11 Best Wooden Potting Benches


If you’re a gardener, a potting bench is a must-have.

These benches provide a surface for potting, and places to store gardening materials.

Wooden potting cabinet
Wooden potting bench

The best have multi-tier shelves, and additional locations, like cabinets, drawers, or hooks, for storage.

Following are some of the best potting benches out there, as well as what to look for!

1. Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

  • 28.7 pounds
  • Made of quality fir wood
  • Includes a cabinet drawer
  • 155-pound capacity

The Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Potting Bench starts off strong, with durable fir wood craftsmanship.

It’s also quite simple when it comes to assembly. What’s more, the bench possesses a weather seal, so you can use it/leave it outdoors without worry.

There is a large bottom shelf, for items like watering cans, some potted plants, or whatever else you want to put there.

In fact, it has an impressive 100-pound capacity, so don’t hold back! 

There’s also a middle shelf, which is medium-sized and suitable for items like gloves, small potted plants, etc.


  • Latticework adds a stylish and beautiful look
  • Easy assembly


  • Some say the drawer could use more durability

To conveniently hang your tools, there are hooks on the side of the wooden potting bench. You can also hold seeds and other small items with a lovely built-in drawer.

Last but not least is a small top shelf and a beautiful and stylish latticework back! 

2. Yaheetech Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

  • 36.68 Pounds
  • 100% fir wood
  • Comes with three metal hooks
  • 220-pound tabletop capacity

The Yaheetech Outdoor Garden potting bench features two fir wood shelves and a metal tabletop/top shelf.

The metal top is easy to wipe clean, and, paired with the wood, has a distinctly contemporary look.

For this reason, it’s been highly sought-after! There are two wooden benches, to store plants, water cans, etc.

There are also metal hooks for hanging smaller tools, like gloves, hand shovels, that sort of thing.

The feet of the Yaheetech Outdoor Gardening bench have a protective plastic coating, while the 3 shelves (including the tabletop) are all nicely water-proof.


  • Super easy assembly
  • Compact yet effective, stores easily
  • Sturdy


  • May require an additional waterproof seal

What’s more, this bench comes with two color options to match your home and yard decor: natural wood and gray.

As far as downsides, the Yaheetech Outdoor Potting Bench has very few! The biggest complaint was that a couple of folks wished it were bigger.

Other than that, this is one of the best wooden potting benches the market has to offer!

3. Topeakmart Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

  • Built-in sink
  • Made of durable fir and metal
  • Tabletop capacity 220 pounds
  • 100% fir wood

The Topeakmart Outdoor Garden Potting Bench is next on our list and starts off strong with a built-in sink.

This is an area you can pour water and wash your tools off – handy, right?

This sink is made of durable plastic and measures 13×11-inches. If you feel like it, you can also rig a drain with some simple DIY (there are also plenty of ideas to cover the drain, too).

This tabletop holds this sink and also provides room for plants and any potting work. The other side of the tabletop has a drawer attached just below.

This is the perfect place for small tools (especially sharp ones), seed packets, and whatever other small items you’d like conveniently accessible as you work! 


  • Easy assembly
  • Unique and convenient sink


  • Some wish the instructions were simpler

To store larger items, there is a full-sized bottom shelf.

This can hold heavier pots, watering cans, soil bags, you name it. Finally, there is a small middle shelf, for whatever you like (such as a plant or tool).

4. VINGLI Wooden Potting Bench

  • All-weather garden bench
  • Crafted from fir material
  • Additional drawer and hooks

The VINGLI wooden potting bench has a wooden body and metal tabletop.

It includes a large bottom shelf for heavier items (on the left) and a cabinet (on the right).

The metal tabletop takes up the top of the bench, and is an ideal spot for potting and other garden-related work!

It also sets off the wood body, giving it a stylish and rather contemporary look. The table stands up well to wear and tear and is purported not to warp or crack.

What’s more, assembly is fast and hassle-free (in 30 minutes or less), so you can get potting and gardening ASAP.

The cabinet is nice and roomy, so you can store just about everything you need.


  • Well-built garden bench
  • Easy to assemble


  • Thin wood

Finally, the VINGLI Wooden Potting Bench features a small drawer. This can be used to store small tools, sharp tools, seeds, whatever you require.

