Hanging Baskets For Strawberries (DIY Or Buy)


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Every gardener wants to grow at least one or two fruits in their home gardens.

Strawberries may appear small but are packed with antioxidants, fibers, and vitamins.

They contain low calories as they are cholesterol, sodium, and fats-free.

Strawberries are excellent for:

  • maintaining low blood pressure
  • a healthy heart
  • and protecting our bodies against cancer

If your worry is the availability of garden space, you have the option of planting strawberries in hanging baskets and pots.

hanging baskets for strawberries guide
Best hanging baskets for strawberries

They take up little space and also accessorize your home and garden.

You can hang them anywhere, and they will add an elegant and beautiful green feel to the area.

You will enjoy harvesting the fruit every season if you plant them correctly.

You can hang strawberry baskets in your garden, on your porch, or in front of the house.

Balconies and trees around your home also make the perfect locations for hanging plants.

We Are Going to Help – Wherever you choose to grow your strawberries, ensure they are exposed to the right conditions for a healthy plant.  

Do strawberries grow well in hanging baskets?

Under the right conditions, strawberries grow well in hanging baskets.

Strawberries growing well in hanging baskets
Do strawberries grow well in hanging baskets?

Pick the suitable varieties that do well in small spaces and can withstand every weather.

Plant them in soil rich in nutrients. Hang the baskets where there is sufficient sunlight and cool temperatures. 

Move the baskets around if necessary for maximum exposure.

Since they are high above the ground, crop disease, pests, and animals will be out of reach.

Once they are ready to harvest, it will be easy as they are at the right height.

How big should a hanging basket be for strawberries?

The ideal size for a strawberry hanging basket should be about 13 inches in diameter and 8 inches in depth.

You can comfortably plant two or three strawberry stems in one basket.

Big hanging basket for strawberries
How big should a hanging basket be for strawberries?

Spacing gives the plant enough room for the roots to grow and reduce the overhang.

When transferring the young plant into the basket, ensure the roots are deep in the soil. 

The stems and crown should be above the soil to give them space to grow out and bear fruits. If your area allows it, the bigger the basket, the better.

Overcrowding the young strawberry plants can cause them to die from insufficient water, nutrients, and proper light.

Your Choice – For gardeners that prefer smaller baskets, plant only one plant in each and ensure you water them frequently.

Which strawberry plants are best for hanging baskets?

The best varieties of strawberries to grow in hanging baskets are the day-neutral and alpine strawberry plants.

Day-neutral strawberries grow throughout the year. They produce fresh and tasty berries around June till the end of fall.

Strawberry plants for hanging baskets
Which strawberry plants are best for hanging baskets?

Unlike perennial strawberries, day-neutral strawberries flower and fruit all season. Perennial strawberry plants produce fruit for only three weeks.

As long as temperatures remain at an average of 65 degrees Fahrenheit, they will have enough fruit. 

Day-neutral strawberry varieties to plant in hanging baskets include San Andreas, Albions, Evie-11, Seascape, Monterey, and Portola.

Each plant will produce about a pound of sweet-tasting fruit each season.

For the Maximum Yield – Space the plants well, trim the runners, and provide the required water, sunlight, soil, and nutrients for the maximum yield.

Alpine strawberry plants grow well in shaded areas and bear fruit from June to October.

Although the berries produced are smaller than other varieties, these sometimes cream-yellow fruits are delicious.

Types of hanging baskets strawberries fruit
Types of hanging baskets for strawberries

They were initially wild berries but are now popular with gardeners to grow in hanging baskets and pots.

Alpine strawberry plants are small in size and do not have runners.

They handle harsh weather conditions well and can survive with less than 5 hours of direct sunlight.

Heads Up! They do well in shallow, rich, and calm soil. Commonly grown from seeds, give them a few weeks to germinate before transplanting to the baskets.

Types of hanging baskets for strawberries

You can make your hanging baskets for strawberries or buy some from online gardening shops.

You will find hanging baskets for sale in the gardening sections of all major retail stores countrywide.

DIY hanging baskets for strawberries

DIY strawberry planters come in different sizes, designs, and materials.

You can make your hanging baskets from recycled materials and containers around the home.

Besides saving money, you get to create unique yet crafty planters from things that you would otherwise consider trash around you.

DIY hanging baskets perfect for strawberries
DIY hanging baskets for strawberries

It is also the best way to be environmentally conscious.

You can turn plastic containers, old fruit wicker baskets, laundry baskets, and bins into hanging strawberry baskets.

Trim the plastic containers to the ideal size for hanging.

Cut holes at the bottom for good soil drainage and attach the ropes or wire to hook them up.

You can also paint the containers to give them a fresh decorative look to brighten your home.

Crafty people can weave their baskets from pine, straw, or softwood splints.

Alternatively – You can make clay pots in different shapes and sizes to replace the baskets.

However, clay pots are heavy and delicate when used for hanging plants.

Ensure the anchor they hang from is sturdy and the rope or wire holding them up is wrapped tight around the pots. 

