Plant Problems

spraying Cutter Backyard Bug Control time

When Should I Spray Cutter Backyard Bug Control?

In order for the spray to have the best possible effect, it should be applied in a specific way and, ideally, at a specific time. This article will cover all you need to know about this bug control spray, including the all-important safety precautions.

Cutter Backyard Bug Control is safe for garden plants

Is Cutter Backyard Bug Control Safe for Plants?

If you’re looking for a quick answer then yes, Cutter backyard bug control is safe for plants. However, it will kill a lot of helpful insects like bees, earthworms, mosquitoes, and butterflies too, which might be off-putting.

Birds nest fern problems solution

10 Birds Nest Fern Problems and How to Fix Them!

There are pests and diseases that can wreak havoc with your bird’s nest fern and damage or even kill it. In this article, we share 10 birds’ nest fern problems and how to fix them for a healthy, happy plant! 

Orange mushrooms in the garden

Orange Mushrooms In My Yard Should I Remove Them?

When you notice mushrooms growing in the wild, you’re probably conditioned not to go near them. Unless you’re an expert on what’s edible or not, it’s always best to stay clear. However, when they’re growing in your yard, you might be feeling a little uneasy – especially if you have children or pets.

eating Marigolds in garden

What Is Eating My Marigolds in My Garden (How to Prevent)

If you are growing marigolds, you may run into issues with unwanted garden residents and visitors helping themselves to your beautiful flowers. Want to what is eating the marigolds in your garden? Read on as we lift the lid on what is eating marigolds in your garden!

cordyline plant problems

Cordyline Problems: Common Issues and Cures

If you’re a gardener, then you know that cordyline plants can be a great addition to your garden. With their lush foliage and tropical look, they can add a touch of the exotic to any landscape.

Dahlia Tubers are dead signs

4 Signs Your Dahlia Tubers Are Dead

So what are the signs that your dahlia tubers are dead? And more importantly, how can you revive them? Read on for the answer.

maggots in compost bin

Why are There Maggots in My Compost Bin

But why are they in your compost bin and are there ways to get rid of them? Can you get rid of them? Let’s find out.

Best Organic Insecticide for Vegetable Garden

Best Organic Insecticide for Vegetable Garden

Organic insecticides come from natural or plant-based sources, making them less harmful to the environment. Here is a list of some of the best organic insecticides for use in vegetable gardens.

Spider mites on buds at harvest time advice

Spider Mites On Buds At Harvest Time (All You Need To Know)

If you do not sort this infestation out as soon as possible then these spider mites can cause irreparable damage to your plants, and nobody wants that. 

Can Japanese Knotweed Grow Through Concrete?

Can Japanese Knotweed Grow Through Concrete?

The Japanese knotweed may be a strong plant, but it’s not capable of breaking through your concrete walls or slabs. Here is why.

How to Fix Drooping Plants ( Bring Your Plant Back to Life)

How to Fix Drooping Plants (Bring Your Plant Back to Life)

Are you dealing with a droopy, saggy plant? Perk up your foliage with these simple steps.

Pencil Cactus Dying reasons

Pencil Cactus Dying? (7 Reason Why and How To Save It)

Hey, don’t worry! Chances are pretty good that your Pencil cactus can be saved. Here is what we can do to revive it.

What Insecticide Kills Spotted Lanternfly?

What Insecticide Kills Spotted Lanternfly?

With one of these techniques and insecticides you will solve the problem. Get rid of Spotted Lanternflies today. Here is how we do it.

Does Sevin Kill Spotted Lanternfly?

Does Sevin Kill Spotted Lanternfly?

You can use Sevin if you want to get rid of the most insects in your garden. Spotted Lanternflies will be killed, and here is how to do it safely.