Pros and Cons of Grass Around a Pool


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When you’re considering the surface around your pool, many people wonder if grass is a good idea.

Picture the scene: you enjoy a nice relaxing swim, get out and have to hop over hot, hard pavement. Would grass be better?

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to putting grass around your pool – does the chlorinated water affect the grass?

Pros and Cons of Grass Around a Pool
Pros & cons of grass around a pool

How do you keep cut grass clippings from getting into the water? Is grass low maintenance around a pool?

If you’re considering grass as a surface, here are the pros and cons all in one place.

Pros of grass around a pool

Natural surface

First of all, grass is a natural surface, and it drains well.

In a world where we all need to be more environmentally friendly, installing grass around a pool is really good for the environment.

Grass around pool advantages
Grass around pool – good idea or not?

Because it drains well, you don’t need to worry about pool water causing puddles. Any water that’s splashed out will simply drain into the soil.

The same goes for rain – there won’t be puddles around the pool and it will dry pretty quickly.


Grass is also cheap to install.

There is a little maintenance in terms of cutting it, but compared to other surfaces, it’s a cost-effective surface that won’t break the bank.

Occasionally, you might need to re-seed patches, but this is perhaps once a year or less with proper care and attention.

If you went for decking instead, you’d need to pressure wash it and reseal it occasionally.

Paving would also need pressure washing to keep it looking like new.

It’s safe

Grass around pool guide
Grass around pool

Unlike tiled surfaces, you’re not going to slip easily on grass.

And if you do slip, you’re less likely to do yourself harm on a grassy surface compared to a harder surface.

It looks nice

Let’s face it, we can’t get enough of greenery in the garden.

A pool surrounded by grass looks great!

It’s cool and comfortable

Unlike paved or tiled surfaces, grass is always cool to walk on and it won’t burn your feet.

It’s a great surface material for around pools in very hot places.

As well as being cool under bare feet, grass is also comfortable to walk on. There are no sharp bits to make you wince!

Cons of grass around a pool

All surfaces have pros and cons.

Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider with a grass surface around a pool.

Small Palm trees growing tips
Small Palm trees

It needs TLC

Unlike a tiled or paved area, grass does need some TLC.

The two things that affect it as a surface are its growth and water.

Mowing the grass, unless it’s done carefully, can cause a mess in the pool, while water can cause muddy patches of bare earth – particularly if you use the same area to get in and out of the pool.

As well as mowing, you will need to:

All of this takes time!

It can be affected by chlorine

Grass around pool disadvantages listed
Grass around pool disadvantages

Chlorine is an important chemical for swimming pools, but it can harm grass.

If it’s diluted, it’s unlikely to cause problems unless there is a lot of exposure in a small space of time.

If it’s concentrated, you can kill the grass. You should always hose down chlorine spills (pool water splashes are fine).

It’s no good with heavy traffic

In the summer months, you will probably use the pool a lot and have heavy traffic.

Grass pool surroundings aren’t great at withstanding lots of traffic and often don’t look as good when it comes to the end of the summer season.

Herbicides and Pesticides can end up in the pool

If you use chemicals like herbicides and pesticides on your grass, they can find their way into the pool water.

Grass around backyard pool
Grass around swimming pool

Higher water consumption

When you have a pool, you’re already consuming a lot of water.

With grass surrounding your pool, you need even more water for watering – especially if you live somewhere with little rainfall during the summer months.

Final thoughts on pros and cons of grass around a pool

Whether you’re making upgrades to your pool or installing a new one, you need to think carefully about the surface you’re going to install around your pool.

Like all surface types, grass has pros and cons.

Grass is cool, comfortable, and cheap. It does, however, require maintenance in terms of mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and reseeding.

If your pool gets a lot of traffic in summer, you might also need to consider that you’ll get bare patches of earth if it wears away under foot.

You need to weigh up these advantages and disadvantages before you decide whether to choose grass.

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