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Moss grows on many different surfaces, provided favorable conditions are present.

So, moss can grow on patios, lawns, driveways, and roofs.

Getting rid of roof moss tips
Getting rid of roof moss

The thing with these non-vascular spore-bearing plants is that they can be persistent and subsequently annoying.

Therefore, you want to combat them at the early stages before they can become a nuisance.

What to Expect? Moss killers are an effective way to destroy moss and prevent its growth. When moss grows on your roof, it can easily destroy your whole structure.

In this article, we will look at the best roof moss killers that you can use to keep moss at bay.

Types Of Roof Moss Killers

There are free and paid methods of getting rid of moss growing on your roof.

Free methods involve homemade solutions or improvised ways to remove moss from one’s roof.

Roof moss killers types
Types of roof moss killers

On the other hand, paid methods refer to moss killers that you buy from the store.

Essentially, most moss killers work by removing moisture that is left behind by non-vascular plants.

These solutions contain chemicals that are made specifically to kill moss.

There are two main types of moss killers:

  1. liquid products
  2. dry powder products

Liquid roof moss killer

Liquid roof moss killers, as per the name, are in liquid form.

They come in containers that are attached to a garden hose. They are also pretty convenient as you can use them to spray on the roof while standing on the ground.

Liquid roof moss killers do a relatively better job than dry powders in destroying roof moss.

Essentially, you should start applying it on a dry roof to ensure that you spray on all parts sufficiently.

Afterward – When the job is done, remove the dead moss by washing it away with water.

Dry powder roof moss killers

This type of roof moss killer is applied by sprinkling it in parallel lines on the roof.

The best time to apply it is during the rainy season so that rainwater mixes with the powder to form a moss-killing mixture.

The mixture then runs down the roof, destroying the moss. This type of roof moss killer works within a week.

Still, dry powder roof moss killer has a few downsides:

  • For one, it can be a bit difficult to apply it evenly on the roof, and more than that, it tends to leave unattractive streaks on the roof.
  • The stains are stubborn and don’t go away easily. Moreover, the powder can be blown away by the wind before the rain comes.

Why You Should Remove Moss from Your Roof

Moss on roofs can sometimes create a rustic aesthetic that may even look lovely.

Remove moss from roof
Why you should remove moss from your roof

Some people may even want to keep the moss and let it grow just to maintain the look.

However, moss is destructive and may have detrimental effects if left to grow.

Here are the reasons you ought to get rid of moss growing on your roof as early as possible.

Damages Structures

Moss can cause extensive damage to your roof and home if left to grow.

It degrades the underlying surface, compromising your building’s structural integrity. Moreover, moss can lift a roof to cause leaks.

The spaces encourage ice formation during winter and the growth of mold when it is hot.

If you don’t take care of it, you might end up having to replace your roof and spending money that you would have otherwise saved.

Causes Allergies

Moss also poses health issues to you, your family, and pets as it releases toxic compounds into the air we breathe.

These substances may cause allergies and other conditions.

Therefore, it is imperative to destroy moss to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Roof Moss Killers – How They Work?

How roof moss killers work tips
How roof moss killers work

Roofs come in different forms:

  • tiles
  • slates
  • or thatch

Moss can grow in all these types of roofs, provided the environment is damp and humid enough.

If you want to successfully kill the moss on your roof, you have to use the most effective roof moss killer and, more importantly, know how to use it.

Moss killers should be pH neutral because a basic or acidic solution will burn or corrode the roof.

If you think about it, this would be an ironic turn of events, where you destroy your roof during a quest to save it.

Additionally – Moss killers work by draining water out of moss to kill it. Therefore, a good roof moss killer should have a good combination of moss-killing and water absorbing properties.

The best time to apply moss killers is when the roof is completely dry to ensure that you apply everywhere, especially if you are using a liquid moss killer.

A dry roof also eliminates lichens and spores, as well as discouraging the regrowth of moss.

Most store-bought moss killers come with instructions pertaining to the amount of time you should leave it on the roof for it to work.

It could be anything from a few minutes to a full day.

Either Way: Once the work is done, rinse everything off the roof. This includes the dead moss and the moss killer you had applied.

Free Methods – Roof Moss Killers

These are moss killers that do not necessarily cost you money.

Free methods for getting rid of roof moss on your house
Free methods for getting rid of roof moss

Mostly, it is because you are using objects that are readily available at home.

Most of these methods are non-chemical and include the following.


You can manually rid your roof of moss with the help of various tools such as:

This process requires you to be able to access the roof, so you ought to bring a ladder with you.

Hand cleaning is pretty easy, provided you have the energy and know-how to get rid of the moss without damaging the roof shingles.

Power Washing

This chemical-free method involves the use of pressure in water to clear your roof of moss.

It could be high pressure or low pressure depending on the amount of cleaning required.

You can mix the water with a biodegradable washer-safe detergent to get rid of the moss appropriately.


This is a non-chemical method of removing moss from your roof.

It involves scraping off the moss using aluminum material. Aluminum is preferred because it is not as hard as steel, so it is not likely to ruin your roof.

This method requires a certain amount of patience, willingness, and stamina because it requires significant energy and time.

Scrapping roof moss from your house
Scrapping roof moss from your home

Also, while it is quite effective, it is difficult to scrape all the moss off your roof.

There are homemade roof moss killers that cost little money to make.

