17 Succulents That Stay Small (Mini Succulent Guide)


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Have you ever wondered about miniature succulents that you can grow in your home even if you only have a small amount of space to offer to them?

Fortunately, you have some great options that will look amazing and will happily grow in tiny pots.

Mini succulents in a pot
Tiny succulents

It’s important to choose your variety carefully, so let’s look at the best mini succulents out there.

It’s worth noting that most mini succulents will only stay mini if you keep them in the right conditions, so choose a small pot and water them infrequently. Eventually, they may outgrow this space, but most will be content to stay inside it for a long time, or indefinitely provided they are well cared for.

1. Lithops

If you’ve ever wanted a plant that looks like a stone, this strange looking succulent is an ideal option.

Lithops small succulent in a pot

It grows in clumps or mounds and is sometimes known as the “pebble plant” because it looks so much like a pebble.

Over time, its leaves split and new leaves will grow to replace them.

2. Crown Of Thorns

For those who would like a succulent that might flower in their care, the Crown of Thorns is a good option, despite its somewhat alarming name.

Crown of Thorns flowers
Crown of Thorns

It can get up to two feet tall, but it’s possible to keep it small by restricting it, and it is very slow growing.

It produces vibrant flowers, although you need to be wary of the thorns covering its woody stem.

3. Zebra Haworthia

You are likely already familiar with the Zebra Haworthia, which is a particularly striking succulent.

It grows much like an aloe vera, producing elongated leaves with raised white bands striking across the darker foliage.

Zebra Haworthia small succulent in a pot
Zebra Haworthia

These white stripes are what give it its name, and it is an eye-grabbing plant that will thrive in the sun.

The leaves of this plant will rarely grow beyond six inches tall, although you may see the flower stalks get much longer than this.

4. Echeveria Amoena

This is an amazing succulent that produces stunningly pink leaves in the spring, and green leaves throughout the rest of the year.

Echeveria Amoena small succulent in a pot
Echeveria Amoena

The foliage is plump and fleshy, and grows in neat, rose-like spirals around its center.

Sometimes the leaves are tipped with a darker color, and sometimes they remain plain.

5. Echeveria Mimima

Producing stunning rosettes with a fine outline of reddish pink to accentuate the spike each leaf forms, this plant is a definite must-have if you love geometric shapes.

Echeveria Mimima small succulent in a pot
Echeveria Mimima

It is a powdery blue-green, with tightly furled leaves in the center opening outward.

The leaves are fleshy and plump, but they do mark easily, so be careful when handling this plant.

6. Gasteria Little Warty

If you prefer succulents with variegated leaves, the Little Warty is an excellent choice, as its foliage is flecked dark green and light green, with seemingly random patterns spread across each leaf.

Gasteria Little Warty small succulent in a pot
Gasteria Little Warty

The leaves are long and rounded at the ends, and often heavily textured – hence the name.

This plant will tolerate reasonably low light levels, making it perfect for growing indoors, and it is fairly easy to propagate.

It can reach around five inches tall if you let it grow to its full size.

7. Aloinopsis

With tiny, heavily speckled leaves, the Aloinopsis is an extremely attractive bundle of different sized leaves, all growing at different angles.

Aloinopsis small succulent in a pot

Its green foliage is flecked all over with tiny white dots, making it a very aesthetically appealing plant.

It will grow in a small container, and it can produce bright flowers in the winter.

8. Panda Plant

Anyone who is a fan of pandas will be excited to learn that there is a panda plant, and this succulent does not disappoint.

It has elongated, oval leaves that are tipped with brown fringes.

Small Panda plant
Panda plant

These splay outward, creating a beautiful array of contrasting brown and pale green.

Its most attractive feature is the fuzziness of the leaves, and although it can get large, it should grow happily in a small container, as it is a slow grower.

9. Faucaria Tigrina

This particular succulent has a fierce look about it, and it’s often referred to as the Tiger’s Jaw because of the sharp spines that grow from its leaves.