To help keep track of your gardening items, the cabinet contains a latch. This will help keep things safer!

5. Giantex Outdoor Garden Wooden Potting Bench

  • Crafted from premium fir and metal
  • Three shelves (one is a tabletop)
  • Capacity 45lbs

The Giantex has two wooden shelves, and a third that doubles as a tabletop.

The tabletop is crafted from metal, while the wood is crafted from quality fir. The fir wood has a finish, to help it repel wear and water!

The shelves have a back panel, to prevent anything from falling out – a nice touch.


  • Versatility
  • Stylish and beautiful look


  • Some say it could use sanding or varnish to make it better

The tabletop/top shelf also has side guards, to help you keep things together during potting work!

What’s more, the has storage hooks on the side, to store any potting and gardening tools you might want nearby. 

6. OutSunny Wooden Potting Bench

  • Capacity 110 pounds
  • 100% solid wood
  • 2 wheels on the feet
  • Practical side hooks

The Outsunny Wooden Potting Bench comes in the color gray, which many find lovely and can be soothing to the eye.

Like many of the best potting benches, it’s made of premium fir wood.

There are three shelves; the bottom, the top tabletop, and a tiny shelf above this, along the back.

Along with this, the Outsunny Wooden Potting Bench includes a built-in and removable sink. 


  • Convenient wheels, easy to maneuver
  • Beautiful look
  • Included sink


  • Not the best durability

This bench tabletop also has a capacity of 110-pounds, while the bottom shelf can hold 55 pounds.

Finally, the Outsunny Wooden Potting Bench has super-convenient, detachable wheels on one side; just roll your potting bench-on-wheels wherever you need it, easily. 

7. LUCKYERMORE Potting Bench

  • Handy built-in drawer
  • Removable sink
  • Wheeled (removable)
  • Crafted from fir

The LUCKYERMORE Potting Bench is highly-rated and features two full-sized shelves (one is also a tabletop), and a small, decorative shelf stacked on top.

There is also a small, handy, built-in drawer. A side hook offers further storage, so you can have tools conveniently on-hand.

This all adds up to a lot of convenient storage space, for tools like watering cans, bags of soil, gloves, boots, whatever you require.

The smallest items can go in the drawer, out of the way while you work. The LUCKYERMORE Potting Bench – like many of the best – is crafted from premium fir wood.

Along with this, it offers a removable sink and removable wheels.

You can remove the sink to empty and/or clean it, and the wheels will allow you to take your table wherever you need it.

This is perfect for when you’re repotting.


  • Stylish look
  • Built-in drawer
  • Simple assembly


  • Could be more waterproof

You can wheel your LUCKYERMORE with you to the garden, the porch, etc. It’s highly versatile and is said to have simple and easy assembly.

When it comes to a potting bench, there’s not a lot more you can ask for!

8. The GUTINNEEN Wooden Potting Bench

  • Crafted from premium fir
  • Water-proof PVS layer on the top shelf
  • 4 side hooks
  • Practical removable sink

The GUTINEEN Wooden potting bench has two large primary shelves, for general storage, and one small uppermost shelf, which can be used for small items and decor.

You can store pots, soil, watering cans, boots, gloves, you name it.

The GUTINEEN Wooden Potting Bench is crafted from fir wood throughout, which is weather-sealed in order to resist rot.

This potting bench also has a handy, built-in drawer for storing smaller objects, like seeds, small tools, etc.

Additionally, the GUTINEEN Wooden Potting Bench has side-hooks, for easy access to your favorite and most-used potting tools.


  • PVC is both easy to clean and waterproof
  • Easy assembly
  • Built-in drawer
  • Sturdy
  • Stores a respectable amount of gear


  • Some say the built-in sink doesn’t hold enough soil

Finally, there is a PVC layer on the top shelf, where you’ll be doing your potting work.

This serves to make it conveniently water-proof, so you can pot and repot plants, and involve water in the mix, without worry.

If you’re looking for convenience, the GUTINEEN Wooden Potting Bench may just do the trick!

9. Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Wooden Potting Bench

  • 44-pound weight capacity
  • Made of premium fir
  • Metal tabletop
  • 3 side hooks

This lovely potting bench starts off strong with a metal top that’s both beautiful and weather-proof. It’s super easy to brush any excess soil off the sleek surface.

