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Where houseplants are concerned, there are none quite as exotic and interesting as the bird of paradise.

Take a look at it’s incredible flowers and you will instantly see why it has this name.

Keeping Indoors bird of paradise plant
Bird of paradise plant indoor

The flowers resemble the head of a tropical bird and these plants will certainly make a talking point in any room. 

However, they can grow to be quite large so it’s important to make sure that you’ve got space for your plant to thrive.

In This Guide – We’ll be finding out how big a bird of paradise plant can get and how quickly.

How Big Do Bird Of Paradise Plants Get And How Quickly Do They Grow?

If you keep a bird of paradise plant indoors then you might expect it to grow a little more slowly than those that are kept outside.

Typically speaking, these plants will gain around 12 inches in height each year, provided that they are in the right conditions. 

Bird of paradise flower
How Big Do Bird Of Paradise Plants Get

When you first buy your plant, it’ll probably be quite small and within it’s first year, it’ll more than likely double in size.

However, do keep in mind that your plant may then go on to increase rapidly over the course of the next three to five years.

During this time, it is not uncommon for the plant to reach up to six feet in height. 

Moreover: Indoor bird of paradise plants can grow to be quite wide. It is possible to prune them to keep the leaves a little tighter and remove them if you want to maintain a smaller plant. 

What About Outdoor Bird Of Paradise Plants?

If you decide to keep your bird of paradise plant outdoors, it’s worth keeping in mind that these plants will do best in a warm spot with plenty of sunlight.

During the spring and summer is when the plants will grow the most. 

Bird of paradise flower outdoors
Bird of paradise flower

It’ll normally take a couple of years for the plant to establish and you can expect to wait around five years for it to become fully grown.

At This Point – It might reach a height of six feet but this largely depends on the species of bird of paradise you have chosen. (We’ll give you details of these and how tall they grow later in this guide.)

Since the bird of paradise will shoot several stems, it is possible to divide one plant into several.

However, you should keep in mind that this will affect the growth rate and how quickly the plant flowers.

Generally speaking, the plants will take a good three years to recover from this. 

Growth Chart For Different Species Of Bird Of Paradise Plants

Bird of Paradise SpeciesHeight
Dwarf bird of paradise2.5 feet
Orange bird of paradise6 feet
White bird of paradise7 feet
White flowering banana plant7 feet
Narrow leaf bird of paradise6 feet

Tips For Keeping Bird Of Paradise and Maintaining Health Growth

As with any plant, taking good care of your bird of paradise is key in helping it to thrive.

If you want your plant to grow as quickly as possible then there are some things you can do to speed up the process at the same time as keeping your plant healthy. 

Using Mulch

Before we talk about mulching, it’s important to point out that you should never over water your bird of paradise as this could lead to root rot.

Cedar mulch bag
Get Cedar mulch

However, by adding a layer of mulch to the soil, this will help it to better retain water. This will prevent the plant and roots from drying out. 

If you’re worried about there being too much moisture, you could use bark mulch which will soak up any excess.

This is especially useful if the plant is outdoors and there is heavy rain. Once absorbed, the mulch will then slowly release water back into the soil.

What’s More – The presence of mulch will reduce the risk of weed infestation which can affect the health of your plant as the weeds take important nutrients from the soil. 

Choose The Right Pot Size

It’s evident that the bird of paradise is not a small plant so you will need to make sure that you choose the right sized pot for it to thrive.

Potting soil fixing
Fixing potting soil

Some people opt for the smallest possible pot as this allows you to keep the root system tighter and more stable.

Keep In Mind: For a six foot plant, you’ll want a pot that is at least 16 inches. 


In order to keep your bird of paradise healthy and encourage new leaf growth, it’s essential to remove any dead leaves.

Even if you notice them beginning to die, it’ll do no harm to remove them right away. 

If there are brown leaves on the plant, you only need to cut these down to where they become green again.

Use a sharp pair of cutters so that you do as little damage to the plant as possible. 


When looking to give your bird of paradise a boost, there is nothing better than giving it some liquid fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer for pepper plants
Liquid fertilizer

This will increase the nitrogen content in the soil which will in turn encourage new leaf growth.

Normally, you would need to apply fertilizer around every four weeks in the summer months. 


The bird of paradise is a stunning plant that is often kept as a house plant, although it can be kept outdoors if the conditions are right.

These avian-resembling plants can get very big with some species growing up to seven feet tall! 

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