Gardening Claw Gloves (What Are They for?)


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When the time comes to check in on your, vegetable garden, are you hauling a whole load of hand tools with you?

Trowels, rakes, and spades can become a hassle when you are moving from row to row to do essential jobs like weeding.

Choosing Gardening claw gloves
Gardening claw gloves

It would be great if you could be tool-free and simply work with your hands without running the risk of splinters or tetanus!

Well…there is a solution.

Gardening claw gloves are an all-in-one garden tool for completing all sorts of yard jobs quickly and easily. They give a new meaning to the term “hand tools”.

Yes, you’ll look a bit like a mole or badger, but you’ll be cultivating with your hands!

In This Article – We share the essentials of gardening claw gloves, including 5 of the best gardening claw gloves for you to try.

What are gardening claw gloves?

These rather strange-looking gloves are regular garden gloves with the addition of strong plastic claws on each of the fingers.

The claws transform the gloves (and your hands) into an all-round garden tool that you can use for your everyday gardening jobs.

Take a look at these gloves in action in this video

What are gardening claw gloves for?

Use these ingenious gardening gloves for:

  • Planting
  • Digging
  • Raking
  • Mulching
  • Harvesting
  • Pruning
  • …and more!

Selecting gardening claw gloves for yard work

These gloves are a great idea that adds some much-needed simplicity to gardening.

If you are looking for a pair of these funky gloves for yourself or as a gift, here are three things to look out for.

Claw materials

You don’t want to have broken claws when you rake your hand through the soil!

Look for gardening claw gloves with strong plastic claws made from materials like ABS plastics.

Removable or replaceable claws

If the claws break or become worn after enthusiastic use, you can get replacement claws.

You can simply buy the claws and add them to your regular garden gloves. 

Protective glove design

Don’t overlook the quality of the actual glove.

It still needs to be able to protect your hands from thorns, old nails, splinters, and spines.

Look for good quality rubber or nitrile which provides a good grip too.

5 quality pairs of gardening claw gloves to use in your yard

Tap into your inner honey badger with this helpful selection of gardening claw gloves.

1. RedFish Breathable Rubber Coated Yard Work Gloves


  • Material: rubber, plastic, silicone, and metal
  • Sizes: large
  • Color: green 


This set of gardening claw gloves is a great deal as in addition to 2 pairs of gardening gloves you get:

  • Harvesting thumb knives
  • Cut resistant finger sleeves
  • 8 garden glove claws
  • A handy storage bag

The strong plastic claws can be attached to these durable gardening gloves which have a waterproof rubber coating with the firm grip you need.

They are also breathable due to the nylon fabric on the back of the gloves. 

Along with your claws, the silicone harvesting thumb knife is great for cutting through stems and overhead vines.


  • A great choice for most gardening jobs: use these gardening claw gloves for digging, weeding, raking leaves, pruning, and harvesting produce. 
  • Removable parts: you can remove the individual claws and other parts from gloves.
  • Easy cleaning: all parts of the glove set can be washed in water and left to dry outside after use.


  • Only one size is available:  the large size might not be suitable for smaller hands. 

The anti-cutting finger sleeve protects your thumb and fingers as you use the blade. 

2. ALTEESGE Leather Work Gloves (8 Claws)


  • Material: sheepskin leather and nylon
  • Sizes: extra-large (XXL)
  • Color: yellow and black


These classic gardening claw gloves are made with genuine sheepskin leather with removable ABS plastic claws.

The gloves are comfortable and breathable with a nylon backing that enables airflow.

The gloves are suitable for men and women and can be adjusted via the strap on the wrist. 

These gloves are washable, meaning you can keep them in great condition, long-term.


  • Thorn-proof leather: The leather on the palms of these gloves does hold up against thorns.


  • The mesh on the back of the gloves is not protective: Purchasers found the nylon layer thin and easily penetrated by sharp thorns and spines.

Double-stitching on all seams keeps them durable. The ABS claws are strong and durable and can assist you in digging quickly. 

3. 50Pcs Garden Claw Digging Claws 


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Sizes: standard 
  • Color: black


If you’re anything like us, the detachable garden claws are not going to stay with the gloves for very long.

The good news is that you can replace missing or damaged claws with these quality claws that come in a pack of 50.

Each claw has a length of 3.3 inches (8.5 centimeters) and a width of 1.2 inches (3 centimeters), making them a suitable accessory for most garden gloves.

They are high hardness, protecting your fingers while you dig, cultivate or weed with ease.


  • A simple, practical solution for missing or damaged gardening claws:  keep a bag of these claws spare in your gardening supplies.


  • The claws may be too large: Some reviewers found that the claws were falling off their gloves.

ABS is one of the best materials for claws because it is strong and durable and is not easily degraded by UV light. 

4. HandsOn Cut Resistant Digging Claw


  • Material: plastic, nitrile, and fabric
  • Sizes: medium or large 
  • Color: black


These panther-like claw paws are easy and effective to use.

Not only do they protect your hands from thorns, splinters, and sharp tools they also include claw-like nodules that help you dig and cultivate the ground quickly and efficiently. 

The cut-resistant liner prevents sharp vegetations and tools from hurting your hands as you work.

The molded nitrile nodules dot the palms and fingers for quick raking, digging, weeding, and cultivation.

The nodules break up the soil making pulling those weeds or harvesting produce easier.  

The palm of these gardening claw gloves is also slip-resistant, so you can confidently grip your tools.


  • Rugged garden gloves: HandsOn has produced gloves with great fabrication quality that you can use to dive into your yard work. Use these gloves to spread mulch, harvest produce, and securely hold your garden tools.
  • No detachable parts:  The HandsOn gloves do not have detachable parts that can be easily lost. 
  • Up to the job of handling cacti: purchasers who used these gloves to remove prickly pear cacti found these gloves puncture-proof.


  • The nodules are different from full “claws”: however, they are very effective.
  • Too short: some purchasers would like these gloves to be longer.

The HandsOn gloves are also water-resistant and can be adjusted for most hand sizes via the secure hook-and-loop wrist attachment.

5. Honey Badger Gloves Garden Gloves With Claws


  • Material: plastic, ABS, and rubber nitrile
  • Sizes: men’s medium or women’s  large 
  • Color: gray, blue, and yellow


These funky gardening claw gloves take their cue from nature with a robust honey badger design, that has been developed to protect your fingernails.

Unlike other gardening claw gloves, the Honey Badger gloves have an integrated isolation pocket inside the fingers of the gloves.

This has been designed to protect your fingernails.

Use the Honey Badger gloves to dig, weed, and cultivate without relying on a whole host of small tools.

The gloves are available in several sizes and color combinations for men and women. The glove has a latex and nitrile fabric that is breathable but also waterproof.

The claws are integrated into the gloves so this design is durable for long-term use.


  • This design takes the pressure off your fingertips and nails: the design of the gloves prevents pressure from being on your fingernails.
  • These gloves really work: purchasers and reviewers are pleased with how effective the Honey Badger gloves are. 


  • No replacement claws: the claws are integrated, so if they break or wear, it’s time for a new pair of gloves.

Rounding up

Gardening claw gloves make quick work of a wide range of yard chores.

Yes, they may look odd, but they sure do get the job done.

Once you find your ideal pair we’re sure you’ll find them indispensable!

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