Hose Pipe Splitter Buyer’s Guide


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Once the summer months get underway your humble backyard faucet will find itself in continual demand.

Any busy household will want to connect a hose to run water for:

  • Irrigating the lawn
  • Watering the flower or vegetable patch
  • Filling a paddling pool
  • Playing water games
  • Washing the car

Rather than waiting around for the faucet to become free, why not multiply your output with a hose pipe splitter. 

Hose Pipe Splitter Buyer's Guide
Hose pipe splitter buying guide

These ingenious plumbing devices are just the thing you need on the end of your spigot to get more utility out of your garden water supply. 

They’re small and easily overlooked but once a 2-way or 4-way hose pipe splitter is in place, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

What to Expect? Read on for our hose pipe splitter buyer’s guide and round up of 10 of the best hose pipe splitters on the world wide web. 

How to Choose Best Hose pipe splitter – buyer’s guide

Let’s keep it quick and simple with 6 things to look out for when buying a hose pipe splitter.

1. Sizing

Sizing is the most important thing to check when buying a hose pipe splitter.

After all, if it does not fit onto your spigot, you won’t be splitting anything!

Beware of the “universal” title attached to the splitter and check the diameter of the connector and the individual outlets to ensure they will work with your faucet and hoses.

2. Number of Outlets

Make that your hose pipe splitter has adequate outlets to serve the hose management needs of your property.

Most of these splitters are 2-way or 4-way. Size up to a 4-way hose pipe splitter if a 2-way splitter will not meet your requirements. 

3. Material

A rusted, corroded hose pipe splitter is not only a bad look but could damage your faucet and taint the water running through the hose.

Brass and zinc alloys are reliable, watch out for lead, and check that the inside of the splitter is made from a reliable material too. 

4. Valve control

Valve control is a minimum requirement for contemporary hose pipe splitter designs.

The levers to open and close individual outlets may seem basic but they make all the difference to controlling your water usage effectively. 

Choosing perfect hose pipe splitter
Tips for choosing hose pipe splitter

5. Rubber coating

Many hose pipe splitters come with a protective rubber coating.

This makes them easier to handle with wet hands and protects the metal from weathering.

6. Leak protection 

The last thing you need is a steady leak coming from any of your connections, especially if your water is scarce or expensive.

Look for deep threads on the connectors, gaskets and even sealant tape, to keep your hose pipe splitter leakproof. 

10 of the best hose pipe splitters for your backyard

To help you along in your search, we’ve rounded up 10 excellent hose pipe splitters, that are suitable for most US ¾ inch diameter hoses.

Take your pick of these 10 best hose pipe splitters.

1. 2WAYZ- hose pipe splitter


  • Splitter number: 2-way
  • Material: Zinc and aluminum alloy body
  • Dimensions: 3.94 in x 1.57 in x 3.94 in (10 cm x 4 cm x 10 cm)
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces (297 grams)


This is a high-quality and durable 2-way hose pipe splitter that has been engineered for strength and durability.

It can handle water pressure of up to 0.8 Mpa.

Secure your hoses confidently as the hose carries metal bolts for fasting the dual water hose connector so that it won’t keep disconnecting.


  • The long threading and rubber gasket on the female end of the splitter eliminate any potential for leaks.
  • Rubber coating makes the spotter easy to handle in cold weather. 
  • Switch off one end of the connected splitter and use it as a spigot extender for your garden tap. 


  • The internal valves are plastic and can snap off after prolonged use.

The installation is intuitive and the hose pipe splitter can rotate through 360 degrees meaning your splitter will not disconnect as you move around the garden with your hose. 

2. Twinkle Star Garden hose pipe splitter 2 Way


  • Splitter number: 2-way
  • Material: Brass
  • Dimensions: 3.2 in x 2.8 in x 1.8 in (8.1cm x 7.1 cm x 3 cm)
  • Weight: 5.9 ounces (167 grams)


This is a basic, universal hose pipe splitter that will work with any 3/4″ hose and faucet combination.

The durable brass is hard-wearing and corrosion-resistant and you can adjust the flow control with the plastic handles that connect to two internal valves.


