Do New Mower Blades Need To Be Sharpened?


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If you have just bought a new lawnmower, you are probably wondering if you should sharpen it before cutting grass or should you use it immediately.

Having a sharp mower blade comes with many benefits than a dull blade.

Sharp mower blades
Mower blades

A sharp blade cuts clean, makes work easier for you and your mower and keeps your lawn healthy.

Dull mower blades come with many problems, such as poor cutting of the grass, clogged mower, grass trailing, and more.

Key Takeaway – If the mower is brand new, there is no need to sharpen the blade. Mower blades are sharpened during the manufacturing process.

Why Does My New Mower Blade Feel Dull?

You might be asking yourself why the new mower blade feels dull.

However, before you attempt to sharpen it, note that the blades come already sharpened.

While they might not be sharp enough to cut your finger, they are sharp enough to mow your lawn.

Changing Mower blades
New mower blades are sharp enough

Also, remember over-sharpening your blade also reduces its lifespan. A very sharp mower blade will bend in less than ten minutes.

This is because they can be easily damaged by the debris and roots in your lawn.

New blades have solid edges which are vital in overcoming the impact for the first few seasons.

What Will Happen If I Sharpen A New Mower Blade?

Sharpening a new mower blade will most likely damage it.

Rocks and roots can easily nick the blade if the edge is too sharp. This means that you will have to sharpen it again every time it gets nicked.

This will lower the blade’s life, forcing you to buy another very soon. If you buy a new blade, use it before sharpening and see the results.

If it performs well without damage, you can keep moving for more than twenty-four hours. The longer you wait before you sharpen it, the better. 

You can only sharpen your mower blade if the edge is coated with thick paint. However, you don’t need to sand off the paint since it will fade out with time.

How Many Times Should I Sharpen My New Mower Blade?

As mentioned above, there is no need to sharpen your mower blade since they are already sharpened in the factory.

However, it would help if you sharpened regularly as long as you use it. 

New mower blades need to be sharpened a few hours after mowing. It would be best if you did this approximately after twenty-five hours.

When your lawn has a lot of debris such as stones and sticks, you have to sharpen your blade more regularly.

The objects will dull your blade since they have a hard texture. Also, if you have a large garden, the blade will have to be sharpened more frequently.

How Do You Sharpen A Mower Blade?

Most people prefer to hire a person to sharpen their mower blade.

However, you can still do the job on your own. Most mowers come with instructions on how to sharpen your blade.

Note that the blade does not have to be as sharp as a knife.

How to sharpen mower blades guide
How to sharpen mower blades

It is possible to sharpen your blade while still in the mower. But this would only work well if the blade is not so worn out.

However, it is advised you remove the blade first. Sharpening the blade while still in the mower will make it unbalanced, resulting in poor performance.

Works Best: The best way to sharpen a new mower blade is to use a large flat metal file. File the blade at forty-five degrees angle. Clean the burrs at the rear by running the file across. This method does not work for heavily damaged blades.

How Do I Tell My Mower Blade Needs To Be Sharpened?

To have a good look at the blade, place the mower facing sideways and ensure the carburettor faces up and does not spill the gas.

Inspect the grass after you mow. If the grass ends are well-cut, the blade is sharp, but you have to sharpen it soon if the edges are rough and ragged.

Wear gloves and feel along the angled blade whether there are large indentations.

You can also achieve these through observation. If you spot gouges or indentations on your blade, it needs to be sharpened.

What Tools Can You Use To Sharpen A Mower Blade?

For ordinary home use, the best tool you can go for is a ten-inch file.

While you can co for power tools such as angle grinders, they are considered expensive and dangerous.

One of the things you need to consider before buying any sharpening tool is the importance of blade balancing. Make sure you buy a blade balancer as well.

Sharpening mower blades tips
Sharpening mower blades

Most people don’t balance their blades while sharpening, causing the mower to work poorly. An unbalanced mower blade vibrates the mower during use.

Observe safety measures while sharpening the blade:

  • Wear gloves and eye protection.
  • Disconnect the mower’s spark plug before you start to sharpen the blade.

The best idea you can have is to buy an extra set of blades to keep them as spares in case of anything.

Use of a ten-inch file for hand sharpening. We recommend this method since it is more cost-effective than power tools.

Power tools require a vice grip to hold the blade while sharpening. Other tools you might require are eye protection and gloves for safety reasons.

When Should You Replace Your Mower Blade?

The condition of your current blade will determine when you should change it.

Most people prefer to change their mower blades after every five seasons, while others change them after every five years.

Regardless of how many times you sharpen your blade, it is advised your change it regularly for the best results for your lawn.

You need new mower blades
Time for new mower blades

The number of times you should replace your blade is determined by other factors, such as how often you mow your lawn.

The more often you mow your lawn, or if it is pretty large, you will have to change it regularly.

If your lawn has debris, stones, or sticks, this will be the same case. When replacing the blade, you should observe safety measures. Wear safety gear while doing so.

Keep In Mind – Remember to use a torque wrench when installing the blade. This helps to tighten the mower blade to avoid the risk of becoming loose and damaging the engine. If you don’t have one, you can borrow it to save the cost.

How Do I Take Care Of My Brand New Mower Blade?

Since you don’t have to sharpen your brand new mower blade, it doesn’t mean you have to ignore the fact that it needs to be maintained.

Maintaining your mower blade will help your mower give the best performance for years.

Before mowing, check for any stones, rocks, branches, and large sticks in the lawn, so you don’t accidentally run on them when mowing.

Mower blades sharpening tools required
Mower blades sharpening tools

This will damage your mower blade. Sharpen the blade often, usually after twenty-four hours of use.

Learn to sharpen the blade, not over or under sharpening it. If you sharpen it more, you will wear off the blade.

Keep the mower deck at the right deck. If the deck is on the lowest setting, the blade will likely run over more obstacles.

A higher mower blade is better since it will ride over the obstacles. More so, you should not cut grass at the lowest base since it is not healthy for your lawn.

Final Thoughts

When most people buy their new set of mower blades, they assume the blades need to be sharpened before installing them on the mower.

But this should not be the case, as new blades come already sharpened by the manufacturers. The blade is already sharpened at the right specs by the factory.

The blade doesn’t have to be very sharp to work effectively. Furthermore, if the blade is very sharp, it is highly exposed to damage from the debris in your lawn.

Remember to care for your mower and mower blade for durability and optimum results.

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