Automatic Watering Systems for Indoor Plants


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Keeping your indoor plants watered shouldn’t be a pain in the neck.

It shouldn’t feel like a task and it definitely shouldn’t go undone over a long break or a vacation.

Like so many things in our lives, there are new, smart home innovations seemingly every day. 

Because of that, there exists a wide variety of indoor, automatic watering systems, many of which are outstanding products and worthy of your credit card. Out of the bunch, you have watering spikes, drips, globes, and self-watering planters with drip trays. We’ve also compiled a list of the best indoor, automatic watering systems.

Everybody’s needs are different and depending on the types of indoor plants you have, you may need a different type—or several different types—of watering systems to accommodate your plants.

Watering Globes for indoor plants
Watering Globes

Most importantly, you don’t want to purchase a robust and vibrant plant just to come home one day and find that it resembles a green raisin.

No matter how often you forget, an automatic watering system is just that, automatic. 

Best Automatic Drip Watering System

Your automatic drip systems do exactly what their namesake implies, drip water into your indoor plants at specific intervals programmed by you. 

The system is reminiscent of drip bags that you’ll find in hospitals and the doctor’s office, with a tube running from the motor and water reservoir into a specified number of plants.

Kollea Reliable Automatic Watering System

This automatic system is similar in shape to that of a brick, with an inlet and outlet and a cool, blue digital display on top.

You can set the exact water amount and the intervals between watering so that no matter how many plants it’s hooked up to, all of them get the right amount.

Even if it loses power, the built-in battery keeps the memory active, so all of your programmings are still set when power returns to the device. 

One of the best features is the display, which contains an accurate read-out of everything you need to know.

Time, water level, battery status, and your set intervals are all accurate and visible at all times. 

It also comes with plenty of tubing, so you can cut off what you need to create intersections and/or T-tubes that can carry the water to multiple plants, all from a single tube in a single reservoir.

DIY Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit

This 5V, micro-kit is powered through a USB adapter, has a rectangular shape—for easy placement on counters or shelves, and an upward-facing, digital display.

The drip tubes end in water stakes for a more controlled, water delivery system within each plant.

The stakes also reduce the likelihood of the tubes slipping out of the pot so you end up watering your kitchen floor instead of the plants.

Beneath the digital display is multiple water pumps that relay water through a series of tubes, one with an inlet for the water reservoir and one going out, with as many branches, cross-sections, and Ts as you want.

Since it also comes with four, triple-A batteries, it’s portable and if you lose power through the USB, the batteries will pick up the slack until power is restored. 

The watering spikes are also very efficient, especially since you can bury them in the soil and displace your water delivery right where it’s needed, in the roots. 

Inshow Automatic Drip Irrigation Watering Kit

This system comes with more than just an inlet and outlet tube. It has a fold-out arm that contains ten, separate outlet tubes for water delivery.

It doesn’t have a spike injection but it does have stakes that you can situate directly over where you want the water delivered.

Its power by four, triple-A batteries which are unfortunately not included, but it does have a crisp, informative LCD display with a hatch cover to protect it from exposure.

According to Inshow, their water-delivery system is scientifically designed to save about 70% of water.

So you can expect to get as much water as you want for each plant, without excess or with too little from the delivery system. 

Its also equipped with a small buzzer so that you will know when the system powers up to deliver water.

It’s completely programmable down to how much water you want to be delivered and at what times.

RAINPOINT WiFi Automatic Watering System

Rainpoint’s WiFi system is the first and only smart home automated device on our list.

The only reason there aren’t more is that some of them can be complicated to set up and how you use it will largely depend on your setup.

You can download the available Rainpoint app from either the Apple Store (for iOS devices) or from the Google Play Store (for Android).

Once you set it up, you will have control over your water irrigation system from anywhere.

You can narrow your timing down to the exact second that you want your plant watered, how long you want it watered, what times of the day, and how many days of the week.

There is an LCD display on the front but you’ll spend most of your time on the phone app. 

You can also set it to automatic or manual for whatever fits your preferred method. 

KiKiHeim Plant Watering System Automatic Plant Waterer

KikiHeim is the last of our drip-delivery systems and it’s every bit as good as the above.

It sports a bit of a design difference, going with a triangle shape with rounded corners.

It does have the effect of placing it more along the lines of modern, smart home devices.

It has a brilliant, forward-facing LCD display that covers all of the information you need, with an inlet and outlet port above the display, at the tip of the triangle. 

It also comes with a battery and a USB power supply so it will keep going in the case of a power outage.

It’s also—like the others before it—completely programmable.

You can set the exact time along with the exact amount to be delivered.

