Round Corrugated Metal Planters (everything You Need to Know)


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Corrugated metal garden planters are easy to use, and they make beautiful room accents or standalone decorations. From small pots to large buckets, these unique planters will undoubtedly add an edgy, fun twist to any modern home decor.

The indoor planter, in particular, is for anyone who feels the need for a creative outlet and does not mind getting their hands dirty.

There are hundreds of brands that make round corrugated metal planters in the market today, meaning that it can be quite a daunting task to choose the best one for yourself.

If you are experiencing such a challenge, you are in the right place. This article will provide you with information and pointers for buying the perfect corrugated metal planter for yourself.

What Are Round Corrugated Metal Planters?

These are planters made from recycled metal sheets and molded into a round shape. Most of these decorative planters are made of an aluminum alloy with a mild steel coating to help you blend these into your garden or landscaping.

The texture of these corrugated metal planters provides a good bond between the soil and the enclosure.

Additionally, round corrugated metal planters are vessels that offer a beautiful way to add greenery and color to any area they are placed in. Whether they are sitting on the ground or mounted on a porch rail, these planters can be customized in many different ways. Their raised design also lets water air out of the bottom to prevent root rot.

Furthermore, round corrugated planters are perfect if you want your plants to grow in a private area that requires an unnoticeable boundary. Often, these metal planters are used in the business sector, such as offices, medical facilities, and pharmacy stores.

They are also set up in other establishment settings such as schools and government buildings.

Features Of Round Corrugated Metal Planters

Round corrugated metal planters are marked by the following features:

They are made of heavy-duty metal: The corrugated metal has a thick wall that allows you to plant in areas where the soil is unavailable. The metal is also durable and long-lasting.

They come in different colors: Corrugated metal planters can be in whatever color you would want them to be. Most of them are in silver and grey since that is the color of the metal.

However, you can always turn into a do-it-yourself junkie and paint it into whatever color you want.

They attract and absorb heat: This feature is common in most corrugated metal planters. Their shape and design are such that they attract heat, absorb and retain it. The heat then goes on to ruin the plants inside the planter.

They come in different sizes: The sizes of these metal planters range from small pots to relatively large buckets. This variety in size increases their utility as you can use the small ones indoors and the bigger ones out on the lawn or garden.

They are portable: Since they are lightweight, round corrugated metal planters are easy to move from one place to another. Thus, you would not break a sweat if you decided to move your planter from the garden to your patio.

Also, you would have a pretty easy time if you were to move houses.

They are versatile: Besides being used as vessels for holding plants, these corrugated planters are also used for decoration. As aforementioned in this article, they add an edgy twist to modern home décor.

Thus, not only are they useful in the garden and lawn, but round corrugated metal planters are also good in office spaces and business areas.

They are not as stable as rectangular planters: Round corrugated metal planters tend to tip over easily whenever there is a disturbance such as strong winds or heavy rains. This comes as a downside as you would have to put in extra measures to ensure stability.

Corrugated Metal Garden Planters
Corrugated Metal Garden Planters

Factors To Consider When Buying Round Corrugated Metal Planters

When out shopping for round corrugated metal planters, put the following factors into consideration for an easier time:


Different corrugated metal planters have different price ranges. Therefore, it is best to go for one that suits your budget. Fortunately, most corrugated metal planters are pretty affordable. Even so, do not spend too little as sometimes, cheap items come with compromised quality.


Corrugated metal is a long-lasting and reusable material. Metal planters are also made with materials like cast iron, galvanized zinc, and aluminum.


You want a metal planter that will stand the test of time and serve you well for a long time. The better the quality, the longer a metal planter will last and the more optimally it will function.

Keep in mind that good quality comes with a higher price in many cases. So, if you have the means, don’t refrain from spending.


How long can the round corrugated metal planter go for without breaking? Is the bottom solid enough to keep the indoor surface safe from the effects of water leakage or overwatering? You want to get a metal planter that can withstand different external conditions.


There are several brands in the market that produce corrugated metal planters. Each brand provides unique value to its consumers. For example, there are brands that are big on quality, while other offer affordability. It is, therefore, essential to do your due diligence so that you settle on a brand that best fulfills your needs.


Are you planting vegetables, flowers, herbs, or plants in the garden? There are corrugated metal planters for each of those uses. These metal planters can also be used as décor when used as table centerpieces, on desks, or countertops. They are a great way to create a focal point for an entrance or focal point for any deck, porch, or patio.

Bigger metal planters also double up as carriers during occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and banquets.


