How to Prune Parsley Aerogarden in Four Quick Steps


Growing food in Aerogardens is simple, efficient, and has numerous health benefits.

Parsley doesn’t require much space to grow and would even flourish in the Herbie, Aerogarden’s most miniature model.

With the limited space available, how do you regulate the growth of the plant?

First and foremost, parsley is one of the fastest-growing herbs.  Frequent pruning becomes very important to keep new leaves growing while maintaining the leaves bright green and fresh.

Moreover, pruning will prevent your parsley from getting too tall for your Aerogarden.

The pruning should be done correctly without harming the plant to ensure the leaves and stems can regrow.

Without much further ado, here’s what you need to know on how to prune parsley aerogarden correctly.

Why Should You Prune Parsley Aerogarden?

To Increase Its Yield

Leaving your parsley unpruned stunts its growth.

Therefore it’s essential to remove some of the leaves to keep it going.

It may seem counterintuitive to cut off some leaves, but you’ll actually get to maintain the parsley’s health, shape and boost its productivity.

You can keep your parsley aerogarden growing for up to a year while harvesting continuously.

Prevent It from Flowering

After a few harvests, the parsley will begin to develop flowers.

parsley flowering stop
Parsley plant

If you let the plant begin to seed, it will stop producing leaves and generally die off. Moreover, the leaves will start losing flavor and become bitter.

Your Choice: Pruning will help the parsley retain its sweet taste and extend its lifespan.

Young Parsley to Access Light

Light is a critical factor in the growth of any plant.

As the parsley grows, the stems tend to overlap and crowd each other out to access the grow lights.

Trim any long stems and leaves which may hinder the LED light from reaching the younger parsley stems.

Prevent Fungus

When the parsley gets overcrowded, humidity builds up inside the plant.

This humid environment presents ideal conditions for the growth and spread of the fungus.

Regular pruning will keep fungus and pathogens at bay without the use of pesticides.

How to Prune Parsley Aerogarden


Deadheading is the removal of flowers as soon as they start to appear. 

Cut off the flower heads at their infancy before they have a chance to pollinate and set seed.

Alternatively, you can snip off the flower’s branch where it meets the main stem to prevent it from growing back.

Removal of the parsley flowers channels the nutrients meant for seed production towards the production of leaves.

Once you remove the blossoms, you will notice that the parsley will grow more vigorously.

It’s worth noting that parsley is a biennial plant. In their second year, once you notice the leaves’ flavor starting to be bitter, it’s about time you allow the plant to seed.

Have You Noticed: The leaves will still be edible, but they will not be as delicious and nutritious.

Deal with Imperfections

Examine the leaves and remove any which seem diseased or dead.

Parsley herbs
Parsley plant

It is usually characterized by brown, yellow, rotting, or curled-up leaves. Curled-up leaves would be only a concern if you planted the flat-leaf or Italian parsley breed (P. crispum neapolitanum).

You should also check for damaged or particularly weak stems. Such stems will not bear any leaves but will take valuable space and nutrients away from healthy branches.

Take Action: They should be removed by hand or pruning shears as soon as you see them since they burden the plant.

Prune Horizontally

The outer stems and leaves are the oldest part of the parsley.

So you need to start with pruning the outer stems first and work your way towards the center section of the plant.

It will encourage new growth and enable them to get adequate light for photosynthetic processes.

Don’t prune all the leaves from the parsley’s stem completely. Have some three segments remaining on the leaf stems, or you will stunt the parsley’s development.

It is recommended not to prune more than 1/3 of the parsley at a time.

Always Prune at the Stem Joint

Pinching off the leaves rather than cutting off the stem segment is a common mistake by gardeners when pruning parsley.

Prune parsley aerogarden complete guide
Pruning parsley

If you pull individual leaves off, the stem will dry out and won’t regrow. The plant’s productivity will be severely affected.

Cut the leaves right at the spot where they join the stem. It will encourage your parsley to put out more stems and leaves.

Go Easy: You can snip off the leaves one by one so that you don’t damage the other leaves and stems you would like to keep intact.

When to Prune Your Parsley

After germination, your parsley will be fully grown after four weeks.

The plant is about 6 inches tall and has developed three or more leaves on each stem. It is the recommended time to prune your Aerogarden parsley for the first time.

Afterward, you can continue pruning the parsley at least once a month to prevent them from becoming long and leggy.

This will encourage a continuous robust bushy growth, which will provide you with multiple harvests off one plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you lower the Aerogarden lights after pruning your parsley?

Aerogarden recommends that the grow lights be about four to six inches above the parsley plant for optimum growth.

Typically, after pruning, the remaining stems and leaves are way below the recommended height and may need to adjust the lights or have the intensity toned up.

Do you need to clean your AeroGarden after pruning the parsley?

Yes. The kit should always be kept clean.

You should clear any pruned leaves and stems of the Aerogarden and inside the water to prevent the spreading of infections.

More so, as they rot inside the water, they will produce an unpleasant smell inside the room.

Can you use a table knife to prune parsley?

Though not the recommended tool for the job, they are worthy substitutes for pruning scissors.

They should be sharp, clean with a considerably thin blade for precise cuts. It will prevent unwanted tears, which may lead to the plant drying up and eventually dying.

Fight off the temptation to use your bare hands.

Is it worth it to use an Aerogarden to grow parsley?

The kit is pretty expensive compared to other methods of growing plants indoors.

However, you can cultivate your parsley no matter the time of the year with little maintenance required.

Final Words

Don’t be afraid to prune your parsley regularly.

You will still have plenty of foliage left, and the plant usually regains full growth two to three weeks after pruning.

After pruning, always remember to add some more fertilizer, especially ones with high nitrogen concentration.

It helps replace the energy lost by pruning off the leaves, consequently hastening the foliage’s regrowth.

Lastly, always read the instruction manual and adhere to all the guidelines to the latter. The instructions are easy to follow, suitable for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

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