Soil Care

Soil is at the base of any beautiful garden. Take care of the soil and the soil will take care of your plants, flowers, and vegetables.

Cubic yard of topsoil weigh answered

How Much Does a Cubic Yard of Topsoil Weigh?

The weight of a cubic yard of topsoil varies greatly and can be anywhere from 1000 lbs to almost 3000 lbs. The weight will depend on the type of topsoil, the moisture content, and whether it’s been compacted.

11 Winter Gardening Jobs (Must Complete Before Winter Sets In)

A little effort to provide your garden with the TLC it needs to face the winter months will yield massive dividends for the coming year. In this article we share the 11 winter gardening jobs you must complete before winter sets in!

Flies in compost bins repell

How To Get Rid Of Flies In Compost Bins (Natural And Chemical Options)

Flies only infest compost piles that have not been managed properly. In this article, we will look into ways through which you can get rid of flies or, at the very least, prevent their infestation.

Best way to dig a deep hole backyard

What’s the Best Way to Dig a Deep Hole in Your Backyard?

Use the scissor-action manual post-hole digger if you live in a rocky region. For deeper and narrower holes, double-pivot diggers work best.

maggots in compost bin

Why are There Maggots in My Compost Bin

But why are they in your compost bin and are there ways to get rid of them? Can you get rid of them? Let’s find out.

Garden soil mixers explained

Complete Guide To Garden Soil Mixers (DIY And Store Bought)

We will explain everything you need to know about garden soil mixers, how to use them and how to choose the right one for your garden.

white worms in soil

What Are These Tiny White Worms In My Soil?

If you have noticed these little critters in your soil, there’s no need to panic just yet. There are ways you can get rid of them and save your plant. 

How much bone meal per gallon of soil tips

How Much Bone Meal Per Gallon Of Soil?

It’s best to apply bone meal according to the square footage you are looking to cover. In this guide, we’ll give you the right figures to make sure you don’t add too much or too little of this effective fertilizer. 

Is Potting Soil Safe to Play In?

Is Potting Soil Safe to Play In?

Many parents like to get their children involved in planting and gardening and often want to know if playing in potting soil is safe.

How to Sterilize Soil (Quick and Organically Friendly)

How to Sterilize Soil (Quick and Organically Friendly)

Sterilizing the soil can be accomplished through heat processes such as an oven, microwave, steaming, and boiling water. Learn more here.

Why Is Peat Free Compost Environmentally Friendly?

Why Is Peat Free Compost Environmentally Friendly?

Want to make sure your gardening habits are ecofriendly? Click here to see why you should consider peat free compost.

Do Organic Gardeners Use Lime?

Do Organic Gardeners Use Lime?

Organic household gardeners have their own way of doing things. Find out what’s their primary approach when it comes to using lime.

Is Lime An Organic Fertilizer

Is Lime An Organic Fertilizer

Some claim that lime is perfectly safe to use while others argue against its use. What’s the real truth? Find out today.

6 Coco Peat Disadvantages

6 Coco Peat Disadvantages You Should Know About

Using coco peat for your plants is not the perfect solution. Here are 6 points that might change your mind.

Rice Hulls Vs Perlite: Which One Is Better?

Rice Hulls vs Perlite: Which One is Better?

We have a winner. But, before you decide, go through our complete guide to see a few crucial things that helped us choose when comparing rice hulls vs. perlite.