  • The supplied O-rings can be easily replaced when they become worn with generic gaskets.
  • You can also connect this 2-way splitter to a garden hose rather than your faucet for example to attach two mist stands.


  • Some reviewers reported the brass valve breaking off. This could be a problem if you leave it out in cold weather.

The splitter can handle up to 0.8Mpa water pressure while supplied gaskets keep your connections leak-free. 

3. Fulong 4 Way Brass Garden hose pipe splitter


  • Splitter number: 4-way
  • Material: Brass
  • Dimensions: 6 in x 3 in x 2 in  (15.2 cm x 7.6 cm x 5 cm)
  • Weight: 1.06 pounds (454 grams)


If you have a large lawn or multiple flower beds to irrigate, the 4-way outlets of this brass splitter are a reliable and practical solution.

Each outlet has its own on/off valve meaning you can direct your water to the areas you want to be watered without everything being switched on.


  • Durable solid brass design.
  • Up to  0.8Mpa water pressure.
  • 0.8 inch male connector on each outlet.
  • Supplied gaskets and tape mean you can properly seal your connections.


  • This splitter is relatively heavy, so ensure that your faucet can take the weight.

To ensure that your connections are all fully waterproofed this hose pipe splitter is supplied with O-rings and thread seal tape. 

4. NEX 2 Way Y Hose Connector, Garden Faucet Splitter 


  • Splitter number: 2-way
  • Material: zinc alloy metal with rubberized coating 
  • Dimensions: 3.7 in x 2.4 in x 3.59 in (9.3 cm x 6.09 cm x 9 cm)
  • Weight: 7 ounces (198 grams) 


This is a smart and modern Y hose pipe splitter that conforms to the standard ¾ inch US hose diameter.

This hose can cope with up to 0.8Mpa water pressure with leak-free performance due to its integrated seals and gaskets.


  • The valve switches are long enough to be easily handled.
  • The rubberized finish is insulating in cold weather.


  • Some reviewers have experienced leaks.

It is easy to attach securely to your faucet Individual plastic switches and valves control the water flow that you direct to each attached hose. 

5. ECOESPTI Garden hose pipe splitter, 3/4″ 2 Way Plastic Water hose pipe splitter


  • Splitter number: 2-way
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: ‎7.32 in x 6.93 in x 2.01 in (18.5 cm x 17.6 cm x 5.1 cm)
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces (130 grams)


This is a set of two 2-way hose pipe splitters and includes quick connectors and the washers needed for quick and easy installation.

It’s a great garden accessory for watering your garden, washing your car or filling a swimming pool.

Something can install the strong plastic splitter by rotating it onto your faucets and attaining the hoses in a similar manner.


  • This is a lightweight cost-effective splitter 
  • Plastic should be able to withstand the cold winter months attached to your garden faucet.


  • Plastic has the potential to split or crack when compared to metal splitters.

The splitter also includes internal valves and basic knobs for easy switching on and off. 

6. Stanbroil Garden Hose Adapter with 2 Valves


  • Splitter number: 2-way
  • Material: Brass
  • Dimensions: ‎3.39 x 2.8 x 2.44 in
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces (190 grams)


This classic brass Y-shaped hose pipe splitter has a universal ¾ inch diameter for US hoses.

Its durable metal body attaches securely to your faucet via the black plastic nut at the top of the splitter.


  • Cheap and simple hose pipe splitter made from durable brass.
  • A threaded connection reduces the risk of leaking


  • The manufacturers do not supply this hose pipe splitter with any gaskets or tape, so you will need to purchase these to make the splitter fully leakproof. 

Individual handles allow you to control the flow through each of the outlets. 

7. VIVOSUN 2 Way Garden hose pipe splitter


  • Splitter number: 2-way
  • Material: Zinc alloy with rubberized coating 
  • Dimensions: ‎5.4 in x 5.4 in x 2.6 in
  • Weight: 12 ounces (340 grams)


This 2-way hose pipe splitter is for heavy-duty, potentially irrigation use and copes with high water pressure and flow up to 0.8 pa.

The universal, US standard-sized hosepipe splitter attaches to your faucet via a durable connector which you can reinforce with the supplied washers.