Store-bought hanging baskets for strawberries

You can buy hanging baskets for strawberries from any store around you that stocks them.

Easily choose the number and size depending on the number of plants you need in your garden or home.

The available space to hang the baskets will also determine how many you buy and the ideal sizes.

Hanging baskets available in stores are:

  • metal
  • plastic
  • ceramic
  • fabric
  • and fiber/straw materials

The chains to hook them up are coated with zinc to prevent rusting.

They are strong and will last a long time without replacing them annually. They come in different colors, sizes, designs, and shapes to fit any home.

Here is a list of a few hanging baskets available on Amazon. They guarantee value for money and are aesthetically good-looking around your home.

Best Hanging Baskets For Strawberries

Foraineam Self-Watering Hanging Planter

These plastic baskets are reasonably priced, durable, and can grow up to 3 plants. They are pretty to look at, as they come in various colors.

The holes at the bottom provide proper drainage. Setting them up is easy as they come with instructions.

Wizdar Hanging Planters Basket

They are made from coconut fiber and hang from lovely black iron chains. They are easy to assemble and handle weight well.

The outer soft fiber material is suitable for soil drainage. However, they are small, and you can only plant one strawberry plant in each basket.

Foraineam Ceramic Hanging Planter

These ceramic hanging baskets are elegant and stylish and come in a bold white color.

They are available in an average size big enough to plant two strawberry plants.

They have a drainage hole to drain excess water properly. You can hang them indoors or outdoors, where your strawberries will get sufficient light.

How do you make a strawberry hanging basket?

To make a strawberry hanging basket, you will need a few items listed below:

  • Hanging basket of choice
  • Polythene bag/liner
  • Soil
  • Water

Steps to planting your strawberries in a hanging basket:

Step 1 

First, cut the polythene bag or liner to fit around the basket. Ensure it is firmly tucked in around the basket.

Make a few holes at the bottom of the liner to allow proper drainage of water.

Step 2

Pour the loose soil into the basket up to the brim.

Do not overfill the basket. Consider the type of strawberry plant and the size of the roots.

Step 3

Plant your strawberry plants. If they are two or more plants, space them by placing them around the edges of the basket.

Step 4

Water the soil around the plants till it is well saturated.

Once the excess water has drained off, hang the basket in an ideal spot.

The best place is where there is some direct sunlight with good air circulation.

In a few weeks, flowering and pollination will occur as they grow. A healthy plant will produce fruits immediately after.

Ensure to trim the runners once the plant has borne fruit. Planting the runners will create new strawberry plants.

Do strawberries grow better hanging?

Strawberries can grow well directly on the ground or when hanging.

If you choose to plant them hanging, ensure you give them the proper attention due to the lack of garden space.

Strawberries will grow best when hanging in an area that receives sufficient sunlight and fresh air. 

Use fresh soil that has the right amount of nutrients. Ensure the strawberry plants are spaced sufficiently to grow healthy.

Keep the alpine variety away from hot direct sunlight for long hours or areas with heavy wind.

If your strawberries are healthy, you can replant them every year for new crops.

How to care for hanging strawberry plants

Like strawberries planted on the ground in a garden, hanging strawberries in baskets requires proper care and attention. 

Strawberry pot
Watering potted strawberries

Here are a few tips on properly looking after your hanging baskets of strawberries:

  • Strawberries require soil with good drainage. If you have poor water drainage, the roots will rot and kill the plants. Make sure your baskets have enough holes at the bottom for excess water drainage. The soil in the baskets is also safe from pests and crop diseases as it is off the ground.
  • Strawberries thrive under sufficient sunlight. Besides the Alpine variety of strawberries that require shade, day-neutral strawberries need over 5 hours of daily direct sunlight. The light will encourage the growth of a healthy plant that will produce large and juicy fruits.
  • Maintain proper air circulation in your baskets. Do not crowd the strawberry plants to prevent them from getting too moist, which causes them to die.
  • Check on your strawberry plants and hanging baskets conditions every day. Confirm that the leaves are still green in color and are not infested with insects and pests. The soil should be moist enough but not wet.
  • Add fertilizer to your plants every few weeks to nourish the soil and leaves. 
  • During winter, move the plans indoors or to a shaded area to avoid getting too cold. 
  • Trimming runners is suitable for strawberry plants. It allows them to fruit well, and one can replant the runners to new crops.

Do hanging strawberries come back every year?

Strawberry pots guide
Strawberry pot

Yes, hanging strawberries will come back every year.

If you take proper care of your strawberry plants, they will grow every year for about four years.

There is no need to replant them if they are in good shape.

Give them sufficient nutrients and spacing, and they will fruit every season.

The amount of fruit production will depend on how healthy the plants are.


Plant the ideal variety for your region to get the best out of your hanging basket of strawberries.

Remember to take good care of them by following the tips shared.

Join strawberry gardening forums or talk to fellow strawberry plants owners.

They will help you discover new ideas to keep your hanging plants thriving all season.  

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