Round corrugated metal planters come in different sizes to fit different spaces. Small planters are perfect as indoor planters, especially for succulents or flowers. The planters also come in medium and large sizes, so you can choose as per the space you have or the purpose of the planter.


Corrugated metal planters come in a variety of colors to match your personal style and preference. Some are dark grey, others are silver, and you can always customize it by painting the planter into a color of your choice.

Ease of Use

You want a corrugated metal planter that is easy and quick to put together. Generally, though, it does not take rocket science to use a metal planter. Even so, ensure that you can comfortably set up the planter you choose to avoid frustration.

What Are the Advantages of Round Corrugated Metal Planters?

These metal planters give you the satisfaction of growing your own plants anywhere around the garden or the house. They often come in sets to create a beautiful collection. Corrugated metal planters are popular for growing plants because they are less susceptible to rust and rotting than wooden ones.

Also, round corrugated metal planters are lightweight, which makes them portable.

This means that you can easily move them from one place to another. Furthermore, they will not be burdensome when moving houses as they are easy to lift and do not occupy too much space. Moreover, they are bright accent pieces that accentuate any space.

Affordability is one of the pros that corrugated metal planters boast. They cost way less than other types of planters, such as wood and clay ones. With these, you would not have to dig too deep into your pocket to procure a handsome piece.

What’s more, the quality is top-notch even at their prices, so it is safe to deduce that the planters offer more value than their cost.

Additionally, the corrugated metal allows for exceptional drainage of excess water from the pots. This helps to keep the area around your plants free from moisture, which is essential for any type of healthy growth.

Corrugated metal planters are durable and will last for years to come without rusting. This way, you will not have to incur repair or replacement costs for a long time. Round planters also happen to have a very strong base that holds the plants inside firmly.

What Are the Downsides of Round Corrugated Metal Planters?

More often than not, things that have upsides come with their share of disadvantages, and round corrugated metal planters are not exempted. The major drawback of this planter, or any corrugated metal planter for that matter, is that it attracts and absorbs heat.

For this reason, the soil and roots of plants overheat, damaging the whole plant.

Moreover, these planters cannot withstand freezing temperatures either. On top of the risk of damage, the planter cannot protect the plants from the extreme cold.

When the temperatures begin to drop below freezing, it is wise to bring the planters inside the house where the temperatures are controlled.

This is to say that corrugated metal planters become counterproductive in hostile weather conditions, such as too much heat or too much cold.

Also, metal is non-porous, meaning that drainage does not happen naturally. So, if you overwater the plant, the water will collect into a pool in the planter, which is not good for the plants.

Another downside of round corrugated metal planters is that their shape makes them less stable than rectangular metal planters, often tipping over during heavy winds or in extreme weather conditions. Also, they can be difficult to keep level, so you have to pay attention to where you keep them so that they don’t keep falling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are metal planters good for growing plants?

Metal planters are good alternatives to wood planters and clay pots for growing plants. While they are pretty effective and portable, they tend to be prone to overheating. This is because metal absorbs and transfers heat easily.

Since plants do not do too well in an environment that is too hot, the heat in the metal planter may ruin the plant. It is, therefore, imperative to keep corrugated metal planters in a cool area away from the heat of the sun.

Are round corrugated metal planters better than rectangular ones?

Planter shape determines a variety of performance attributes – like sturdiness and watering efficiency. Round corrugated metal planters are the most popular in the USA because they combine several benefits. They are more affordable than rectangular steel, easy to move, ideal for small gardens, and available in a vast range of sizes.

How do you choose the best round corrugated metal planters to buy?

The best round corrugated metal planter depends on the needs of an individual. What is best for one person may not cut it for the next person.

Therefore, it is imperative to consider different factors while choosing the best metal planter for yourself. These factors include price, quality, durability, size, purpose, and brand.

Are round corrugated metal planters easy to use?

Round corrugated metal planters are a popular choice for many gardeners. Their easy-to-use pocket design makes it easy to move plants from place to place, but most of all, the plastic liner guards against leaks. Moreover, their round shape is perfect for growing herbs and flowers.

In Conclusion

Buying the best round corrugated metal planter for yourself is not the easiest task since there are many types and designs in the market. However, choosing the perfect one can be easy if you know exactly what you are looking for. Some of the factors to consider would include quality, size, brand, purpose, durability, material, and ease of use.

These factors and more are expounded on in this article. Some of the significant pros of round planters over other shapes are that they are more portable and affordable.

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