Tiger’s Jaw plant
Faucaria Tigrina

Interestingly, however, these are designed to help the plant collect water, and are not intended to defend it.

This pretty succulent is an attractive green and can produce bright yellow flowers in the winter.

10. Sempervivum Little Bobo

If you would rather grow a clustering succulent, consider trying the Sempervivum Little Bobo, which grows in circles and has vibrant green, triangular leaves that pack tightly in toward the center of the plant.

Sempervivum Little Bobo small succulent in a pot
Sempervivum Little Bobo

They are usually solid green, but a misting of fine white hairs can make them look like they have been lightly frosted.

These are unusually cold hardy and more tolerant of shade than other succulents, but they do prefer full sun.

11. Sedum Little Missy

With tiny, delicate leaves, the Sedum Little Missy is a low growing plant that rarely reaches more than three inches tall, although it will spread outward to cover the pot it grows in.

Sedum Little Missy small succulent in a pot
Sedum Little Missy

It has variegated leaves that are bright and light, and it can produce tiny flowers if it gets enough sun.

That said, it prefers lower light levels than most succulents.

It has fine tendrils that stretch upward, supporting the leaves, and it is non-toxic and reasonably fast growing.

12. Blossfeldia Liliputana

Probably the smallest of all the succulents in most circumstances, the Blossfeldia liliputana is the smallest cactus in the world, and usually only grows to around half an inch across at its very largest.

Blossfeldia Liliputana tiny succulent
Blossfeldia Liliputana

It is free from spines and simply produces a kind of coarse wool across its surface.

Its shape is rounded and pleasing, with a dark gray-green color covered in attractive white spots.

If you can persuade it to flower, it creates amazing pink or white blooms that are often larger than the rest of the plant.

13. Kalanchoe Pumila

This succulent can get quite large, but you can grow it in a small pot to enjoy its stunning leaves.

Kalanchoe Pumila flower
Kalanchoe Pumila

It is often referred to as the “flower dust plant” because it has dusty-looking, almost gray foliage that gives it a wonderfully soft aesthetic.

The leaves are frilled at the edges, and it has attractive pink flowers that grow in bright clusters.

14. Crassula Ovata

The Crassula ovata, otherwise known as the jade plant, is certainly not a small succulent if you place it in a large container, but it is possible to encourage it to remain small if you restrict the conditions.

Crassula Ovata small succulent in a pot
Crassula Ovata

It has juicy and satisfying foliage, and it produces abundant greenery.

15. Aloe Vera

Probably the most famous of succulents, you can keep Aloe vera plants small for quite a while if you plant them into small pots.

The right type of pot for Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

They come in a range of different greens, with some sporting plain leaves and others showing stunning variation across the leaf.

Aloe veras are renowned for their healing properties and can be used to combat sunburn.

You probably won’t be able to take enough leaves from a mini one for these purposes, but it will still look great!

16. String Of Pearls

Much loved among succulents, the string of pearls is beautiful if you allow it a little room to trail.

String of Pearls plant
String of Pearls

Its dainty tendrils are arrayed with bright green, shiny globes that look just like green pearls or beads, and it is very elegant.

It will need a good amount of light, but not too much direct sun, and infrequent watering to thrive.

String of pearls looks particularly lovely if it is allowed to trail down, so try hanging its pot from the ceiling.

17. Moonstone Plant

A beautiful and unusual succulent, the moonstone plant has lovely, pastel leaves that are satisfyingly rounded and plump.

Moonstone plant small succulent in a pot
Moonstone plant

It’s highly attractive, but it is a light-lover, so you must place it on a windowsill where it can get up to eight hours of daylight every day.

If it gets too large for the container you’re using, simply break a piece off, root it, and start again!


Succulents are amazing plants and it’s possible to grow them in very tight spaces, making the interior of your home bright with life.

Some of these succulents will get large with time, but it’s possible to keep most mini, and some will never get large even if you put them in a big container!

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