10 Affordable L-Shaped Furniture Covers


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When the weather is great, everyone loves to lounge on clean and bright patio furniture.

But if you don’t take good care of your outdoor sectional and leave it to the mercy of the elements, you’ll be sitting on a manky and mildewed hot mess!

10 Affordable L-Shaped Furniture Covers buyers guide
Affordable L-Shaped furniture covers

Give your patio furniture and cushions the TLC they deserve by providing year-round protection from a furniture cover.

If you have an L-shaped sectional, we have lined up 10 affordable L-shaped furniture covers that will keep wind, rain, snow and dirt from ruining your garden furniture.

Affordable L-shaped furniture covers buying guide

Furniture covers are a great solution for protecting garden furniture.

After all, garden furniture costs a lot and you want to treat it right.

Without patio furniture covers your prized patio sectional will have to slowly rot in cycles of hot sun and cold wet weather or languish through the winter in a dank and dusty shed.

So buying a furniture cover is a great investment in the longevity of your patio seating and will keep it looking its best in the years to come. 

5 things to look out for when buying an L-shaped furniture cover

1. Will a V-shaped cover work?

If you have an L-shaped suite, are the sides of the sofa of equal length?

If so, the L-shaped furniture cover you are looking for may be described as a V-shaped cover.

These V-covers are for L-shaped sofas with equal sides not a V-shaped sectional!

2. Dimensions of your furniture cover

It’s a hassle, but it’s time to get out the tape measure yet again.

Measuring up your seating for a furniture cover is important so you get the right size and decent fit that doesn’t let water, dust, or even local vermin get into your furniture while you cover it.

If you go too large, you could create a giant parachute that ends up drifting over your neighborhood.

Thankfully, these furniture covers come in several sizes, so it should be easy to find a close fit with just enough wiggle room to get it on and off easily. 

3. Securing your cover

For your cover to be effective, it needs to be secured to the furniture via its legs so it doesn’t get blown away in the wind.

Look for covers that can be secured to your sectional with straps or velcro. Many covers also have an elasticized hem for extra windproofing.

4. Ventilation

Even when covered the fabrics and materials of your patio furniture needs to breathe.

Without ventilation and airflow, your sectional might suffer condensation build-up and mildew while its covered.

Most good-quality furniture covers carry paired ventilation panels that allow air to circulate while protecting your sofa. 

5. Furniture cover material

A furniture cover is more like a raincoat than an old tarp.

Manufacturers specifically select the materials used for their superior weatherproofing. The fabrics used in the covers are rated according to their heaviness and level of water resistance.

In addition, these covers need to be UV-resistant sunlight does not damage the cover and the sofa. 

10 Affordable L-Shaped Furniture Covers

1. SONGMICS Outdoor L-Shaped Sectional Cover

Product specification

  • Dimensions:  102 in (L) x 102 in (L) x 35 om (W) x 31 in (H) / 2.59 m (L) x  2.59 m (L) x 0.88 m (W) x 0.79 m (H)
  • Material: 600D Oxford fabric (polyester)
  • Color: Beige 
  • Weight: 7.9 lb (3.6 kg)


This is a smart and stylish furniture cover that will keep you patio area tidy when your suite is not in use.

This PVC-coated polyester cover is made from one of the most durable materials and will withstand even the harshest weather and deluges of rain.

Water cannot seep into this sectional cover because of its taped seams.

But you won’t have to worry about musty mildew because the cover carries an air vent that allows airflow over the furniture.


  • Great value sectional cover that has a crisp, smart finish.
  • Durable fabric is stronger and more hard-wearing than competitor fabrics.
  • Precise fitting to an L-shaped sectional of the dimensions mentioned above.
  • Suitable for deep sectionals


  • Water can pool in the middle of the cover is loosely fitted

Us the buckles and drawcord to customize the fit of this cover to your L-shaped suite. You’ll find this beige cover durable and resistant to fading. 

2. Heavy Duty Outdoor Sectional Sofa Cover by Flexiyard

Product specification

  • Dimensions: up to 115 in (L) x 115 in (L) x 33.5 in (W) x 31 in (H) / 2.92 m (L) x 2.92 m (L) x 0.85m (W) x 0.78 in (H)
  • Material: 600D polyester fabric lined with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Color: black
  • Weight:  7.79 pounds (3.5 kg)


An expensive sectional needs reliable protection and this simple black cover will do the job.

The high-density polyester and plastic-lined fabric is rip-resistant and will keep out rain and insulate your sectional from cold weather snow and frost.

It is also an effective barrier against droppings, dust, tree sap and UV exposure.


  • Extra material is supplied to patch this patio sectional cover if it becomes damaged.
  • You can tighten an elastic hem cord to fit the cover more closely to the seating.
  • Reviewers report that it tolerates heavy rain.


  • The black cover absorbs heat.
  • Some pooling of water can occur if the cover is oversized.

It has simple dimensions that will fit V-shaped or L-shaped couches along with padded handles on each side, click-close straps to tighten the cover and an air vent to reduce condensation.

