How to Clean Aero Garden with Vinegar


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Cleaning an aerogarden can be a very unappealing chore.

While it’s not complicated, there is an easy and correct way to clean it.

The proper method will help ensure that all the germs that may be thriving there are eliminated and keep the system in good working order.

It is recommended to clean and sanitize the aerogarden system before starting a new seed. 

Vinegar is non-toxic and eco-friendly, making it the ultimate cleaning solution.

To clean the aerogarden effectively, use a bowl that is large enough to fit the aerogarden parts. Make white vinegar and a warm water solution. Disassemble the aerogarden parts and fully submerge the pieces in the solution for about 20 to 30 minutes to kill the bacteria or pathogen present. Then clean the aerogarden bowl and other surfaces, reassemble the parts once they have dried.

How to Your Aerogarden With Vinegar

Infographics How to clean aero garden with vinegar
Cleaning aero garden

Gather the Materials

Some of the materials you will need include:

  • White vinegar: It has a natural ability to restrain the effect of bacteria.
  • Large bowl: The bowl has to be large enough to fully submerge the parts of the aerogarden in solution. The bigger the aerogarden system, the bigger the cleaning bowl.
  • White paper towels: For cleaning the areas around the grow deck and the challenging parts to reach.
  • Soft towels: To also wipe the non-submergible parts of the aerogarden like LED lights and screens.
  • Warm water: To mix with vinegar to create sterilizing solution. (Warm water helps in dissolving dirt faster).

Unplug from Power Source

First things first. Start by unplugging the system from the power source.

This will save you from danger by preventing current flow and protect you from breakage and electric shock.

Prepare the Sanitizing Solution

Using the large container, make a solution using vinegar and warm water in a ratio of 1:1.

The amount of the mix will depend on the size of your aerogarden.

This is the solution that you will use to soak the disassembled parts.

Detach All the Aero Garden Parts

For thorough and proper cleaning and sanitizing, you need to dismantle your aerogarden.

Ensure to read all your aerogarden instruction manual and parts information before disassembling it into smaller parts; this is important for when you need to reassemble it again.

Make sure that they are ready to be sterilized.

Prep the Aerogarden Pump

Plant roots or nutrient residue can build up and clog your pump; this prevents the flow of water and nutrients to your plants.

In some instances, the planted aerogarden may start to make noise due to the clogging, so be sure to clean it out.

To clean the pump or aerator filter, remove the cover screw securing the semi-cover to the pump housing and remove the filter pad.

If your pump is too clogged, then you need to give it a detailed root cleaning process:

  • Grab some toothpicks and some tweezers and carefully remove the roots.
  • After dealing with the roots, submerge the parts in the solution.
Too bright Aerogarden growing light fixing
Aerogarden growing light

Prep the Grow Deck

Give it a once over top and bottom cleaning with the soft towel to remove any surface dirt.

Then separate the two sides of the deck and be careful not to break the tabs.

Once the two sides are separated, you will need to grab pipe cleaner and some q-tips to clean all the nooks and crannies on both sides.

Reconnect the two pieces, then submerge them in the bowl containing the cleaning solution.

Begin the Sterilization Process

After fully submerging the disassembled parts, including all the tiny pieces, agitate the water with your hand or a large wooden spoon to ensure the solution penetrates to all corners of your aerogarden parts.

Let them circulate in the vinegar solution for about 20 to 30 minutes so that the solution can kill any pathogens or bacteria present.

Take them out and rinse them under running water to remove the white vinegar.

Set all the pieces on the soft towel or paper towel and let them dry.

Clean the Aerogarden Bowl

  • First, get rid of the dirty water present; you will probably see algae and a bit of sediment on the bowl. This is because of the constant water that flows through it.
  • Fill the bowl to 3/4-full with the water solution and run the motor inside the base for about five minutes.
  • Then get rid of the dirty water. After that, rinse it under running water and let it dry.

Clean other Surfaces

Using the solution, soft towel, and a paper towel, clean all the surfaces of aerogarden that couldn’t be submerged in the solution.

Be cautious of the fragile glass of the LED light.

Let these surfaces dry.

After all the pieces are dry, sanitized and clean, reassemble the parts and start your next garden (use instructions manual to quickly and properly assemble the aerogarden).

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Aerogarden With Vinegar

There are many types of vinegar, but white vinegar is the most useful since it contains acetic acid.

Aerogarden lights not working

There are several benefits you can enjoy if you decide to use white vinegar in cleaning your aerogarden, such as:

  • Safe to Use: It is natural; therefore, there are no adverse reactions on your aerogarden equipment, skin, eyes, or your hands when applying it. Furthermore, it is clear there for it doesn’t discolor your equipment.
  • Cleans Stubborn Stains: Using vinegar to clean your equipment, you are guaranteed with best results since it is highly effective in helping you remove any stubborn stains that may have formed on the parts of your equipment. Foggy or cloudy grow lights are the most common problems found in your equipment and look unattractive. This natural cleaning product will leave your aerogarden lights gleaming and streak-free.
  • Not Expensive: Vinegar is cheap and easy to find. It is available at any local supermarket.
  • It Is Environmentally Friendly: Cleaning with vinegar is a good, environmentally friendly option for many people. This is because vinegar does not release any toxic substances into the air.
  • Absorbs Bad Odors: It works by creating a harsh environment for viruses and bacteria to survive. These germs are responsible for the harsh or unpleasant smells that generally build upon in the equipment over time.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is better than keeping your aerogarden clean and organized. 

Keeping the inside of the system clean can mean a whole world of difference in the cleanliness and lifespan of your aerogarden. 

Experts recommend cleaning aerogarden with vinegar because it is highly efficient at cleaning the dirt in your system, thanks to its high acidity.

It is an effective and inexpensive way of cleaning that is also non-toxic.

It is a natural cleaner and clear, so it does not leave behind any undesired color on your system.

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