and snow. It should also be scratch-proof.

Sesern Trail Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof , 20MP 2.7K Hunting & Game Cameras with 2.4" LCD 120°Detecting Range 0.2s Trigger Time

One of the best materials to be aware of – and mentioned in the reviews above – is IP66 or IP65. While it’s not always mentioned, this is something that you can often peruse reviews for!

Simplicity (User Friendly)

When breaking in any new product, no one wants a hassle. Unclear instructions and an overly complicated interface are not necessary. Wildlife cameras are very much included in this.

The best wildlife cameras, whether they’re for on the trail or in your backyard, are ones that are user-friendly.

They should have clear instructions and simple controls. You should be able to figure it out quickly and easily. This will make your task of capturing wildlife footage go smoother! 

Night Vision Quality

With any of the top wildlife cameras listed above, you can expect good night vision. Some have better night vision than others, however!

This is something we have found to definitely vary.

Sesern Trail Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof , 20MP 2.7K Hunting & Game Cameras with 2.4" LCD 120°Detecting Range 0.2s Trigger Time

If you can find a wildlife camera with exceptional night vision, you’ll be rewarded with better-quality images at night (which is when many animals, including skunks, raccoons, cats, etc. are more active). This is worth keeping an eye out for!

Final Thoughts

So, now you know some of the best wildlife cameras available, both on the trail and in your own backyard.

These have excellent ratings and reviews for high-definition, fast trigger speed, night vision, and so on. If you’re more interested in looking elsewhere for whatever reason, you also know what to look for in general.

Best of luck!

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