How Expensive Is Lions Mane Mushroom?


Scientifically known as Hericium Erinaceus, Lions mane mushrooms are costly retailing at around $25 a pound.

Lions mane mushroom price
How expensive is Lions Mane Mushroom?

However, the consumable Lion’s mane mushroom is affordable compared to other pricier mushroom varieties.

Lions Mane Mushrooms

These mushrooms are in demand all year round due to their medicinal properties.

Lion’s mane is famous for treating nerve damage, and neurological illnesses, especially memory-related diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

The prices of Lion’s mane mushrooms vary depending on the year’s season and source.

If you purchase them when they are out of season, they will be pricier as those available in the market are either imports or dry ones from storage.

Lion’s mane mushrooms are ready for harvest late in the year, from mid-August to the end of December in the US.

They do not grow well in most parts of Europe as the weather conditions are not conducive.

Sometimes scientists grow them in a laboratory, but most consumers prefer the organically grown variety.

What Do Lions Mane Mushrooms Look Like?

Lions mane mushrooms have a distinctive appearance.

White Lions mane mushroom
What do Lions Mane Mushrooms look like?

They are white and round-shaped with tiny soft hanging spines that give them a fuzzy mane appearance.

They look like hanging beards and are sometimes known as the Bearded Tooth Fungus.

Native to Asia – Where consumption was mainly for medical reasons, they can be eaten in raw form, cooked, or as supplements. 

Health Benefits of Lions Mane Mushrooms

Lions mane mushrooms have several health benefits when taken in their different forms.

People who eat them say they taste like seafood.

They contain healthy ingredients that help our bodies overcome heart, brain, and stomach illnesses.

Some of the health benefits include the following.

Improved brain function 

Lions Mane Mushrooms healthy
Health benefits of Lions Mane Mushrooms

Lion’s mane helps the older generation who may have memory loss illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The mushroom extracts produce supplements that slow down the effects of these diseases through the stimulation of brain cells.

They boost memory in older adults at risk of memory loss.

However, scientific research is from animals, and humans are yet to have an intensive study.

Help reduce the effects of nerve damage

Our nerves transmit signals throughout the body, controlling all our functions.

Any damage to the nerves in our spine or any other body part affects the whole body.

Illnesses or injuries to our nervous system can cause paralysis. Lion’s mane is said to help improve the healing of nerves by restoring nerve cells. 

If a person suffers a stroke or is at risk of Parkinson’s disease, Lion’s mane supplements help reduce the extent of brain damage.

Human research is also required to prove these further, as animal tests show brain injury effects improvements.

Relieves inflammation

Lion’s mane mushrooms carry a potent anti-inflammatory mix that reduces the impact of chronic inflammation from autoimmune, cancer, and heart diseases.

Lion's mane mushrooms carry a potent anti-inflammatory mix
Relieves inflammation

They also help relieve health complications from:

  • diabetes
  • liver disease
  • cancer
  • and obesity

After two weeks of daily use, the supplements begin to work on the body.

Helps with anxiety and depression

Lions mane extracts are helpful to people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

In one of the small studies conducted, volunteers who consumed the mushrooms had fewer instances of irritation and stress.

There were also lower displays of depression behaviors. 

Relieves stomach ulcers

Ulcers affect the digestive system either from bacterial infection or stomach lining damage from steroids.

Lions mane herbal supplements help stop the overgrowth of bacteria and prevent further damage to the stomach lining.

What Are The Side Effects Of Lions Mane Mushrooms?

Besides allergic reactions to people who have mushroom allergies, there are no recordings of adverse reactions to eating Lion’s mane or using the extracts supplements.

Side effects Of Lions Mane Mushrooms facts
Side effects Of Lions Mane Mushrooms

Those with respiratory disorders should sparingly eat or use Lion’s mane supplements.

Extensive use beyond the prescription can cause mild stomach upset. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Lions Mane Mushroom

Is Lions mane mushroom rare?

Sometimes, depending on the season, they can be quite rare.

Lions mane mushrooms grow on tree trunks and are easy to miss as most people look for mushrooms below the trees.

But for the seasoned mushroom forager, they are pretty easy to locate if you know where to find them, especially where they grow naturally.

Do Lions mane mushrooms last long?

Like fresh produce or vegetation, these mushrooms start to die once harvested. Freshly cut Lion’s mane last about 5 days once picked.

It would be best to eat them on the same day of harvest, but you can keep them in the refrigerator for a few days.

Cover them with a wet cloth or paper napkin in a tightly closed container to keep them fresh.

Lions Mane mushroom FAQs listed
Lions Mane mushroom FAQs

Is Lions mane mushroom a psychedelic?

Lions mane mushrooms will not get you high.

While these mushrooms are commonly used as a supplement, legally to boost memory, they are not hallucinatory drugs.

Do Lions mane mushrooms give you dreams?

If your dreams are more precise or captivating after taking Lions mane mushroom, it’s due to their benefit of improving sleep quality.

It is natural and healthy to have dreams after taking Lion’s mane as your sleep cycle improves.

Where can I buy Lions mane mushroom?

You can purchase Lions mane mushrooms from organic or whole food markets that stock them.

Gourmet shops and restaurants also source them online and from wholesalers who import them.

Dry Lions mane mushrooms, in powder form or capsules, can be found on Amazon, pharmacies, and in alternative medicine stores.

See all the various forms you can buy Lions Mane Mushrooms on Amazon by clicking the link here!

Can I grow Lions mane mushrooms?

Yes. You can grow Lions mane mushrooms only when you meet the necessary conditions.

Mushrooms grow best in the dark, and Lion’s mane grows naturally on the bark of hardwood trees.

With a culture of fungus, you can spawn your healthy mushrooms.

Final Thoughts

Lions mane mushrooms are not expensive, despite their glamorous look.

They may be pretty challenging to find on store shelves, but they are averagely priced compared to similar varieties.

The health benefits of Lion’s mane mushrooms are numerous.

However, intensive scientific research is needed to confirm their effectiveness on the human body. So far, though, they work pretty well.

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