There is nothing better than seeing a beautifully manicured lawn with stripes. It takes experience and patients to grow and maintain a stunning lawn. Let us help with some tips and advice.

Aerating lawn in winter tips

Can You Aerate your Lawn in a Winter Cold?

Aeration can be done in any of the seasons, even in winter. Although the best time for aeration is when the soil is less dry, proper lawn maintenance throughout the year is crucial.

Ironite for lawns tips

Ironite for Lawns (When to Use Alternatives)

Sometimes, our gardens need a little bit of extra help. If you think the grass is greener at your neighbor’s place, maybe they’ve got a little trick up their sleeve.

Fertilizer help grass grow explained

Does Fertilizer Help Grass Grow? 

Fertilizer replenishes nutrients vital to the soil and ensures your lawn is both appealing and manageable. However, you need to ensure that appropriate fertilizer is used at different intervals of the year as recommended.

grass can turn green again

Can Yellow Grass Turn Green Again? (Let Us Explain How)

Despite your extraordinary efforts to maintain your lawn beautiful in all seasons, you may veer off your maintenance schedule. The good news is that you can revive your grass with a few steps.

Lawn yellow strips reasons solution

Why Does My Lawn Have Yellow Stripes?

Various factors cause the yellow stripes. These include overfertilization, too much water, underwatering, lawn diseases, pet urine, nutritional deficiency, and damage by a mower.

Best motion-activated sprinklers pest detterents

Best Motion Activated Sprinklers – Natural Pest Deterrents

In this guide, we share 8 of the best motion-activated sprinklers and explain why they are one of the best natural pest deterrents.

Well cost in backyard digging

How Much Does Digging a Well Cost in My Backyard?

Sometimes, you might consider digging a well in your backyard to reduce reliance on the municipal water supply. Read on to discover how much it will cost to dig a well in your backyard.

Pros and Cons of Grass Around a Pool

Pros and Cons of Grass Around a Pool

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to putting grass around your pool. Here are all pros and cons you should know.

Do New Mower Blades Need To Be Sharpened?

Do New Mower Blades Need To Be Sharpened?

If you have just bought a new lawnmower, you are probably wondering if you should sharpen it before cutting grass or should you use it immediately. Find out now.

cutting tall grass

How to Cut Tall Grass without A Mower

While a push or riding mower is the most convenient way to cut tall grass, it is not always an option. If you don’t have one in hand, there are still several ways to maintain and trim a lawn.

Can Japanese Knotweed Grow Through Concrete?

Can Japanese Knotweed Grow Through Concrete?

The Japanese knotweed may be a strong plant, but it’s not capable of breaking through your concrete walls or slabs. Here is why.

Robotic mowers Wi-fi advantages

Can You Run Multiple Robotic Mowers at the Same Time?

In this article, we introduce you to the basics of fleet management of robotic mowers including how it works, its features and benefits for professional and private use.

Robot mowers & paths problem

How to Install a Robotic Mower Charging Station

Learn how to install a robotic mower charging station, outlining steps that are common to most conventional models of robot mower.

Do Robotic Mowers Have Issues With Dog Fences?

Do Robotic Mowers Have Issues With Dog Fences?

Here are some handy workarounds to make your backyard a place where your pets and robot mower can get along safely. 

What Is Mapping for Robotic Mowers?

What Is Mapping for Robotic Mowers?

Here, we will explain what mapping for robotic mowers is, how it works and its great benefits for homeowners including the potential to create stripes on your lawn.