The Ten Best Lawn Dart Tips For Optimal Play


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Key Takeaways

  1. The ten best lawn dart tips for optimal play are:
    • Choose the right equipment
    • Set up a safe playing area
    • Learn the proper grip and stance
    • Focus on technique, not force
    • Practice regularly to develop your skills
    • Adjust for wind conditions
    • Aim for a high angle
    • Develop a consistent routine
    • Pay attention to bounce-outs
    • And play fair and stay safe
    • The eight best lawn dart sets to use at home are:
  2. Doing all of the above optimizes your skill level with lawn darts while providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  3. In addition, always supervise children and never play while intoxicated.

Looking for the best lawn darts tips for optimal play? Plenty are out there, but we’ve gathered our top ten to help you get the best lawn darts experience possible.

Here’s what they are.

10 Best Lawn Dart Tips For Optimal Play

Four safe lawn darts, two of which are orange and two of which are blue.

Lawn darts is a simple and enjoyable game. However, there are plenty of things to know about playing it well and creating a safe and fun experience for everyone.

Let’s start with choosing the right equipment.

1 – Choose The Right Equipment 

First, you need to choose the best lawn dart kit for your needs. If you’re playing with children, choose a lawn dart set suitable for their age. Some sets are suitable for ages three and above, while others are for older children and adults. 

You should also choose a set with the required lawn darts and targets. Consider whether a traditional dartboard-style target with numbered points is better for you or whether you’d prefer to play with ring targets.

2 – Set Up A Safe Playing Area

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate set for your needs, it’s time to consider your playing area. Some sets are solely for outdoor use, while you can play others indoors.

Due to the game requiring throwing, ensure there’s nothing breakable around and that you’re well away from obstacles and other people – including your neighbors over the fence!

3 – Learn Proper Grip And Stance

Like any other sport and skill, being great at lawn darts takes knowledge and practice. Throwing accurately and well requires you to learn the proper grip and stance. Experiment to see which method works most accurately for you. 

Make sure all players know how to stand and throw to avoid any darts flying off in the wrong direction and causing breakages or injuries.

In short, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold your lawn dart from underneath with an underhand grip. Throw it in a lofted arc rather than a flat one. Follow through after releasing it.

4 – Focus on Technique, Not Force

Throwing lawn darts accurately is more about your technique than your power and strength. For example, an underarm high throw is more likely to land well than a powerful overarm throw. 

Practice your throwing technique by aiming for different distances before you start the game. Don’t forget to take the weather and wind into account, too.

5 – Practice Regularly To Develop Skills

You can play lawn darts in almost any weather – just wrap up warm and get some fresh air at any time of year. 

Practicing all year round will also mean you’re at the top of your game come the more competitive games in the summer months. 

6 – Adjust For Wind Conditions

The wind is probably the most prominent external factor that will affect your gameplay. This is more likely if you have lighter darts. 

When setting up the game, it’s a good idea to position the targets so the wind is coming from behind you. You’ll need to adjust your throw if you’re getting a little help from the wind, of course. If you’re throwing into the wind, you’ll need to exert more force than usual, too. 

One thing you should avoid is a side wind in either direction. You could have the best throw ever, and the wind might push you out of the target zone. 

The wind can also affect the targets if they’re too light. If you find yourself having problems, consider abandoning your game until the wind dies down a little.

7 – Aim For A High Angle

When throwing, a high angle gives your dart a perfect arc to land. You’ll learn that this slower throw means the dart will land more vertically into the target. This is useful because even if it lands heavily, it is likely to land inside–and stay inside–the ring without falling or sliding out.

With a low-angled throw, you’re less likely to make the target at all due to it losing momentum. The dart will also be more likely to bounce or slide out at this angle. 

8 – Develop A Consistent Routine

Like any sport (casual or professional), lawn darts is competitive. If you want to play more seriously, you’ll need to act like an athlete and develop a routine to help you improve. 

This will mean practicing the game itself, but it will also mean developing other skills too. As well as practicing throwing, general gym workouts for strength and conditioning will help. 

Consistency is key. You will improve your skills when you are training well and staying consistent.

9 – Pay Attention To Bounce-Outs

As annoying as they are, bounce-outs happen. When you’re playing, remember you’re playing against others who want to beat you. Their throws can knock your darts and cause them to move. 

To avoid bounce-outs, aim with a high angle and an underarm throw. Try to land in the target circle in an empty space. This means you’re less likely to hit your opponent and bounce out. 

If your opponent is just inside the circle, you could tactically throw to try and push them out. Be wary of this, though, as you need to be pretty precise to avoid bouncing out yourself.

10 – Play Fair And Stay Safe

Arguably, the most crucial part of the game is fairness and safety. Adult teammates are generally skilled enough to know what makes a good throw and what makes a bad one. They’re also much more likely to play fairly. 

Remember that things can go wrong much more easily when playing with children. Children often don’t like losing, and when it’s a game that involves throwing, things can quickly get heated. Be sure to review the rules of play, including safety information, before every game. 

Also, when playing with children, supervise the whole game. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Playing Lawn Darts

Playing lawn darts is fun, but for everyone to have a positive experience, there are things you should avoid. 

Firstly, never ignore safety precautions or use the lawn darts in an unintended way. Don’t encourage children to use them creatively and make up other games.

Secondly, avoid aiming at people or playing in crowded areas. You should choose your playing location wisely to avoid high-traffic areas or obstacles. You should play lawn darts in an ample open space where there is no risk of a collision happening. 

Players also need to be aware of the proper throwing technique. This is for safety as well as accuracy. Holding the lawn dart correctly and throwing smoothly will prevent an erratic throw that could be hazardous or completely off-target.

Finally, you should always supervise children when they’re playing lawn darts. Moreover, never play when intoxicated. This increases the risk of accidents as alcohol impairs judgment and causes lapses in coordination. 

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