11 Businesses That You Could Start If You Love Gardening


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If you love to get your hands dirty and work in the soil, you are indeed a special individual.

And if you’ve ever considered taking your love of gardening and turning it into a career, you’re in luck because there are lots of them to choose from.

The truth is that you don’t have to settle with the usual jobs when you love to create works of art from the earth.

There are a number of businesses you could start if you love gardening, and most of them are very inexpensive to get started.

Even better, these businesses allow you to express your creativity every day that you go to work.

Gardening lovers can do lots of things, not just lawn care or landscaping. While these are two lucrative career choices, you can find a lot more of them if you love gardening. From installing ponds to arranging bouquets for weddings, there are tons of ways to make money doing what you love best, and many of them are things you likely wouldn’t have thought of on your own. You can even get a little creative on your own and think up a job no one has thought of before.

If you’re not sure how to get started, however, below are 11 businesses that most gardening lovers would enjoy.

Businesses That You Could Start If You Love Gardening
Business Ideas

1. Gardening Social Media Expert

If you feel as though you have a lot of knowledge about gardening and you’d like to share that with the world, consider having a blog or a YouTube channel specifically devoted to your passion.

The truth is that you can find an audience for just about any area of expertise that you have, including the field of gardening.

In fact, there are millions of people out there who would love to grow plants but don’t exactly have a green thumb, and you could be a miracle worker to them.

If you love gardening and you like to write and/or record videos filled with valuable information, there are lots of people out there who will be interested in what you have to say.

2. Farmer’s Market Vendor

Whether you love growing fruits, veggies, or even herbs, you’ll be able to sell these things easily at your local farmer’s market.

You can also sell non-edible items such as flowers and plants. Most of these items are inexpensive to grow and you can ask quite a bit for them, so you are certain to make money.

And if you like, you can experiment with a few other items as well. This includes dips and sauces made with your herbs and jellies and jams made out of the fruits you grow.

Be Creative: You can easily think of other items to sell as well, and you can likely make more money in one weekend than many people do all week.

3. Custom Flower Shopkeeper

Custom Flower Shopkeeper
Flower shop

Custom flower shops take a bit of time to plan because you have to organize and decide exactly how to set them up and what you’re going to sell.

Make sure that you know when the important holidays are so that you can plan accordingly, and you can center the business around what you grow in your garden so you never run out of anything.

The important part of having a flower shop is always having the inventory needed to satisfy your customers, so this is something that you’ll have to work towards and succeed at for as long as you own your shop.

4. Patio and Deck Work

If you love to build things, you can make and install patios and decks for people.

While this doesn’t exactly involve digging in the dirt, it does involve working with your hands, and people who love their decks and patios as much as they do their gardens will appreciate this skill that you have.

All you need is a class or two and some natural creativity, and the rest should be easy.

Just as with a landscaping company, you’ll be offering a service that people who love to be outdoors will appreciate you doing for them.

Even better, those people will be willing to pay you handsomely for it because it is normally something they cannot do themselves.

5. Landscaping Work

And speaking of landscaping… if you want to offer customers lots of ways to make their yard look even more amazing, you could be a landscape expert.

You can offer both:

  • Soft Landscaping: which includes the planting of flowers and trees
  • Hard Landscaping: which includes items such as decks and patios, outdoor barbecue areas, and a lot more.

Landscaping is a very lucrative career, especially when you consider that most of your customers will hire you to come to their home regularly so you can perform the maintenance needed to keep their yard looking its best.

6. Wedding Flower Arranger

Wedding Flower Arranger
Flower arrangements for weddings

If you’re more interested in flowers than you are plants and trees, you could specialize in flower arrangements for brides-to-be.

Wedding arrangements are unique to each individual couple, so you’ll certainly never get bored doing this job.

While working with brides-to-be can be a challenge at times, it is a lot of fun for the most part, especially once you realize that you get to be a part of the most important day in someone’s life.

It also allows you to show off your talent and have it be appreciated by people on a very special day.

7. Grower of Vegetables and Herbs

If you decide to grow herbs and vegetables, you’ll have tons of places to sell them, including retailers, arts and crafts festivals, and many others.

If you decide that this is what you’d like to sell, it’s a smart idea to buy a greenhouse to make sure your herbs and vegetables are always of the highest quality.

You can advertise with flyers or sell them at charity events, even donating part of the proceeds back to the charity.

You can come up with other ideas as well because vegetables and herbs are never difficult to sell.

Take Your Time: Just put your thinking cap on and you’ll come up with lots of ideas in no time.

8. Grower of Flowers

Growing flowers is easier than you think because you can sell directly to the customer or to retailers.

Flowers can be sold at flea markets and even on sidewalks right outside big businesses.

In fact, there is no end to the places where you can sell your flowers, and it’s even possible that many florists may want to buy from you, especially if they find themselves short on a type of flower that you are selling.

Everyone loves flowers, so this is one very smart business to get into.

When you grow and sell flowers, you’ll be very busy on days such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, but you can easily make good money the rest of the year as well.

9. Pond Installer

Pond Installer
Garden pond

Lots of people love adding beautiful ponds to their yards, and if you know how to do this yourself, you could make a lot of money at it.

This isn’t exactly a cheap business to get into, but you would get your money back quickly simply because of the amount of money you can charge on just one job.

You’ll likely have to take out a small business loan to get started because you’ll need a lot of items to create gorgeous ponds for people, but it is usually worth it in the end.

You could also install waterfalls and other items that will look amazing in people’s yards and allow them to be pleased with their homes or offices.

Commercial customers also choose ponds to brighten up the look of their offices, so you’ll have all sorts of customers to work with.

10. Garden Designer

While many people who can design beautiful gardens work for landscapers, you could easily work for yourself and help people plan a garden that looks amazing in their yard.

Since gardens are always personalized to the customers’ likes and preferences, no two gardens will ever be alike.

This gives you a lot of opportunities to custom-design something unique with every customer, allowing you to build a great portfolio so that you can continue to get clients on a regular basis.

Your Choice: And people will pay to have you design a garden just for them, especially if you work alongside a landscaper that will then build that garden once you’re done.

11. Lawn Care Specialist

Naturally, a lawn care specialist is a smart job to consider if you love gardening work.

These companies can be part of a landscaping company or offer lawn care and maintenance only.

Since there are plenty of people out there who simply aren’t interested in taking care of their lawn themselves, you are certain never to run out of customers.

With this job, you’ll be doing more than just mowing and trimming lawns.

The work also includes:

  • pruning trees
  • planting various greenery
  • taking care of everything in the customer’s yard
  • performing basic maintenance services throughout the year

It is a lucrative job and one you’ll enjoy if you love gardening and being outdoors a lot.

Final Thoughts

If you apply one of these 11 business ideas, the chances are that you will take your gardening skills to another level.

And, what’s more, you will position yourself as an expert in a specific field.

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