Best Automatic Watering Globes

The best part about watering globes is that there’s nothing special about them. There’s no wireless signal, plugs, batteries, Bluetooth, WiFi, or any other smart home innovations whatsoever. 

However, they’re definitely efficient at what they do, which is automating the watering process for your plants. They’re also the most aesthetically pleasing things you can possibly find for your indoor plants. 

Mushroom Terracotta Watering Globes

If you like a little bit of a Super Mario Bros theme to go along with your indoor plants, look no further than these mushroom terracotta watering globes.

Of course, you can get more than just the mushroom designs as there are also hearts, ice cream cones, and many other available designs. 

They definitely add a splash of color to the greenery and, like spike irrigators, stick down into the soil bed where they will slow-release a steady water supply for up to five days.

There are little holes in their crowns so that you can top them off when you need to.

Other than that, they’re completely maintenance-free. It’s a very simplistic yet thoroughly attractive system.

It will make you want more just for the sake of having them or collecting different shapes to rotate in and out.  

Blazin Bison Watering Globes

These water globes last for ten days without needing a refill and are made completely from blown glass.

You can find them in just about every color imaginable. All of their selections are full of bright and vibrant color schemes that will make you want even more.

They bring a lot of color to your deep and light greens and are large enough to go on their own for twice as long as the mushroom terracotta.

This delivery system was carefully tailored to only release water from the bowl when the soil is dry enough to release it. 

Blazin also offers a 100% lifetime guarantee with each purchase.

If you don’t like them, you can return them any time for a full refund, no questions asked. 

Glass And Ceramic Plant Self-Watering Globes

This is another uniquely designed watering globe that comes in either ceramic or glass, twisted to look like a flame, and in a variety of bold colors. 

They can last up to two weeks, depending on the soil they’re being used in, and they’re easily refilled from a side reservoir.

Don’t let the spiral design fool you, as the majority of the water reservoir (the globe_ is located further down the spiral at the base of the device. 

While it doesn’t separate itself in terms of what it does, it’s another example of the unique aesthetics you can go for when it comes to automating your water delivery methods. 

Best Automatic Watering Trays

Automatic watering trays are another excellent way to automate your water delivery system for your indoor plants. Although they are automated, like the watering globes, they’ll have to be refilled every so often.

The best part about watering trays is that they are normally large enough for you to fit multiple pots on, so you can sustain and water several plants with this automated process.

Tierra Garden GP70 Large Self Watering Tray

The Tierra Garden GP70 can hold up to 2 gallons of water at one time and has enough placement area to cover multiple potted plants. 

You have to make sure your pots have exposed holes in the bottom—most do—because the pots will sit on the Tierra Garden’s “capillary” matting, which absorbs the water beneath it, transferring the water into the pots through the drain holes at the bottom. 

The tray prevents overwatering with the capillary mat and is very simple to refill every two weeks.

It’s a very effective method, as plants neither get too much water or have trouble accessing it. 

The self-watering tray also has a very low profile and doesn’t have a color that stands out.

It looks like any other tray as it sits beneath several of your potted plants without drawing the eye or looking out of place.

Garland Watering Tray With Capillary Matting

The Garland watering tray is guaranteed to improve the lifespan and sustainability of your plants.

Using the same capillary mat system of the Tierra Garden version, the Garland Watering Tray doesn’t do much to separate itself. 

However, it does have a very large base so that you will have plenty of room to lay your favorite potted plants.

The capillary mesh will keep them supplied with water without overwatering and it’s very easy to refill every 14 days.

It does have a more ridged-looking base, so it stands out more than the Tierra Garden, but the aesthetics aren’t outlandish or anything. The best part is the price factor.

You’re getting the same capillary mat and essentially the same base with the 2-gallon reservoir for $9.99, which is outstanding.

Gardener’s Self-Watering Windowsill Tray

What’s the point of having all of those pretty, potted flowers if you can’t display them?

That’s the point Gardener clearly set out to make. They were very successful in taking the Garland and Tierra Garden approach but narrowing it down to a self-watering tray that will easily fit on a windowsill. 

The windowsill tray can be filled with enough water to keep your plant’s satisfied for two weeks. It also has an easy refill method.

There’s a hole in the capillary matting on an accessible side, where you can quickly and simply refill it for fourteen more days of automated watering. 

The only difference between this one and the two trays above is the narrow design feature for placing it on a windowsill, which makes this the best tray simply because you can give your plant water, sunlight, and show it off.

All Things Considered

Automating your indoor watering systems doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be ugly.

There are so many methods and devices to choose from that there’s bound to be something for everybody.

However, these are some of the best systems out there and you can’t go wrong with any of the above choices, regardless of how you want to water your plants.

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