15 Bird Table Design Ideas


Have you ever wanted to build a bird table?

There are many different designs you can try out, so let’s have a look at a few that you might enjoy!

Idea 1 – Standard Wooden House

If you’re looking for a very basic bird table design, it is a square table with a post in each of its four corners, and a single leg beneath it.

Making a Bird Table Pigeon-Proof
Protect bird table

The four posts will support a simple, sloping roof that keeps rain off the table and makes it harder for the bigger birds to land.

The central post that holds the table up in the air will usually have spokes to drive into the ground, or to support the table and keep it upright.

Simple Wins: This is the simplest kind of bird table, and it works well for feeding the birds.

Idea 2 – Circular with Pillars

If you’re bored of the standard bird houses, you might want to consider a circular design.

Circular bird table with Pillars
Circular bird table

This can be done in a similar way to the standard wooden house, but instead of using square shapes, you will be using circular ones and a conical roof.

This can look very pretty, especially if you space some pillars around the edges, widely enough to let the birds land.

The conical roof should stick out beyond the platform so that the rain does not drip down and make the food on the table wet.

Idea 3 – Rustic Bird Table

You can make a wonderfully rustic bird table desing by using the standard wooden house design above, but taking pieces of driftwood and other worn wooden pieces to create the house.

Rustic Bird Table idea
Rustic Bird Table

You can then also decorate it using shells, stones, or anything else that you have to hand that looks natural and pretty.

This is a great way to make the house look beautifully in keeping with the world of your backyard, ensuring everything is in harmony.

Idea 4 – Hanging Bird Table

You don’t always want a bird table to stand on the ground.

Hanging bird table design
Hanging bird table

If you want to let your birds dine in style up in the trees, you can use the same standard wooden house design, but instead of creating a central pole to make it stand up, you will be creating a hanging point.

To do this:

  • You need to get a strong metal loop and screw it to the top of the bird house.
  • Alternatively, get a strong metal bracket and screw it on, and then tie some wire through it.
  • You don’t want to use string, as this may rot and cause the table to fall.

Idea 5 – Super Simple Bird Table

If you want a really easy project, try just making a simple square top with a lip, and a pole beneath it.

Super Simple Bird Table
Simple Bird Table

The lip will help to keep the food on the table, while the pole allows it to stand upright.

If possible, you want to make the pole spiked so that it can be driven into the ground firmly.

This design is very much easier to make than most of the others, but you should be aware that without a roof, it may not last as long, and food will get wet.

From Experience: You will need to clean the surface regularly, removing any bits of food that have gone moldy or got very wet.

Idea 6 – Multi-Level Bird Table

Multi level bird table design
Multi level bird table

For those who feel like a more complicated project, a multi level bird table can be a great one to try:

  • You will need a strong central pole for this.
  • Next, make several platforms of varying sizes, and get some metal brackets to screw them to the central pole with.
  • Decide on the spacing of your platforms, and make sure that there is enough room for the birds to land.

Don’t make the platforms too big, or the brackets will not be able to support them properly and larger birds may knock them down.

Idea 7 – Screw On Bird Table

If you want to decorate a wall or fence with a beautiful bird table, this one is ideal.

Screw On Bird Table on wall
Creative Bird table

You can make a much smaller house for the little tits like this.

Painted in a bright color, this will look gorgeous on a wall with little birds flying back and forth.

Idea 8 – Hexagonal Bird Table

A more complicated design for those who are skilled at DIY, the hexagonal bird table brings a geometrical look to your backyard.

Hexagonal Bird Table design
Hexagonal Bird Table

The process is not simple:

  • You will need to do some very careful measuring and cutting in order to get this all in line, especially if you choose to include a roof.
  • You will want a structural support at every corner to ensure that the roof is stable.
  • Make sure that these are long enough to make the roof high so that birds can pass underneath easily.

Idea 9 – Two Tier Bird Table

You can make a very fancy two tier bird table by using the standard design and then adding a second layer instead of the roof.

Two Tier Bird Table desgin
Tier Bird Table

With some more supports, you can then add a roof above the second tier to keep the food on it dry.

Many people choose to vary the heights of these two tiers so that different sized birds can be fed on different levels.

If you make the lower layer suitable for big birds and the top only large enough for finches and tits, you reduce bullying on the bird table and ensure all your feathered friends have a spot.

Idea 10 – Hanging Tiers

If you are feeling even more adventurous, why not try a hanging tier bird table?

Bird table hanging tiers
Bird table

For this:

  • You will be replacing the structural supports with a strong cable, and using gravity to make the layers stay separated.
  • You will need a strong hook in the roof to ensure that it stays up, and then you can drill holes in each corner.
  • Run a cable through the corners and down through the corners of each successive tier, securing it after each tier.
  • You can add as many layers as you like for this, at any levels that you want.

Idea 11 – Haunted House Bird Table

For those who want to try for a spooky vibe, consider making a standard bird table with a few twists.

Haunted House Bird Table idea
Haunted House Bird Table

Firstly, angle the roof so that it looks as though it is falling in, and consider decorating it with some painted holes or even broken edges.

A small hole in the table can add to the look.

If you paint the table and its post with a dark stain, you will increase the spooky vibe, and you could even hang some cobwebs on there come Halloween.

This bird table makes a great decoration in any backyard.

Idea 12 – Simple Hanging Tent

Simple Hanging Tent design for bird table
Simple Hanging Tent

A really simple option, this is generally better for little birds:

  • You will need two rectangles of wood and one rectangle with an end that comes to a point (this will serve as a landing platform).
  • You need to angle the two identical rectangles to serve as a roof to the bird table, but instead of using supports to hold them away from the table, you will attach them to the base.

This creates a snug, enclosed space for you to put the food in, and it will stay dry.

Make sure that the triangular end to your base sticks out from the “tent” formed by the other two pieces, so the birds can land easily and get at the food.

Idea 13 – Bottle Feeder Table

To reuse an old plastic bottle, you can create a feeder that spills seed out only when the table is empty.

Bottle Feeder Table idea
Bottle Feeder Table

Here is the process:

  • You will need a back piece to attach the bottle to, and a base for the seed to fall onto.
  • A pole holds this table up, or you can screw it to a fence.
  • Cut the bottom off the bottle, and fix two more pieces of wood just above it at a sloping angle to form a roof.
  • Drill two small holes in the back piece of the table, and then wrap a wire around the bottle.
  • Position the bottle so the open neck faces the base of the table, and thread the wire through the holes, twisting it at the back so that it is held in place.

Food will pour out of the bottle and onto the table as the birds collect it, and you can easily refill it from the top when necessary.

Idea 14 – Mailbox Bird Table

If you’re a fan of mailboxes, try recreating the iconic shape with some rectangular wood, a post, and a sheet of bent metal to keep the rain off.

Mailbox Bird Table idea
Mailbox Bird Table

Leaves the sides open so that the birds can get in and out, and consider adding a cute address sign, or a note about leaving “mail” for the birds.

Idea 15 – Wraparound Table

For those who have a large tree in the backyard, consider creating a circular or hexagonal bird table that can wrap around this.

Wraparound Table for birds desing
Wraparound Bird Table

It’s the perfect way to feed birds that use the tree for cover, and the protection will also help the table to last for longer.

Simply attach a few struts to the tree’s trunk, and use these to support the table.

Your Choice: This is very much a design that feels in harmony with the natural world.


There are so many fun bird table ideas to try out, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Even ones that go wrong are excellent DIY practice, and the birds will appreciate any design, no matter how wonky!

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