3. MR. COVER Outdoor Sectional Cover

Product specification

  • Dimensions: 100 in x 33.5 in x 31 in / 2.54 m x 0.85 m x 0.74 m
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Color: Neutral
  • Weight: 7.79 pounds (3.47 kg)


This is a robust and reliable L-shaped furniture cover that keeps the weather out with its heavy and thick waterproof polyester fabric.

You can customise its fit using the adjustable drawstrings and buckles to get a protective fit on your L-shaped patio suite. 

It also includes vents, to keep your furniture fresh and ventilated and convenient handles for putting the cover on and taking it off with ease.


  • High-quality material with exceptional water resistance.
  • Double-taped seams for maximum protection. 
  • UV-resistant material adds to the durability of this cover.


  • Some buyers report that the shape of this L-shaped furniture cover differs from the advertize dimensions with excess fabric.

The smart and light neutral color also prevents your sofa from absorbing heat which can promote damp and mildew.

4. Classic Accessories Patio Sectional Sofa Cover

Product specification

  • Dimensions: 104 in x 83 in x 32 in x 31 in / 2.64 m x  2.1 m x 0.81 m x 0.78 m
  • Material: Woven polyester and laminated PVC backing
  • Color: Beige and brown
  • Weight: 3.09 pounds(1.4 kg)


This is a basic patio furniture cover that will fit most L-shaped suits of a suitable size.

It has a smart dual color design in 100% polyester with PVC backing.

The seams are interior bound, adding strength to the cover, and it comes with the usual features like padded handles, webbing, toggle hem, and click-close buckles.


  • This cover has a smart finish and is great value for money.
  • Buyers of this patio sectional sofa cover report that it is roomy, so you can fit in more cushions or ottomans in the extra space, saving money.


  • Durability has been an issue for some owners with one cover being torn apart in severe hail.

5. GEMITTO Patio Sofa Cover, Outdoor Sectional L-Shaped Furniture Cover

Product specification

  • Dimensions: 106 in x 33.5 in x 35 in / 2.69 m x 0.85 m x 0.89 m
  • Material: 210D Oxford polyester 
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.51 pounds (1.15 kg)


This is a great value cover for L-shaped furniture.

It comes in a variety of L-shape orientations so you can get a precise fit.

Though it is made of a lighter weight fabric than its competitors, it have durable fabrication with polyurethane backing, taped seams and double stitching. 

The design is roomy with built-in elastic cords and six fixed buckles that you can use to get the cover to fit your furniture properly. 


  • Handles help to get the cover on and off your furniture easily. 
  • This cover even has buttons for additional adjustment. 
  • The cover is UV resistant.


  • The cover can look a bit like bin bags, but is highly-rated for its performance.
  • Some reviewers found this cover to be too lightweight.

If the cover becomes dirty or stained, it is washable and can be spot-cleaned by wiping down with a damp cloth.

If laundered air this lightweight cover in the sun. 

6. Outdoor Sectional L-shaped Garden Couch Protector

Product specification

  • Dimensions: 100 in x 33.5 in x 31 in / 2.54 m x 0.85 m x 0.74 m
  • Material: 210D Oxford polyester with PVC backing
  • Color: Beige and brown
  • Weight: 10 pounds (4.5 kg)


This is an excellent sectional cover for large L-shaped patio furniture.

It offers a roomy fit that is adjusted with an elastic toggled drawstring and bottom buckles.

Side handles help you fit and remove the cover easily whenever you need to.

The heavy and durable 420D Oxford polyester fabric keeps the cover water resistant while the UV-resistant finish keeps the sun’s rays at bay.


  • A storage bag is included to keep the cover clean and dry during the summer months when your furniture is out!
  • Smart presentation to your garden furniture.
  • Clips hold down the cover from being lifted by wind. 


  • Some purchasers report that this garden couch cover is very thin.

Use this cover for confident all-weather protection, including snow loading. 

If the cover becomes dirty, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth. 

7. ClawsCover Heavy Duty L-Shaped Patio Sectional Waterproof Couch Cover

Product specification

  • Dimensions: 105 in (L) x 85 in (L) x 34 in (W) x 31 in (H) / 2.7 m (L) x 2.1 m (L) x 0.81 m (W) x 0.79 m (H)
  • Material: 600D Oxford fabric polyester
  • Color: Gray and dark gray
  • Weight: 7.48 pounds (3.39 kg)


This large patio sectional cover is a great-quality buy because of its exceptional waterproofing with 600D polyester fabric that is PVC covered and sewn with taped seams.

This material is strong and tearproof. It can withstand high water pressure without moisture ingress meaning it is ideal for covering your outdoor seating through the worst of the rain. 

Two pieces of elastic cord can secure the hem of this cover against wind.

The cover also includes strapping and handles to cover your sofa easily. Air vents allow essential airflow over your furnishings while they are stored.


