Where Can I Sell My Garden Rocks?


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If you are looking to overhaul your garden and are staring at a pile of unwanted stones, you may wonder if you can make some quick cash by selling them. 

Garden rocks sell
Selling garden rocks

Landscaping rock is always in demand for garden projects and the chances are that someone could do with getting a good deal on your discarded rocks. 

So if you’ve decided to sell your garden rocks, this short article will explain where you can find buyers, along with expensive types of rocks which have high demand!

Garden rocks ain’t cheap

Garden rock has resale value because it’s hard-wearing and, with a clean-up, easy to reuse in a wide range of landscaping projects.

Types of rocks for garden
Types of garden rocks

And when you consider that the cost of hardscaping can form most of the overall cost of a landscaping project, it’s easy to see that people will want to save money by sourcing cheaper rock.

If you have one of these types of expensive landscaping rock gathering dust in your yard, buyers looking to save on their eye-watering prices will definitely want to talk to you. 

Mexican beach pebbles

These smooth and shapely peach pebbles from Baja, Mexico add a touch of the exotic to any garden.

However, restrictions on their export placed by the Mexican government mean that these rocks are becoming insanely expensive. If you have them in your yard, you may be sitting on a goldmine as they cost as much as $1000 per cubic yard. 

River rock 

River rock is another pricey type of rock that buyers would be keen to save some $$$s on.

Buy large garden rocks guide

Pricing is often determined by the location of the river the rock was taken from, with prices up to $650 per cubic yard. 

Landscape boulders

Unwanted landscape boulders are in demand, as prices can be as much as $250 per cubic yard.

They can be anything from a boulder that can be carried in arms, to larger stones that require cranes to move safely. 

Lava rock

This volcanic rock is‌ pricey and should get you a decent sum, especially if you have large pieces.

Lava rock can cost up to $180 per square yard, so buyers will be glad to take it off your hands for less.

5 places to sell your garden rocks

Online forums

Online gardening and home improvement forums like Houzz are excellent for drilling down to the target audience you need to get those rocks sold. 

If you have a specific type of rock for sale or a certain type of garden design, forums, where these topics are relevant, would be a great place to advertise your garden rocks. 

Selling your garden rocks on online forums
Sell your garden rocks on online forums

This strategy works best when you are patient, as it could take a while for people to respond to your post.

Sharing photos of what you’ve got and why it’s valuable should also help you get some feedback and inquiries.

Social media

If you have a lot of friends, followers, or connections, your social media network is a great place to sell those garden rocks.

The shares gain those rocks the attention you need to sell and you can also trawl the big networks for groups where people buy and sell items like yours.

Put in the effort with a great video of the rocks so potential buyers can get a 360-degree view.

Classified Ads

If you think your old rockery is someone’s new one, the best place to get it sold is probably classified or want ads.

Using sites like Craigslist gives you access to thousands of people who may be searching for the exact rocks you have.

Sell your garden rocks with ads
Classified ads for selling garden rocks

Make it easy to get the rocks sold by offering a competitive price, cleaning up the rocks, and offering some help with delivery.

Make sure you also ‌look at the want ads to see if there is someone out there who is looking to buy the rocks you’ve got.

Many people on classified ad sites are looking for free rocks, so if you just want them removed from your property, they are likely to be picked up quickly. 

e-Bay and other online auctions

eBay is a place where even the most neglected, and obscure items can sell.

If you have unusual or rare rocks that have value, they may get the right attention at an online auction.

To get a decent amount of cash, you may have to wait for a long-time for the rocks to garner some interest.

Set the reserve that you want and if they don’t sell, re-post them until you get a bite!

Contact local landscapers

That pile of old rocks gathering moss may be just the thing your local landscaper is looking for.

Where get free garden rocks guide

Gardeners and landscapers are doing the hard work of building rockeries and retaining walls all day and may ‌integrate your rock into their next garden design. 

Getting a great deal on pre-loved rock can reduce the costs for a project, so many gardeners will take a call and perhaps visit to see the rock.

In Addition – Landscapers have the equipment and expertise needed to remove the rock from your property. Even if they don’t immediately use the rock, they may have storage. 

3 last-minute tips for getting your landscaping rock sold

Even though your garden rocks aren’t newly quarried, putting a little effort into the sale should help you get the cash you are looking for.

Here are three tips to help you close the deal.

Clean it up

A pile of dirty old rocks will be unappealing to buyers.

Get out the power washer and clean those rocks up if you want to get money. You’ll save their new owner time and hassle. 

Where not to hunt for free rock
Finding free garden rocks

Take some pics

You are more likely to get interested buyers if they get a chance to see the rock before responding to your ad.

Get some good photos and provide a detailed description of the type of rock and the quantity available. 

Move it to a pallet

Shifting rock is a real hassle, so you can make it easier for a buyer to make transportation arrangements by moving the rock to a ton sack or pallet and providing good access for removal. 

Rounding up

As you can see, selling your garden rocks is very much a case of one man’s trash being another man’s treasure.

If you’re willing to wait for the right buyer, the rocks should sell.

But if time is of the essence, giving them away for free will get them cleared and your yard ready for your next project. 

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