How Much Does a Lettuce Aerogarden Yield?


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Aerogardens are soil-free indoor gardens that can allow lettuce to grow five times quicker than regular soil.

While there are a few downsides, there is no denying that AeroGarden lettuce cultivation is one of the simplest ways to cultivate your lettuce.

To get the amount of yield, producers often count the amount of specific lettuce collected in a sample area to estimate lettuce output.

The harvested lettuce is then weighed, and the total lettuce output of the Aerogarden is calculated from the sample.

For an average aerogarden, when grow lights are turned on for 16 hours a day, the yield is around 20 g of lettuce every three days. 1st yield should take about three weeks.

After that, the lettuce will yield 2 to 3 times per week.

The specific amount of a lettuce aerogarden yield is determined by the size and number of pods of an aerogarden.

How Much Does A Lettuce Aerogarden Yield?

To get the most out of your lettuce, I would recommend you go with 2-3 seeds per pod, assuming you choose the strongest, and remove the others by cutting with pruning shears – leaving one per pod.

If you don’t want to thin them, use one seed per pod.

Type Aerogarden Number of lettuces Average yield per plant  (No of leaves) Total yield per aerogarden
Aerogarden Herbie21530 leaves
Aerogarden sprout31545 leaves
Aerogarden Harvest61590 leaves
Aerogarden Bounty915135 leaves
Aerogarden Farm2415360 leaves
Aerogarden types yield

What to Look Out For?

There are plenty of things to look out for when planting lettuce in an Aerogarden.

For instance, when the nutrition solution is too concentrated it can highly affect lettuce yield.

This can happen if your supply of water has a lot of mineral salts or if your Seed Kit has been growing for a long period without rinsing and refilling with clean water.

Nutrient imbalance often shows as browning or yellowing of the leaves, and if not addressed, it can result in plant death.

Lettuce yield will reduce when insects infest. If you believe that you have insects on your plants, raise the water temperature to 80 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

One way of doing this is by placing your AeroGarden in a sunny spot, the water will heat up, and the oxygen concentration in the water bowl will be significantly reduced.

Different types of systems for growing plants
Aeroponics & aquaponics

This will reduce the metabolic activities of insects and can either kill them or drive them away.

Also, lettuce produced in the Aerogarden is not immune to the airborne plant diseases that affect outdoor plants.

Important to Know: Plant pathology is a vast area, and without an expert’s microscopic inspection of plant tissue, it is hard to determine which plant disease is afflicting your lettuce.

Factors That Can Increase Lettuce Aerogarden Yield.

One of the main factors that determine how well your crop performs is the harvesting technique.

For lettuce, always trim off the top inch or two as the lettuce grows:

  • You can start as early as three weeks, and the lettuce recovers quickly and continues to produce. You can use this method up to 2-3 times per week.
  • With this method, be sure to leave two-thirds of the plant height behind, only trimming the top 1/3 of the plant at a time.

By removing the larger lettuce leaves, you can keep the lettuce leaves as even as possible. Remove the leaves as close to the stem’s base as possible.

Salad greens, especially lettuce, grow better in the winter than in the summer.

This is because they generate seeds in the summer and are therefore inedible during this time of year.

The ideal temperature range for lettuce is between 55- and 70-degrees Fahrenheit.

As a result, it is best to locate your lettuce Aerogarden in the coolest part of your home and avoid placing it near sunny windows.

It is also a good idea to use a fan to circulate the air and keep the plant cool at all times. As much as possible, stay away from heated places.

AeroGarden cultivars have been rigorously tested for rapid germination and growth in indoor gardening conditions. In just three weeks, the seeds are ready to yield.

When selecting your variety, you may also need to experiment a little to find varieties that grow well in your environment.

Some lettuce kinds develop faster than others. You can pick Loose-leaf and butterhead lettuces at any stage of growth.

Meanwhile, the yielding period of “heading” types is significantly longer:

  • Crisphead lettuce, for example, takes 70 to 100 days to yield
  • Whereas romaine lettuce takes 75 to 85 days

Lettuce thrives under bright light, such as the light provided by AeroGarden. The more light there is, the larger the leaves become.

Go Easy: Pruning should be done evenly, with the objective of never lifting the hood of your AeroGarden light. But don’t allow your lettuce to get brown under the lights.

Final Thoughts

As one of the salad greens, lettuce has been thoroughly tested to assure complete compatibility with the AeroGarden system.

You will be pleased with the quick and robust growth and will have nothing to complain about. Understanding how to prune correctly will boost your yields.

You can grow lettuce all year long in your aerogarden. From the time the seeds are planted until they yield, it should take about three weeks.

After which, you should be able to harvest lettuce for three to four months.

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