Underneath this, there’s a shelf on the left and a cabinet on right. The shelf and top have a 44-pound weight capacity, so you can store bags of soil, tools, pots, etc.

While the top of the Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Wooden Potting Bench has a metal top, the rest of it is made of fir.

This has a natural look, and when paired with the metal top, makes the bench look very stylish and contemporary.


  • Simple assembly
  • Stylish look
  • Easy-to-clean metal top
  • Respectable storage capacity


  • It may not be entirely weatherproof (benefits from a coat of sealant)

Finally, there are hooks on the side of the potting bench, to hang tools, gloves, etc. for quick access.

This bench has a focus on both appearance, convenience, and functionality, making it a top pick!

10. Yaheetech Garden Potting Bench

  • Sliding Tabletop
  • Dry Sink for Soil
  • 40-Pound Storage Capacity

The Yaheetech Garden Potting Bench has a super-unique design, featuring a sliding tabletop.

This opens on two sides, to uncover a dry sink. The sink is perfect for mixing together soil and potting your plants, free of mess.

The bench also features a large bottom shelf, for storing potting soil, watering cans, you name it.

A small top shelf also provides an area to store potted plants, tools, or any other small items you prefer.

Bringing it all together is a latticework back! This is mainly for looks but can double for hanging tools or gloves.


  • Includes a handy dry sink
  • The sliding tabletop is a nice touch
  • Stylish latticework back


  • Some say it could be more weather-proof (may benefit from a sealant)

The bottom shelf has a capacity of 40 pounds, while the top has a capacity of 11 pounds. The bottom is perfect for heavier storage, while the top is designed for pots and small tools.

All in all, this is an excellent potting bench, and well worth a look!

11. VINGLI Wooden Potting Bench

  • Crafted from wood and metal
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Multi-tier

The VINGLI Wooden Potting Bench is one of the best of its kind. It’s crafted from wood, featuring a metal tabletop surface.

The tabletop surface is easy to brush the dirt off of, once you’re done potting your plants. The wood is durable and resistant to wear. 

On the right, there is a cabinet, for the storage of tools, pots, you name it.

Next to this is a lower shelf, which can hold potting soil, potted plants, or whatever small to medium items you require.

For smaller items, there are hooks on the side. This will allow you to access them quickly and easily.


  • Easy to put together
  • Stylish look


  • Could have a higher storage capacity

Finally, the VINGLI Wooden Potting Bench has a small upper shelf, for small tools or decor! The shelf has a sleek style, and assembly is easy, roughly 30-minutes altogether.

If you’re looking for a durable, handy, stylish potting bench, the VINGLI Wooden Potting Bench should do the trick!

Wooden Potting Benches – What to Look For

Wooden potting bench outdoor
Wooden potting garden bench

The Material

One of the main things you’ll want to look out for is the material of a bench.

The most popular benches are made of fir wood. This is lightweight, sturdy, and has a natural look.

Sometimes, these are combined with metal, which is also highly sought-after!

Storage Capacity

Your preferences in storage capacity are sure to depend on what you have to store.

If you have a lot of large potted plants or big bags of soil, the more storage capacity the better. If you only have small potted plants and a few tools to store, this won’t matter as much.

Keep In Mind: Many benches have different storage capacities depending on the shelf. Oftentimes, the bottom shelf will hold the most. This is something to look out for!

Any Convenient Accessories

So, you’re looking for a potting bench.

You can get one of these with not just your basic top-shelf surface but instead, get a two or even three-tier shelf bench.

Wooden potting cabinet in backyard
Old wooden potting bench

What’s more, some benches will come with a drawer, to store small items conveniently. Hooks on the side may also be included, for the same purpose.

Finally, some of the best potting benches come with their own – dry – sink. This is for mixing soils and filling your plant pot.

While none of these accessories are strictly necessities, they can make potting plants much easier!

Final Thoughts

So, now you know some of the top wooden potting benches out there, as well as what to look for.

Your potting bench, ideally, should be a combination of looks and functionality. Multi-tier shelves are a must-have, and a dry sink is another handy feature to keep an eye out for.

Most – if not all – of the best potting benches are made of fir wood.

Best of luck!

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