The variety of insects, animals, and birds in our very own gardens and backyards still amazes me every single day. Here at Gardeniaorganics we want to share some wonderful images and information to help you enjoy the wildlife in your garden even more.

Hoverflies on flower guide

Gardeners’ Guide to Hoverflies

There are actually around 6,000 species of hoverfly in 200 genera. These often-overlooked insects are captivating and intriguing. Read on to find out everything you need to know about these little garden beasties.

Frog facts kindergarten

40 Frog Facts for Kindergarten

There are few animals so widely available for children to see and experience than the humble frog! Let’s dive straight in with some of the most fantastic frog facts for kindergarten.

Possum living under house

Should I Let a Possum Live Under My House?

One possum might not be a problem, but it might soon turn into a whole family of possums that damage your property and bring about a risk of infectious diseases.

Scare possums away tips

How to Scare Possums Away from Your House

Some countries allow these creatures to be killed due to their destructive nature while others only allow them to be caught and relocated. If you’ve got a possum problem and want to know how to keep them away, this article will give you some ideas to try.

Get rid of rabbits without harming them

How to Get Rid of Rabbits without Killing Them (Harmless Methods)

Since rabbits produce good meat and reproduce fast, killing them is nonsensical and wasteful. It’s also inhumane. Unlike other farm pests, harmless methods are the best way to get rid of rabbits. Here’s how to eliminate rabbits without killing them.

Wombats bad pets

Do Wombats Like to be Petted?

Wombats are amongst the many animals that do not like to be petted, for a number of reasons. And wombats in general are not very friendly.

overfeeding garden birds explained

Can You Overfeed Garden Birds?

Birds are not like humans. When tasty food is put in front of them, they won’t continue to eat until they are beyond stuffed and uncomfortable. If there is food available, they will eat as much as they need and then stop.

What attracts possums

What Attracts Possums to Your Yard?

While possums are generally harmless, their presence can be quite disruptive. Here’s a look at some of the things that may be attracting these critters and some tips on how to keep them at bay.

eating Marigolds in garden

What Is Eating My Marigolds in My Garden (How to Prevent)

If you are growing marigolds, you may run into issues with unwanted garden residents and visitors helping themselves to your beautiful flowers. Want to what is eating the marigolds in your garden? Read on as we lift the lid on what is eating marigolds in your garden!

Bee identification tips

Bee Identification Guide: 31 Most Common Bees In Our Gardens

If you would like to tell apart the different types of bees, we’re here to help with a complete guide to the most common bee species, including their shapes, colors, and the time of year you’ll see them out and about.

Bluebirds after fledge explained

Where Do Bluebirds Go After They Fledge

While some bluebirds stay in their home territory, others will travel great distances to find new food sources and nesting sites. This can result in some bluebirds ending up in very different places from where they started out!

Squirrels eating leaves and tree bark

Do Squirrels Eat Leaves? (On Trees or Off Lawns)

It may not be surprising to see them getting into fruits or vegetables, but if you begin to see bite marks on leaves, it may get you thinking, do squirrels really eat leaves?

Dawn dish soap deer repellent

Don’t use Dawn Dish Soap Deer Repellent (Read this first)

Though you shouldn’t use Dawn dish soap to prevent deer from coming onto your property, there are still other things you can try.

Smells squirrels hate you need to try

12 Smells Squirrels Hate (Keep Them Off Your Plants)

There’s a reason squirrels are so pesky – they’re looking for food. Squirrels have an incredible sense of smell that can smell food buried underground.

Fox sometimes take fish from backyard pond

Do Foxes Take Fish From Backyard Ponds?    

Ponds provide an appealing environment for many types of plants and animals. Besides your fish, other animals may pay a visit to your pond.