You can control the flow to the two outlets by tuning the dials that open and close the valves.


  • This hose pipe splitter is internally rust and corrosion-proof for a clean water flow.
  • The switches are hard-wearing and easy to handle.


  • The design may be too bulky for some garden faucets.

The rubberized coating of the durable zinc allows the splitter provides a comfortable grip and protects the splitter from rust, corrosion, and cold.

8. Hose pipe splitter 2 Way, Heavy Duty Metal Connector


  • Splitter number: 2-way
  • Material Brass, zinc alloy
  • Dimensions: 4.06 x 4.02 x 2.24 in
  • Weight 6.7 ounces (340 grams)


This smart faucet attachment gives you a reliable and leak-free dual water supply!

It has rust and corrosion-free zinc alloy construction with in-built valve shut-offs so you can control the water flow and keep the hosepipe splitter in place all year round.


  • The long handles on the slitter make it easy to open and close the internal valves.
  • Deep threads prevent leakage from the hosepipe splitter
  • You can further protect your splitter from leaking using the gaskets and sealant tape provided. 


  • This is a popular hosepipe splitter with very few downsides, but some people have reported that their splitters have failed early after purchase.

Its durable rubber coating stays frost-free and provides a good grip for attaching and removing the splitter. 

9. SIPIK Garden hose pipe splitter 4 Way


  • Splitter number: 4-way
  • Material: Metal and plastic
  • Dimensions: ‎1.87 in x 8.07 in x 4.72 in (4.74 cm x 20.3 cm x 11.9 cm)
  • Weight: 15.9 ounces (451 grams)


This 4-way hose splitter is ideal for growers and horticulturists who want a solution for irrigating plants in different areas of their property.

Assembly is quick and easy; simply screw on the robust connector to your spigot to have 4-flow water sources on hand. 

This is a large and heavy hose pipe splitter but its stable and durable components ensure that it stays secured to your faucet.

In addition, the manufacturers have made the internal valves of the splitter from metal meaning that part failure should be unlikely.

Control the flow of water through each of the outlets using the long rubberized levers.

You can set this splitter up to work with timers and other irrigation equipment and leave it in place long term.


  • This is a practical, easy-to-install hose management solution.
  • You can control the flow to each outlet individually
  • The rubberized finish protects the splitter from rust and frost


  • Some reviewers have reported some failures for this splitter.

This 4-way splitter stays leakproof because of its deep threads and rubber O-rings meaning you will conserve water, which is important if it is scarce. 

10. PinPon Graden hose pipe splitter 2 Way Heavy Duty


  • Splitter number: 2-way
  • Material: zinc alloy and rubber
  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.4 x 3.58 inches
  • Weight: 6.9 ounces (195 grams)


This zinc alloy garden hose dispenser provides reliable service to two hoses.

Internal valves control the flow within the splitter and can be controlled by the external plastic levers.

High-quality threads in the splitter provide easy tightening and a leak-free hold.


  • This hose pipe splitter is non-bulky and easy to handle.
  • Long levers make it easy to open and close the valves.
  • Reliable performance: few reviewers report leakages or failure with this splitter.


  • The manufacturers do not supply it with gaskets and tape.

The rubberized finish ensures that you can handle this hose pipe splitter easily and increases its durability.

Frequently asked questions for hose pipe splitters 

My hose is the wrong size. Is there a workaround?

If you know the diameter of the hosepipe and the splitter you can search for a male-female adapter that can make the connection you need. They are usually made of brass.

Can I use the splitter to connect a washing machine?

The maximum water pressure of the best quality splitters is 0.8 pa but this pressure may be inadequate for your washing machine so we cannot recommend hooking it up via a splitter.

My hose has low pressure, is there anything I can do to improve it?

If your hose has no kinks or leaks and a sound connection to your faucet, it may need a good clean. You can get rid of gunk by immersing the hose in a bucket of water with bleach. Soak overnight and reconnect the hose and any dirt should become dislodged.

Rounding Up

We hope that this selection of tips, tricks, and great hose pipe splitters will help you get through your garden chores in at least half the time!

Remember to disconnect your hose pipe splitter from time to time, especially in the winter months to prevent it from freezing and becoming damaged.

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