21 Plants Perfect for Pots (Indoors and Outdoors)


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When you are choosing pot plants, there are a lot of different options to work through, and some of the prettiest and best plants are not ones you might think about straight away.

How do you find the best plants for indoors and outdoors?

We are going to look at them today!

The best pot plants tend to be those that don’t have massive roots that need to spread widely in order to grow well. Some do well indoors, while others need to be planted outside, but we are going to cover both options so you know what to put where to ensure that it thrives!

1) Verbena

A highly popular plant with pollinating insects, verbena is best grown outdoors, and it has over two hundred different kinds.

Verbena plant for pots

It likes a lot of sun, but it will happily grow in pots anywhere on a patio or balcony, as long as it gets enough light.

Choose a variety of colors and types for the best spread, and you’ll have backyard pots to envy!

2) Oxalis Triangularis

A member of the sorrel family, Oxalis is a popular pot plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Oxalis triangularis for outdoor container
Oxalis Triangularis

Its beautiful leaves have stunning coloration and will sway gently in the breeze.

The leaves also close up at night, and it produces delicate pink flowers in summer.

It is particularly stunning in the warmer months, and likes lots of indirect sunlight.

You can eat the leaves in salads, but too many can lead to stomach ache as they are quite acidic.

Look Out: Do not let pets get close to this plant, as it can be toxic to cats and dogs.

3) Episcia

Otherwise known as the flame violet, this is among the great plants for shallow pots, as it does not have deep roots.

Episcia flower for pots

With those stunning orange-red blossoms, these usually stay quite small, although they can grow up to twenty inches if they are kept in absolutely ideal conditions.

Make sure that they have enough room to spread their roots out horizontally, as they like to do this. They will grow well in bright but indirect light.

If you only have shady spaces, they will probably still grow, but much more slowly.

4) Ivy Geranium

A superb plant for window boxes, the ivy geranium actually helps to keep your home free from flies, with a strong and beautiful scent.

Ivy geranium plant for pots
Ivy Geranium

It is low maintenance and will thrive even if it is not given much time and attention.

5) Begonia

An indoor beauty, the begonia likes to be kept quite dry, and you should permit it to completely dry out for a brief period before you next water it.

Begonia for outdoor container

It has stunning variegated leaves, and it will grow even in artificial light. Many people grow begonias in their offices.

They are very easy to care for, and an ideal plant for inside the home.

6) Snake Plant

Famous for being hardy, snake plants are another on the list of great plants for shallow pots.

Can I Put My Snake Plant In an Outdoor Container?
Snake Plant

It has spreading roots and will thrive if kept in a shallow container, rather than a deep one.

Snake plants are also very hardy, and will cope well even if they are not given much attention or care.

Because it is quite a tall plant, having a deep pot tends to make it pretty unstable, so it is fortunate that it will cope well with being grown in a shallow container.

As long as you water it regularly, it should continue to grow in most conditions, and it is a very beautiful plant with stunningly contrasting leaves.

7) Pothos

This is another popular plant, and it will grow well inside your home, even in low light.

Pothos plants for office without windows

It has pretty, patchy leaves, and many people choose it for its air purifying properties.

Because its tendrils are long, you might choose to grow it in a hanging basket or something, brightening up a dull corner.

However, if you keep it in very dark conditions, like any plant, it will die.

8) Peace Lily

A stunning and stylish addition to any home, the peace lily has enjoyed immense popularity in recent years for its pure blooms and lush green foliage.

Why Are My Peace Lily Flowers Turning Black or Brown?
Peace Lily

It is not a lily, so you don’t need to worry about pets, and it is another plant that will grow very happily in a pot with minimal care.

You should trim off flower stalks at the base when the flowers are over to encourage it to keep flowering, but otherwise, it should grow without much attention.

Even Better: Peace lilies are another plant that is well known for purifying the air in your home.

9) Pansy

Pansies are a gorgeous plant to grow in your yard, and they come in a range of colors and patterns.

You can grow a whole variety of them, and they will thrive in cooler conditions.

Pansy plant for pots

Do not plant them in full sun during the hottest part of the year, or they may scorch.

Pansies benefit from being deadheaded thoroughly, as this encourages them to keep flowering.

You can use sharp scissors to remove the flower heads that have finished, and if you want to keep and dry the seeds for next year, do so!

This will save you money, and allow you to keep plants that you particularly love.

Do make sure you water your pansies regularly, especially during the hottest part of the year.

10) Burro’s Tail

For those who are fans of weird and wonderful plants, burro’s tail has to be one of the best options.

Burros tail for outdoor container
Burro’s Tail

As the name suggests, this plant’s tendrils look much like the tail of a horse, and they are beautiful.

This is a succulent so it should be grown indoors unless you live in a warm climate, and it is very satisfying to grow.

Don’t be surprised if all your neighbors want a cutting of this to grow their own pot plants from!

11) Cactus

If you’re after another of the plants for shallow pots, cacti are perfect, and there are so many different varieties to choose from!

