11 Effective Dog Fence Ideas For Your Backyard


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Owning a dog is a huge responsibility.

Not only are there all the day to day care needs of your pet but you must also find a way to keep your dog secure while he or she enjoys time in the backyard.

If your property doesn’t currently have a fence along the border then before you can allow your pooch outside, you’ll need to secure the area. 

dog at a backyard fence
Effective dog fence ideas

Some owners like to section off a specific part of the yard where the dog can play and exercise.

In this case, you’ll need a special dog fence to keep Fido in and safe.

In This Guide – We’ll be looking at 11 great ways to keep your pet secure without spoiling the aesthetic of your garden. 

Why Is A Dog Fence Important?

Dogs are naturally curious animals and even if you train them incredibly well, their natural instincts will kick in.

If they’re allowed into a yard where there is no fence and they see something beyond the boundary that catches their attention, there’s no doubt that they will go and investigate.

The only way to stop them is to put up a fence. 

Not doing this means that your dog could wander off and become lost or maybe even stolen.

Dog fence
The importance of a dog fence

What’s more, if you live near a busy road, there’s a chance that your dog could be hit and seriously injured by a passing vehicle. 

Some dogs can be aggressive towards strangers, so if they manage to get out of the backyard, there is a risk that they may injure someone.

Moreover, with a fence in place, it makes it much more difficult for people or strays to get in who might cause harm or trauma to your pet. 

1. Fence Or Wall?

Before we get into actual fence types, we wanted to talk about using bricks instead of more traditional fencing materials.

Fence or wall dog fence
Fence or wall?

When you think of a fence, it’s all too easy to imagine something wooden or metal.

While these materials are great, creating something out of brick or stone will be much more robust.

This is perfect if your dog likes to dig or is likely to damage a less durable fence in any way.

Not only that but a brick boundary will really spruce up the appearance of your garden and with so many types of stone to choose from you can find something that fits in with your existing theme. 

2. The Temporary Dog Fence

It is possible to buy a temporary dog fence which more closely resembles an enclosure.

There are even packs you can buy with separate pieces so that you can create a bespoke enclosure for your pup that’s secure and spacious. 

What’s More – These temporary fences are ideal if you live in a rented property and don’t have permission to erect something more permanent.

They’ll also grow with your dog as you can add sections as they get bigger.

These temporary fences can also be easily moved around the garden so your dog can make use of different areas. 

3. The Portable Dog Fence

Similar to the temporary dog fence, the portable dog fence is slightly smaller but follows the same concept of creating a secure enclosure for your pet.

We’d recommend these for vacations and when visiting friends and family. 

You can take your pet with you without the worry of them damaging someone else’s property as they’ll be safely enclosed within the portable fence.

What’s more, these fences collapse down so you can pop them in the trunk of your car and go wherever the wind takes you. 

4. The Chain Link Dog Fence

Chain link fences are one of the most affordable types of fence on the market.

They’re brilliant if you don’t want your dog to feel totally enclosed as the fence is filled with gaps that will allow your pet to watch the world go by. 

Chain link dog fence ideas
Dog fence ideas

The downside to these fences, however, is that they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing.

They have a very simple design and some would say they looked ‘cheap.’

But it is perfectly possible to decorate the fence with dog friendly plants and other items to make them look a little more inviting. 

5. The Wooden Fence

The most traditional option when it comes to fencing is a standard wooden fence.

There are many benefits to these including the fact that you have a wide choice of styles and sizes.

Wooden dog fence idea
Classic wooden dog fence

If you’re looking to fence off the very boundary of your property, then a larger 6ft fence is ideal.

However, if you’re only going to section off a small part of your garden, you can choose something much lower. 

Another great thing about wooden fences is their durability. Yes, there is a level of maintenance involved but for the most part, they’ll last many years.

Plus, there’s the option to paint them in a color that suits your backyard so they look brilliant. 

6. The Wire Fence

While the chain link fence is one of the most affordable, a wire fence is even less expensive.

Again, we have to keep in mind that these aren’t the most good looking fences, but they more than serve their purpose. 

Wire dog fence type for backyard
Wire dog fence

If you want something to keep a small or medium dog secure then this is a great option.

Moreover, this type of fence isn’t permanent so you can move it around or take it down entirely during times that your dog isn’t using the garden.

Do keep in mind that due to the lesser durability and stability of these fences, they’re really only suitable for dogs who will show no interest in biting or digging at the fence. 

7. Fencing Off A Patio

For families with young children and dogs, a patio fence is an excellent choice.

By installing a small to medium height fence along the edge of your patio, you can allow your pet to roam freely in and out of the home without the worry of them trampling dirt and mud in.

Patio dog fence garden
Patio dog fence

Moreover, these types of fences are perfect if you have small kids as they’ll be able to join in on the action without you having to be constantly supervising them. 

There are many choices where patio fences are concerned but the most common option is wood. It’s also super handy that you can install a gate in the fence to allow easy access to the rest of the garden when it is needed. 

8. The Puppy Enclosure

When your dog is young, you need to be extra vigilant in keeping them safe.

A puppy enclosure is the perfect way to balance security with freedom. You can often buy these enclosures ready made, all you need to do is put them together. 

Puppy enclosures
Puppy enclosure

However, it might also be fun to use this as an opportunity to start a DIY project which will allow you to create a bespoke space for your pup.

You don’t even have to stop at the fence.

Many owners choose to install hideouts, ramps, tunnels and other things to keep their sprightly young dog occupied. 

9. The Tall Fence For Big Dogs

If you have a very large dog, the chances are that a regular fence just isn’t going to be enough to keep them where you want them to be.

Some canines can stand on their hind legs and exceed the height of their owners, in this case, they’d quite easily scale a patio fence or a temporary enclosure. 

The good news is that there are plenty of taller fences out there designed specifically to keep big dogs in.

Tall fence for big dogs tips
A tall fence for big dogs is a must

It is recommended that you install something no smaller than 5 feet but going up to 7 feet can prove even safer. 

These fences are typically made from metal and have gaps just like a chain link fence so your dog won’t feel cut off and can still see everything that is going on.

They don’t look as good as some other options but it’s a small price to pay to keep your beloved pet safe.

10. The DIY Pallet Fence

Using old pallets to make new things like furniture has become something of a craze on the internet in the last few years.

But you don’t have to stop at garden furniture and tables. It’s quite easy, not to mention fun, to make a DIY pallet fence. 

Diy pallet dog fence idea
Use old pallets for dog fence

The great thing about these fences is that they’re made from wood so you get all the benefits of a wooden fence but with the added bonus of being able to let your creativity run wild.

What’s more, pallets are designed primarily to transport goods so they have to be super strong.

A DIY pallet fence will hold up under all conditions and is a great way to prevent curious dogs from getting out. 

11. The Picket Fence

Picket fences can be seen adorning gardens and outdoor spaces all over the United States.

They’re a very traditional type of fence but timeless nonetheless.

Picket fence for dogs
Picket fence

While most people usually use them for decorative purposes, they’re also great for keeping small dogs in the yard where they belong. 

Much like other types of fence, you can get picket fences in a range of sizes. They start very small but can go up to as high as 7 feet.

That said, the typical average height for a picket fence is around 3 to 4 feet. 


Keeping your dog safe is naturally at the top of your priority list.

While your backyard might be a safe haven for your pet, things can get much more dangerous if they manage to get out or someone else manages to get in.

Installing a dog fence is the best way to protect your pet and there are so many varieties to choose from.

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