10 Types Of Orange Lilies


Did you know that there are 90 different species of lily flower and this is one of the most popular flowers in the world.

It’s no surprise when you look at how beautiful they are and what’s even better is that they come in a whole array of colors. 

Orange lily all types
Orange lily types

But the orange lily is truly something stunning and if you’re looking for a bright and vibrant flower then you have some wonderful choices.

In This Guide – We will introduce you to some of the most spectacular orange lilies in the world and give you some tips on how to look after them. 

Orange Lily Meaning

As you likely know, most flowers have a symbolic meaning and the orange lily is no different.

These bright blooms represent warmth, confidence, energy, and honour.

However, in certain cultures, there is an association between orange lilies and feelings of hate.

For This Reason: Many people avoid giving them as a gift but there’s nothing stopping you from keeping them for yourself!

Different Types Of Orange Lilies

The great thing about lilies is that they are a relatively low maintenance plant that novice gardeners won’t have a hard time getting to grips with.

If you want to brighten up your outdoor space, this selection of 10 of the most glorious orange lilies will do exactly that!

1. Fire King 

The fire lily can grow up to six feet in height so is one of the taller species making it great as a border plant.

Fire King orange lily
Fire King 

These bold looking plants bloom bright red to orange flowers and they have a delicate yet noticeable scent. 

Fire lilies are an excellent way to add a splash of color to the garden but keep in mind that they do prefer to be in full sun.

That said, some partial shade is OK just make sure that the soil is well draining. 

2. Sunny Morning

The sunny morning lily is actually a hybrid of the martagon lily.

What’s great about them is they are perfect for attracting pollinators to the garden but they’ll also grow very well as a wild flower.

Sunny morning lily yellow orange
Sunny morning lily

Moreover, sunny morning lilies are incredibly resistant to disease so if you’re just starting out, they’re even easier to maintain.

The flowers will usually bloom around the middle of summer and from a single stem, you might be lucky enough to get as many as 50 flowers!

The golden orange color makes them ideal for adding a little luxury to your yard. 

3. Leopard Lily 

Sometimes, you might hear people referring to the leopard lily as the panther lily but they’re one of the same things.

Leopard lily orange
Leopard lily

The leopard lily has:

  • a reddish orange hue
  • dark spots
  • nd a gold colored center

Their appearance is quite unique with lantern shaped flowers and curved petals. They’ll certainly make for a talking point in the garden. 

What’s great about the leopard lily is that it doesn’t need to be in full sun like many other varieties.

While it will thrive here, you could grow it in partial shade and have no problems.

Just make sure to keep the soil moist and remember that these lilies can grow up to six feet in height. 

4. African Queen

If you like a lily that stands out from the crowd then the African queen might appeal to you.

These lilies have flowers shaped like trumpets and are great for borders as they’ll grow up to six feet.

African queen lily flower
African queen lily

However, it’s more common for them to be around four feet. 

Each stem could produce up to 20 flowers which have a deep red center and delicate orange petals.

The flowers are quite large and showy so they’ll definitely make a statement.

What’s More – They’re ideal for hotter regions as they aren’t phased by warmer temperatures.

5. Tiger Lily

Another of the most unique looking types of orange lily is the tiger lily.

Natively, you will find them growing in the Far East but they’ll do well in American gardens when they are properly cared for.

They will do well in a variety of locations around the garden including in partial shade, although if you can give them a spot in full sun, that’s great. 

Orange Lily Meaning
Tiger lily

Caring for these plants also means ensuring sufficient water especially in the first year as this helps the roots to mature.

However, after this, you can cut the watering schedule right down, and even if you forget, they’re pretty tolerant to drought.  

The flowers are bowl shaped and come in shades of orange through to peach and also have dark spots on them. 

6. Turk’s Cap

Certainly, a lily with an original name, the Turk’s cap is a wild-growing flower that would normally be found in the east and central parts of the USA.

Turk's cap lily meaning
Turk’s cap lily

They do very well in moist conditions such as meadows and woods and are one of the largest species of orange lily coming in at seven feet in height.

If you want to get back to nature and harvest your own food, you might be interested to know that these lilies are edible.

What’s more, each plant will produce a lot of brightly colored flowers so they’re a wonderful addition to the garden. 

7. Michigan Lily

The Michigan lily has downward facing flowers with heavily curved orange petals.

They are one of the more unique looking types of orange lily so are ideal if you are looking to make a statement in the garden. 

Michigan lily hummingbird
Michigan lily

However, you should keep in mind that these are usually wildflowers and can be found in places where there is running water, such as streams and rivers.

This means that, when growing them at home, you will need to make sure that the soil remains moist but keep the plants in a sunny spot. 

8. Orange Lily

The orange lily is one of the most striking types of these flowers and has large, ornate blooms that have the traditional star shape that most people associate with lilies.

What’s great about the orange lily is that it is very fast growing so you can have that blast of color sooner rather than later.

Orange lily flower
Orange lily

Moreover, they’ll flower far earlier than any of the other varieties on this list. 

The one downside to the orange lily is that it is one of the least fragrant, however, they are brilliant as a border plant provided that they have full sunlight. 

9. Fiery Belle

This type of lily has a bell shaped flower and a very bright and distinct color.

The petals are fiery orange but have some hints of deep red as well. They give off a lovely delicate fragrance and are the perfect summer addition to your garden. 

Fiery belle lily flower
Fiery belle lily

The fiery belle lily is another hybrid and is a result of breeding between the Asiatic and Aurlien lilies.

What this means is that you get a lily that is hugely disease resistant and will last much longer.

That’s great news for people who are just beginning to take care of these plants. 

10. Royal Sunset

The royal sunset gets its name from, you guessed it, the sunset.

With pink hues intertwined with deep, rusty orange it’s like looking at the dusk sky in a flower.

Royal sunset lily flower
Royal sunset lily

But while they are incredibly beautiful, the royal sunset is also one of the easiest lilies to take care of. 

The blooms are incredibly large and a great choice for making a unique talking point for your garden.

They will flower for around a month at the beginning of summer, usually between June and July. 


Lilies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but if you are looking for a bloom that will look bright and spectacular in your garden, orange lilies are the way to go.

And you certainly will be spoiled for choice.

From the unique looking tiger lily to the hardy and resistant fiery belle, there’s something for every garden.

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