Cacti & succulents in terrarium
Beautiful Terrarium

Make sure that you are planting them in an appropriate medium (sand mixed with lots of grit and draining material) so that they don’t get waterlogged and die.

You can grow a whole cactus garden with many different kinds for the maximum effect.

Cacti are seriously iconic and they will not take up much room in your home.

Pop them on a sunny windowsill and admire them!

These plants need very little care, and all you really need to do is make sure you don’t over-water them.

12) Nasturtium

If you haven’t got much rich compost left for your pots but you have got spent compost from previous years, nasturtiums are a wonderful backyard plant to grow.

Nasturtium plant for pots

They have brilliant orange and yellow flowers, and they are extremely popular with pollinators.

Simply get a large, wide pot and fill it with spent compost and soil.

Nasturtiums should thrive in this mix, and they have the added benefit of being a plant that you can eat. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible.

They also need almost no care, besides watering, to thrive!

They do tend to be annuals unless you live somewhere warm, however.

13) String Of Pearls

For those who love succulents, string of pearls is a gorgeous option.

String of pearls plant for pots
String of Pearls

This plant is pretty drought resistant, so if you often forget to water your pot plants, it’s a good option for you, and it looks beautiful to boot.

There is something enormously satisfying about its rounded globes, trailing their way down in magical waves.

Hang your pot up somewhere so this plant can be enjoyed to the maximum.

14) Hot Peppers

Have you ever considered growing chilies in your house?

They are a great houseplant and they look fantastic when they are in fruit, especially if you have a range of colors to display.

You can Grow peppers
Grow Peppers

Bright red, yellow, and orange, with green foliage, these can look very striking.

They are somewhat vulnerable to aphids, however, so make sure you keep an eye out for these pests and wash the plants with soapy water if they appear.

Hot peppers will happily grow in pots in your home all year round – just make sure they get plenty of light!

Alternatively, put them outside in their containers for the summer.

15) Hart’s Tongue Fern

One of the more unusual ferns, hart’s tongue fern will grow perfectly happily inside a container, bringing you year-round greenery to enjoy.

Harts tongue fern plant for pots
Harts Tongue Fern

It is a great way to add shade to parts of your yard where you can’t put plants in the ground, and its upright fronds are highly attractive.

Try This: Many people use it in their yards, and when paired with a pretty container, it’s a perfect pot plant.

16) African Violet

Among the plants for shallow pots, the African violet is well worth a mention.

They are cousins of the flame violet, but are rather less bold in their colors.

African violet flower for pots
African Violet

Instead, they are soft purple, with cute little flowers and bright orange centers.

The African violet will tolerate shade, but prefers some indirect sunlight.

They can be planted in pots outside, but bring them indoors if temperatures are going to dip below 65 degrees F.

They will be very happy in a shallow container.

17) Scaevola Aemula “Blue Wonder”

A plant that is ever popular in hanging baskets, this can be grown in pots on the patio if you prefer.

Scaevola aemula flower for pots
Scaevola Aemula

It has stunning blue flowers that thickly cover its dark green foliage, and it is again popular with insects of all kinds.

As an added bonus, it does not require deadheading, making it a very low-maintenance flower for summer.

It is drought-resistant, too, so it’s ideal if the weather is hot where you are.

Make the most of this beauty to light up your patio or backyard.

18) Strawberries

Another plant that is very happy in pots, strawberries are wonderful to grow for a very obvious reason – they provide you with fruit, and delicious fruit at that.


If strawberries and cream are high on your list of favorite foods, these are great plants to grow.

You can simply pop strawberries in hanging containers and they will do splendidly, away from slugs and snails.

Be aware that most people will need to grow quite a lot to satisfy the common appetite for strawberries!

19) Sweet Alyssum

One of the sweetest smelling plants out there, this is ideal for growing on your patio.

Sweet alyssum plant for pots
Sweet Alyssum

It is both very beautiful and appealing to pollinators, and will usually be alive with bees.

A thick froth of colorful flowers will leave your backyard glowing if you fill your pots with this!

20) Chinese Money Plant

Place this plant on a winter windowsill or behind a shade for the best results, but it will thrive in most semi-lit conditions.

Chinese money plant for outdoor container
Chinese Money Plant

With satisfyingly round, shiny leaves, this is very popular, and can be grown from a small cutting. It is easy to propagate and share!

It is also pretty hardy and will put up with being neglected for quite a long time before it starts to struggle.

Keep an eye on the water in the pot and don’t forget to give the leaves the occasional dust.

21) Dragon Tree

Spectacularly spiky looking without any real spikes, the dragon tree is another good addition to any home that lacks natural light.

Dragon tree for pots
Dragon Tree

It is an amazing dark purple on one side of its leaves, and green on the other, and it looks like something from a science fiction film!

Dangerous for Pets: Do not grow this plant near pets, as it is very toxic to cats and dogs, and could be fatal if they ingest it.


There are so many plants that can be grown both indoors and outdoors in containers.

Don’t feel you just have to fill your home with spider plants and your yard with marigolds, but branch out and experiment!

Remember to read up on what a plant needs before you take one home; this will give you the best chances of success with your new pot plant.

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