  • Heavy-duty cover quality that won’t rip or fade over many seasons.
  • Smart leather logo, adds to the presentation of this cover.
  • People who have purchased this cover report that it can withstand snow and ice build-up. 


  • The clips can become ripped at the seams where they are attached to the cover, suggesting this is a weak point in an otherwise tough design. 

If soiled, the cover can be hand washed or spot cleaned by wiping with water. 

8. Oslimea Patio L-Shaped Garden Couch Protector 

Product specification

  • Dimensions: 84.6 in (L) x 84.6 in (L) x 34 in (D) x 31.5 in (H) / 215 (L) x 215 (L) x 0.86 (W) x 0.8 m (H)
  • Material: 420D polyester fabric with laminated backing
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.59 pound (1.17 kg)


If you are looking for a quick and affordable sectional cover to protect your patio furniture in a temperate climate, the Oslimea patio sectional sofa cover should do the job.

With 420 D Oxford polyester canvas, it should be able to handle winter too, but the material is extremely lightweight.

The fabric is PVC free but backed with a waterproof laminate. The seams are taped with double stitching to protect your furniture from moisture ingress. 

This L-shaped furniture cover comes with all the essentials you’d expect like a toggled hem, velcro, clips and handles for easy removal.


  • This patio furniture cover has UV resistance.
  • The velcro strapping attaches to the legs of your furniture to provide added wind protection.


  • Despite being 420 D, this fabric is very light and flimsy. 
  • If you get snow on this cover, you’ll need to clear it quickly as snow and ice will tear the fabric.

The Oslimea patio furniture cover cannot withstand machine washing so simply spot clean with a damp cloth and allow to air dry.

9. Patio V-Shape Sectional Garden Furniture Cover by Enzeno

Product specification

  • Dimensions: 84 in x 84  in x 34 in / 2.14 m x 2.14 m x 0.86 m
  • Material: polyurethane and PVC
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2.23 pounds (1.01 kg)


This is another lighter weight version of the L-shape patio furniture cover, but it will do a good job of keeping your patio cushions clean and moisture free.

The Enzeno fabric is specially designed to provide excellent water resistance, with a new Nano PU coating that has 8000 water pressure resistance!

The Nano coating is also tear-resistant, solving a common problem for these thinner L-shaped furniture covers.


  • Even though this material is thin, it is specially engineered for strength and durability throughout the seasons.
  • This cover adjusts easily to a wide range of L-shaped suites.
  • When you are not using the cover you can store it in the handy bag supplied.
  • Purchasers report that this cover has a great fit.


It’s not clear if this furniture cover has vents to maintain airflow over the furniture.

It is also temperature and UV resistant and stays supple and flexible, despite prolonged sun exposure. 

10. LBW Outdoor Sectional Cover Waterproof L-shaped Patio Furniture Cover

Product specification

  • Dimensions: 80.3 in (L) x 102.3 in (L) x 30.7 in (W) x 31.5 in (H) / 2.04 m (L) x 2.6 m (L) x 0.78 m (W) x 0.80 m (H)
  • Material: 210 D Oxford polyester with plastic lining
  • Color: Beige and brown
  • Weight: 2 pounds (0.9 kg)


This is a great value garden couch cover that is perfectly proportioned for an L-shaped sectional.

It is made from 210 D Oxford polyester and features double stitching, taped and pressure glued seams that make it 100 percent resistant to the ingress of water and dust. 

You will find this cover easy to adjust to your specific couch size by using the attached buckle straps and drawstring hem to get a tight, windproof fit.

The cover also has integrated air vents to prevent condensation buildup. 


  • You can choose from right and left-facing versions of this L-shaped furniture cover. 
  • The brown and beige design looks smart and tidy draped over your sectional. 


  • The material is lightweight and some owners have struggled with the wind blowing the cover off. 

Keep this L-shaped furniture cover clean by spot cooling with water and allowing to air dry. When not in use, you can store it in its handy storage bag.

Frequently asked question for affordable L-shaped furniture covers

Are furniture covers worth it?

Your patio furniture is big expense and protecting it with a suitable cover keeps it in a great condition season after season.

Without a cover, your furniture will be exposed to:

  • Moisture: which can swell and rot wood and rattan, corrode and rust metals and cause mold, mildew and algae on cushions.
  • Sunlight: which rapidly ages and cracks plastics and fibers because of its UV portion.

How much should I be paying for an L-shaped furniture cover?

Patio furniture covers vary widely in price, with the most affordable cover priced at the $50 to $100 price mark.

The following factors affect the cost of a patio furniture cover:

  • Type of cover: a cover for an Ottoman will cost less than a cover for an L-shaped sectional.
  • Covers purchased with the patio furniture: these are often an expensive add-on to a new patio furniture set. 
  • Materials used: heavier fabrics with higher ratings are more expensive.

Rounding up

A quality furniture cover is an essential accessory for your L-shaped sectional.

Thankfully, getting a decent cover that does an excellent job of weatherproofing your patio suite can be affordable.

Be sure to measure your sectional accurately so the cover you choose fits well, season after season.

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