Does Coriander Need a lot Of Water?


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A herb garden is a wonderful idea, and it’s great if you love to cook and enjoy the satisfaction of gardening.

Perhaps you are considering growing your coriander for a start; besides adding delicious flavor to your dishes, it could also be a lovely conversation point amongst friends.

So what’s the recipe for growing successful coriander? Does it need a lot of water?

Coriander plants don’t need a lot of water. If you grow coriander from seeds, it needs regular watering until the plant and roots are established. After that, you should water it regularly, just enough to keep the soil moist and not soaked, as this could cause the roots to rot.

It’s best not to overthink the watering process but to make a good habit of it. Herbs do need regular care and attention to flourish.

The amount of water it needs also depends on your method of growing your coriander and your little herb garden placement.

Let’s explore different water requirements and different conditions for growing your coriander a bit more.

Ideal Conditions to Grow Coriander

Coriander likes a sunny spot in the Spring. They will do better with lots of sun but not too hot temperatures, and regular watering is necessary to keep the soil moist and cool and provide optimal conditions for your plant.

Once your coriander is growing, it will grow fast and if you are concerned that it is not growing quickly enough, try to consider improving the conditions of your herb plant.

Coriander watering requirements complete guide
Coriander watering requirements

Remember This: The soil should be well-drained and therefore not clay-like soil, consider regular fertilizer to help your plant.

Different Water Requirements for Different Methods of Growing Coriander

There are a few methods to growing plants; depending on your situation, you may not have a big yard for an extensive garden, or you may only have a sunny balcony space.

You may also be interested in experimenting with alternate ways to grow plants.

So, how much water would your coriander plant need in various environments?


You have your herb garden going, and you have the perfect corner, sunny spot for your coriander.

You will need to water them about an inch of water every week until they have grown to a mature size and then maintain regular watering of the soil to keep it irrigated and remain moist.

Generally, keep in mind things like the temperature; in hotter weeks, your garden will need more water than in colder weeks.


Of course, how much water you will give your plant depends on your pot size.

It is important to remember that a coriander plant won’t do very well in a pot too small.

The pot needs to be at least the size of a standard ruler (12 inches) across in order for the plant to grow successfully.

The most essential thing is to make sure that it is well-drained so that the roots won’t sit in the water and go bad.

You can water it as needed, keeping the soil healthy and ensuring the plant gets enough sun


This is a great way to grow plants; it is frequently a lot faster than using standard soil.

However, it could require some more specialized knowledge and equipment than regular soil planting.

Growing herbs using a hydroponic system could be a fun hobby that yields fresh herbs and plenty of satisfaction.

Coriander watering hydroponics guide
Coriander watering hydroponics

The amount of clean water that you need for your system to work well will depend on the size of your water reservoir in your hydroponic setup. 

Avoid Killing Your Coriander Plant by Watering It Enough

A good idea to avoid killing your coriander plant altogether is:

  • To follow the proper care instructions and take into consideration especially how much water it is getting as well as the other factors explored (the method of growing).
  • Knowing what is not enough water or how much is too much water could be a great way to avoid killing your plant and remembering that the sunshine will do wonders for this little herb. These plants prefer the morning sun and should get at least 6 hours of sunlight a day to grow optimally.  
  • Consider giving your plant more water on hotter days than on cooler days and make sure that the soil doesn’t get dry. Remember not to overwater them on the cooler days.
  • Try not to overfeed them with nutrients. Keep the nutrient levels consistent with the amounts of water the plant gets. Give the plant some nutrients every couple of weeks.

How Much Water Does My Coriander Plant Need to Be Revived?

As previously mentioned, you can overwater the plant by soaking the soil, and if it is not properly drained, this will cause your plant’s roots to rot, and ultimately the plant would die.

Coriander plant and cat
Coriander plant

However, if the opposite is true and your plant doesn’t seem to be doing well, it’s welting, sad-looking (turning yellow). Can it be revived?

Will watering it help?

The coriander plant could not be getting enough water, and you need to increase the frequency of watering.

Perhaps the soil is draining too quickly; it could also be a good idea to add some compost to the potting mix that you can acquire from a local nursery.

Adding the compost will help the soil retain more water and keep your plant hydrated.

From Experience: If the problem is caused by dehydration, it should be resolved after a day or so with regular watering and increasing the nutrients and quality of the soil.


The amount of water a coriander plant needs will differ according to the plant’s age, its position, and the method of growing.

The most important rule of thumb for watering a coriander plant is to make sure your plant’s roots are not sitting in water, and other than that, your soil remains moist if you are growing in the ground or a pot.

Coriander is a great herb, and watering it with care will yield plenty of deliciousness for you to add to any recipe.

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