Unlike the methods above, these methods are chemical-based and made with cheap ingredients, most of which are already available at home.

Examples of homemade recipes to consider when you want to tackle moss on your roof are discussed below.

A mixture of Water and dawn ultra-dish soap

Mix 2 gallons of water with about 8 ounces of dawn ultra soap in a large bucket and mix adequately.

This is a very simple recipe because, at this point, you already have a legit roof moss killer.

Put the mixture in a garden sprayer, get a ladder and spray the solution on the area infested with moss.

Give it about 20 minutes for the mixture to work, and then rinse with plain water.

If there is still moss remaining, repeat the process until all the moss is dead.

Chlorine bleach and water

Mix 2 to 3 cups of chlorine bleach with 2 gallons of water in a large container.

Using Chlorine bleach & water against roof moss
Chlorine bleach & water against roof moss

Ensure that the chlorine is dilute and not concentrated so that it does not corrode your roof shingles.

Also, you want to wear gloves for this one to protect your hands.

At This Point – Put the mixture in a garden sprayer and, using a ladder, access the roof to spray it on the moss growth.

Give it 20 minutes to take effect, then rinse with water to confirm that all the moss has been destroyed.

Powdered Oxygen Bleach and water

Put a pound of powdered oxygen bleach in a bucket and add 2 gallons of water.

Stir well to form a uniform mixture. Pour the solution in a sprayer and put on protective gloves to protect your hands from harm.

Spray the solution evenly on the moss growing on the roof and give it 20 minutes to take effect.

Afterward – Rinse the roof and inspect the success rate of the solution. If there is still some moss left at this point, repeat the process until all the moss is gone.

Vinegar and water

A mixture of distilled vinegar and water is a simple and easy way to eliminate moss growing on your roof.

This mixture is almost pH neutral, so it will not corrode your roof.

Using vinegar to get rid of roof moss
You can use vinegar to get rid of roof moss

Just like the other solutions, put the mixture in a garden sprayer and climb a ladder to access your roof.

Spray the solution adequately on the moss, and give it half an hour to work.

When this time elapses, rinse your roof thoroughly with plain water to get rid of the dead moss.

Paid Methods – Roof Moss Killers

There are several brands of roof moss killers in the market.

Paid roof moss killers
Paid methods for getting rid of roof moss

As aforementioned in this article, these moss killers come in two types:

  1. liquid
  2. granular

When looking for the best roof moss killer to purchase, there are various factors you should consider.

Factors you should consider when buying a roof moss killer

The type of moss killer

There are both granular and liquid-based roof moss killers.

Normally, liquid moss killers are better suited for roofs as granular ones tend to leave strains on your roof shingles. 


Before buying a moss killer, you should ensure it is meant for the purpose you intend to use it for.

This is because there are moss killers made for lawns and patios, and those wouldn’t be effective on the roof.

So, ensure it is specifically meant for the roof before making a purchase.

Chemical content

You should choose your moss killer carefully since most are chemical solutions.

Chemical content roof moss killers facts
Chemical content roof moss killers

You want to get one that is pH neutral so that you do not corrode your roof shingles in the process.

Also, ensure that you use it as directed by the manufacturer.


There are varying prices as there are different brands of moss killers in the market.

It is best to get one that you can comfortably afford.

Still, do not compromise quality for a low price as naturally, good quality comes with a higher price.

Manufacturer/ Brand

As we have established, there are many brands that manufacture moss killers today.

You want to go for a brand that is reputable and well-known for producing quality products at fair prices.

How To Successfully Kill Roof Moss

How to kill roof moss quickly
How to kill roof moss

Understand how moss grows

If you want to get rid of a problem, you need to understand its root.

Thus, the successful destruction of roof moss would require you to understand how and why moss grows on roofs.

Moss grows and thrives in a moist and cool environment, which is why they tend to grow substantially during autumn and spring.

As moisture is the primary ingredient for their growth and survival, moss doesn’t necessarily need light and nutrition to grow.

Moss grows in cracks and crevices found in roof shingles. They creep under shingle edges and spread out quickly, causing damage.

A moss overgrowth leads to a rotten underlayment and a ruined framework.

Choose the best roof moss killer

Choosing the perfect moss killer could mean the difference between a successful moss-killing mission or a devastating failure.

As we have already established in this article, moss killers designed for roofs work differently from those made for lawns, so you ought to be careful when choosing.

Keep In Mind: Roof moss killers should be able to kill the moss without destroying the roof. Best roof moss killers will kill mosses real fast and leave no stain or corrosion on your roof.

Ensure the moss does not regrow

The objective is to get rid of moss permanently so that you won’t have to be doing this every time.

The best time to kill moss is when it is growing, that is, when it is humid and wet:

  • To ensure that it does not grow back, start by removing overgrown moss with a rake or broom. This way, you will be able to access the bottom layer of moss.
  • Next, spray or sprinkle the moss killer on the moss, and give it the stipulated time required for it to take effect. Basically, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ensuring that all the moss is dead, clean your roof by running it with water to wash away the debris.

Final Words

Moss on roofs is dangerous as it slowly eats up and destroys roof shingles, eventually ruining the structure of your house.

Therefore, it is important to get rid of moss as soon as it starts growing on your roof.

There are various types of roof moss killers for this purpose, both free and paid.

Choose the best roof moss killer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for successful outcomes.

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